Volume 30 Issue 14 21 May 2021 10 Sivan 5781

Primary IT Leaders

This year the IT Leaders have been running assemblies and starting up clubs for the Emanuel Primary School community. This has been a great opportunity for the IT Leaders. This term, we have set up a Minecraft club for Years 5 and 6. There will be a Kindergarten to Year 2 Coding club coming soon. We are excited to start working with the younger Year Groups. The IT Leaders work closely with Ms Thomas in the Imaginarium and on Fridays in 6 Yad Mordechai for the 20 students who come to Minecraft club. 

Every second Friday the IT Leaders walk down to the theatre, open the door to the control room and, depending on what’s happening, will change the lights to suit the mood or event. Our choices of suitable lighting reflect whether the assembly is going to be a formal or informal event. Our other responsibility is to check that the microphones and projector volume are at a suitable level to ensure that everything can be heard by the audience. 

As IT Leaders, we take our job seriously and love being around technology and helping those who may be having technological problems. We also love doing the lights and controls in the assembly.

We wanted to thank Ms Thomas for helping us with our roles as IT Leaders.

By Cyrus Waldner, Daniel Judin and Jacob Zyl
Year 6 IT Leaders