Volume 30 Issue 20 16 Jul 2021 7 Av 5781

Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

Hi everyone,

Even though we are currently stuck at home, we are excited to launch the UIA’s My Israel Video Competition.  

The competition challenges students to express their personal connection, understanding and feelings towards Israel; be it through poetry, dance, film, photography or anything that gets their souls dancing and hearts racing. Students are invited to be creative – act it, cook it, rap it, build it, research it, and capture it on film for all to see. 

The UIA is inviting students to use their skills and passions to tell us their Israel story, be it through a collage of photos from family holidays, or a detailed account of the most remarkable companies and inventions that make up the ‘start up nation’.

What you need to know:

Students or families from the Primary School may enter and students may work individually or in groups.

Families with both Primary and High school-aged students, collaborating on the same video, will automatically be entered into the High School competition.

Video length: 90 seconds maximum.

Video content: Use of original content is strongly encouraged. However, there are exceptions for using external content – please email Mr Carpenter if you would like the details.

Inappropriate language/content is not allowed – videos with this content will be disqualified immediately. Videos with incorrect facts/information will be disqualified.

Students have until Tuesday 24 August 2021 to submit their entry to Mr Carpenter and the judging committee.

The best overall entry will be submitted to the UIA. Judging criteria out of 100 points:

  • 25 points for creativity
  • 25 points for content
  • 25 points for quality
  • 25 points for the connection to Israel 

Primary School Prize Winner: Exciting mystery prizes.