Volume 30 Issue 35 19 Nov 2021 15 Kislev 5782

Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

Year 5 enjoyed special activities during Hebrew and Jewish Studies last Friday, in lieu of a postponed off-site Hebrew Day ‘Machane Bisli’.

During Jewish Studies, Mia explored the concept of Oneg Shabbat (the delight of Shabbat) and students were invited to think of ideas and activities for themselves and their families to help make Shabbat special, different and pleasurable. After lunch Mia led the students in a ruach and Israeli dancing session and in class they enjoyed playing a variety of Hebrew games. The day concluded with students running a Kabbalat Shabbat celebration in their classrooms and celebrated with challah, a packet of Bisli and a camp beanie. 

Thank you Morah Bar-On, Mia, Morah Erika, Morah Martine, Morah Shirley, Morah Gaida and Morah Becky for planning and running the activities.