Volume 30 Issue 14 21 May 2021 10 Sivan 5781

Elephant salad (Pilim)

Year 2 Hebrew students ate their way into a story about the letter Pey פ. In the story, Pilim (capsicum) and פלפלים (elephants) eat a salad, made from colourful “Pilpelim ( פילים — “Melafefonim — מלפפונים (cucumbers). The students helped to make the salad and then eat it – Beteavon בתאבון (enjoy your meal).

Just as in the story, students chomped on their salad before they could enjoy a sweet treat that also begins with the letter Pey פ …. chocolate פודינג pudding.

During the activity students also read aloud the story of Salat Pilim. It was a yummy and enjoyable activity.

Year 2 Hebrew teachers