Volume 30 Issue 35 19 Nov 2021 15 Kislev 5782

Music Leaders

A year in summary

We have had a busy year in Music, even though COVID-19 has affected the way that we have been able to make music this year. There have been many highlights over the course of the year and we are so happy to have been involved in the multitude of activities. A big thank you to all of the music teachers and tutors who have worked so hard to make these experiences so fun and memorable. 

Music camp

Music camp was amazing and there were so many memorable moments. From the talent show to the singing of Ha’Shorashim it was all amazing. We got to learn new prices and work together to make one amazing night. The concert which was truly unforgettable and everyone got to have such a great time. 

Twilight concerts

While the Twilight Concerts were very different this year, they have been unforgettable nonetheless. One was online, one with a limited number of people, but we made a way to share our music anyway. The recorded one made it easy for people to watch the performances over and over and come to the Twilight concert even if they couldn’t find much time. With fewer people, while the reach is shorter, it means fewer nerves for the performers. Through all the struggles we made it work, it has been so great making music together.

 Virtual Aladdin project

Over 2021, some Year 6 students, along with some Year 5 students, have been learning new skills to create a great musical. This year’s musical was Aladdin. The students worked hard over the time period they had to sing, dance and definitely have a lot of fun but doing sessions after school was difficult, mostly because of lockdown. Nearly not doing a musical at all but, after all of their hard work there had to be away the show could still go on. The Year 6 students started doing a professional recording of all their wonderful singing and dancing that we are sure will turn out amazing.


Every year, Years 3-6 do IP. On Tuesday or Wednesday students had to learn a new way of doing it online. We learned how to play new pieces and read new notes. It is also a new learning experience for students to learn instruments. If they want to continue their instruments there are bands and more they can take part in.

Classroom Music 

This year we did music from the comforts of our homes. We learnt many new things and discovered new abilities. While learning to write songs and experimenting with new things this has been a blast. Even though we were at home, the teachers made it enjoyable and easy for us students to continue with learning. While playing fun games and learning loads we all have shown what we are capable of. 

Audience Choir writing/Composing process

During the Music Camp Concert this year, you may have heard a very special piece of music in which musicians and audience members alike were able to make beautiful music together. This was called the School Song for Audience Choir. It was also very special as Emanuel School students helped to write it. We got together to discuss the questions for the quiz everyone took in order to choose their sonic identity, help record the sounds and write the melody. 

Ha’Shorashim recording

This year a group of people got together to make the recording of Ha’Shorashim. We got to work with one another and share our ideas toward this. We learnt all about the different steps and even got to make some sound recordings. This is one experience we will never forget and we are so grateful for being part of this.

Music Assembly performances

Before lockdown, some students who played an instrument got the opportunity to show their hard work to Years 3-6. It was great for their practice and great for their confidence. They spoke to us about what they wanted to play and what assembly they would play in. At the end of the performances ,the children that played an instrument in assembly and felt accomplished.

Ensemble Music Online

Every year, ensembles have been a way for people to come together and make music. This year, we needed this more than ever. Unfortunately, due to lag over Zoom, we were unable to see and hear each other while we played. Even so, while we played through the exercises and activities that the teachers had put up on Stile for us that week, we could know that across Sydney there were other Emanuel students playing along with us. 

Advice to next year’s music leaders

Try your best and make the most of the experience. Find as many opportunities as possible to bring more students into the amazing music that happens here at school.

By Hannah Fekete, Lila Freedman and Isabella Hirst (Year 6).