Volume 30 Issue 14 21 May 2021 10 Sivan 5781

Let the sun shine in

Ari Merten

Solar panels are one of the greatest renewable energy sources and Australia is a perfect climate for it, with sunny days, meaning our solar panels can be incredibly effective.

Our sun releases small packets of energy called photons and they travel 149.6km to the Earth in 8.5 minutes! When these photons hit a solar panel, they knock the electrons loose from their atoms (by something called the photoelectric effect). If these cells are attached to a complete circuit the electrons begin to flow through it and create electricity. These cells can be linked together to create large panels and those panels together to create solar arrays.

Solar energy is amazing for the environment for multiple reasons:

  1. Uses less water! Normal electricity generation requires lots of water for cooling and refining fuel, however solar panels require none.
  2. Reduces air pollution: traditional fossil fuel energy generation releases microplastics and microparticles into the air which cause air pollution, lowering air quality.
  3. Slows climate change: the releases of the same chemicals that cause air pollution also contribute to climate change. These chemicals drift to the ozone layer and speed up our planets warming.
  4. Reduces your own carbon footprint: by employing solar panels in your own home, you can reduce the effect that your own home has on global warming. You can offset anywhere between half to a whole tonne of carbon dioxide every year!
  5. Reduces our reliance on fossil fuels: solar energy is free and so easy to harness, if we used all the energy from the sun for just one hour, we could power the world for an entire year!

There are so many easy ways to switch to a more renewable energy source. For homeowners looking to add solar panels follow this guide.

Another easy switch is with your super fund, check out this article to learn about the positives of switching to a climate friendly super fund.

*Please note that Emanuel is not affiliated with either of these companies, we just think they’re great sustainable alternatives!