Volume 30 Issue 35 19 Nov 2021 15 Kislev 5782

IT and Play Leaders

IT Leaders

This Year the IT Leaders, with their mentor Ms Thomas, have tried to make the idea of technology for children a much more exciting and interesting idea to the kids of Emanuel School. This year has been hard on a lot of people but looking back after lockdown we believe we have still achieved a couple of things: Minecraft Club for Years 5-6 and coding club for Years K-2, these are some of the things we believe we have done well and are proud of. Some advice we would like to give to the next generation of IT Leaders is to pursue many different types of clubs for many different Year Groups to give a wide unique variety of tasks to accomplish.

Before we wrap up this article we would like to give a couple of challenges for students to complete through the holidays (search these to find out what to do):

  • Capillary Action: Watch dyed water move from glass to glass by itself
  • Repel Glitter with dish soap: be amazed as you see the glitter move to the edges of the bowl by itself
  • The Leak Proof bag: An amazing trick where not one drop of water spills from the bag when pencils get pushed through it
  • Egg Drop: try to see if you can create an invention that will keep the egg from breaking
  • Clean old coins: Put some old coins in different liquids and see what happens

If you want any more experiments then ask your parents or spend some time researching and see what you find.

We thank Ms Thomas for all the hard work she has put in throughout the year as our mentor. She has made our time in this role special and one to remember. 

By Daniel Judin, Jacob Zyl and Cyrus Waldner

Play Leaders

We started the year with much excitement and some great activities planned for Years K-2.  We began meeting and greeting our newest Emanuel friends. Kindergarten! They were so cute, well behaved and oh so clingy. 

We really got going with some fun playground activities for Year 1 out on Triguboff Courtyard. We had free flexible stations and offered games, story time, handball and drawing. The kids loved the fact that they could choose their own activities. Next up, we had a mini puppet club with some cute puppet shows. Soon after, we held ‘Playpals’ with Year 1. The PlayPals program is a way to help little kids work with others in team events. 

We ran these sessions every Monday for four weeks. We loved it as much as the little kids! Sadly, due to COVID-19 restrictions we could not spread our ‘magic‘ to Year 2. We were just so glad to have had the opportunity to work with some ‘little peeps’ and hopefully made a difference!

 By Zarah Gorelik, Leah Stiassny, Summer Schlesinger and Noa Saffron