Volume 31 Issue 2 11 Feb 2022 10 Adar I 5782

High School Swimming Trials

Ray Francis – Head of PDHPE

Congratulations to the students who participated in the Swimming Team trials at Drummoyne Pool on Thursday 3 February 2022.

The event was held to enable aspiring swimmers to try-out for the School swimming team – unfortunately due to COVID restrictions we were prevented from having the whole school at Swimming Carnival.

Despite blustery conditions at the historic harbour-side Drummoyne Olympic Pool, there were strong performances from many of the aspiring team members, many of whom will hopefully get the opportunity to challenge themselves against other schools at the CDSSA carnival.







A huge ‘well done’ to these students who broke Emanuel School records on the day:


Old record

New record

12 Years Boys 50m butterfly

R. Vasin (2021) 56:35

Javer Cohen 55.15

15 Years Boys 50m butterfly

J. Sher (2021) 36:52

Jonathan Levy 31:55

17 Years Boys 50m butterfly

J Elbourne (2019) 35:41

Aiden Goodridge 31:44

17 Years Boys 50m freestyle

J Rose (2020) 29:77

Aiden Goodridge 26:73


Many thanks to the staff members who assisted with the running of the event: Ms Scahill, Ms Lord, Ms Genc, Mr Bloom, Mr Bell, Mr Peacock and Mr Schonberger.

Thank you to: Ms Seeto for her administration support, with regards to event permissions and race entry data collection, my Year 9 PASS class who assisted in running the event and Ofer Levy, photographer, for capturing our students in action.


Summer Fine, Boaz Hadad, Ruth Durbach, Clio Stockley, Indigo Joseph-Steward, Rebecca Salamon, Samara Strugar, Joseph Becker, Daniel Allul Orozco, Max Salamon, Sam Salamon, Josh Gordon, Charlie Kerlander, Lucinda Labi, Aden Goodridge, Jordan Arnott, Javer Cohen, Maya Balkin, Jonah Raphael, Gabrielle Seemann, Alex Gellert, Tali Same, Jordan Pal, Max Pozniack, Aiden Kanevsky, Kenya Martin, Jett Sher, Gavin Robinson, Lily Foltyn, Pablo Magid, Matea Mermelshtayn, Avv Farhy, Leah Joshua, Bronte Orgias, Noah Sherman, Jack Kessell, Amelie Mueller, Avalon van der Starre, Jonathan Levy, Samuel Owen, Koby Michel, Ruby Grynberg, Aron Harpaz, Mirabelle Mirvis, Summer Glass, Eli Jocum, Sanne Nathan, Charli Grynberg, Ben Diamond, Eva Nabarro, Bodhi Friske, Raphael Harpaz, Niek Nathan, Timothy Simons.