Volume 30 Issue 20 16 Jul 2021 7 Av 5781

Stay well

Adam Ezekiel – Director of Students 7-12

Student wellbeing tips and resources

As we approach Round 2 of remote learning here are some tips for managing your wellbeing while learning from home.

  • TAKE A BREAK – give yourself regular breaks from your computer.
  • MOVE – move your body every day. Go for a walk or do a workout.
  • CONNECT – connect with your family. Talk, play games and enjoy their company.
  • DECLUTTER – make sure you have a tidy workplace and tidy room. 

Below is a reminder of all of the amazing resources that the school has for you on Reshet in the ‘High School Student Café’. I encourage you to use these resources, which are linked below in the icons.




– Indi’s Brain Breaks, Mindfulness and other ideas to give you a break from your computer.


Sport Department will continue to upload resources and tutorials to assist you in remaining active and developing sport specific skills.



Challenge yourself to complete the ‘Workout of the Week’ to remain active at home.



Your Heads of House and House Madrichim will be using these pages to communicate with you during online learning.



Get creative to combat some of the woes of being in lockdown.



Helpful tips and strategies to maximise your online learning experience.

If any student needs assistance during online learning, please reach out. All of your teachers are here to support you.