Volume 30 Issue 35 19 Nov 2021 15 Kislev 5782

Project Heritage

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

This week Year 6 launched the Project Heritage website as a culmination and celebration of their journey learning about the lives of nine special living Historians. 

This year our Historians were: Robert Magid OAM, Emanuel grandparent Miriam Sonnenshein and Year 6 grandparents Michael Besser OAM, Vera Faludi, Naomi Goldrei, Ron Hirsch, Kari Schaefer, Anne Slade and Susan Sweller.

During Term 3 lockdown, students conducted three interviews via Zoom to learn about the lives, history, heritage and values of their historian. With information from the interviews and photographs and artefacts provided by the Historian, students began to create various pieces of work inspired by their Historian – including a biography, poem, creative writing and art work. These works were collated onto a website and shared with the Historians and Year 6 families.   

A huge mazal tov, kol hakavod and todah rabah to our very special Historians, the Year 6 students and all the teachers involved in Project Heritage this year. 

The following words were shared during our presentation launch this week:

Jordan Arnott: Each of our Historians has lived a full and interesting life. Through the challenging times and happy times, our Historians shared with us the importance of family, friendship, values and persistence in life.

Noa Grojnowski: It’s not every day that children and adults have the opportunity to learn about history and heritage through the personal lives and experiences of a different generation. 

Aviv Farhy: Thank you so much to all our amazing Historians… to Michael, Vera, Naomi, Ron, Robert, Kari, Anne, Miriam and Susan. You each gave so generously of your time to share your heritage, history, life and family with us. Your special qualities, values and outlook on life have been inspirational for us all.