Volume 31 Issue 2 11 Feb 2022 10 Adar I 5782


Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

Welcome back to another busy and exciting year for all things related to careers! This week we begin the information evenings for each Year, and I always like to share what support is available for students.

For those that have missed any of this information here is a reminder for students to start their research:

  1. JobJump.com.au (password emanuel)
  2. emanuelschoolcareers.com (hub of all careers info)
  3. uac.edu.au (University Admissions Centre)
  4. workstudygrow.com.au (password EMS0219)
  5. compared.edu.au (a good comparison website tool for courses)
  6. lifelauncher.nsw.gov.au (great to check out all things careers)
  7. https://joboutlook.gov.au/ another great site with a few quizzes and data on jobs that are out there
  8. https://calendly.com/clairepechcareers/ This is how any student or parent can book in a chat with me. Bookings can be made for the following week. I can see parents via Zoom.

For anyone who would like a recap on my careers talk on Wednesday evening here is the video.

Year 10’s

Next week we will be career testing with Career Avenues to get some great insights into all things career related. This is the start of the conversation with our Year 10 cohort. It is critical that all Year 10’s bring with them a fully charged laptop as they will be on it from Period 1 to Period 6. More information can be found here.

Sydney University events

It is time to start having a look around to see if any of these interest you.

Here is a selection of what is available. Register in advance:

Events and dates

TAFE NSW | Fashion and Textiles information session

Wednesday 2 February 2022, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm – online

A virtual information session covering Fashion Design courses from Certificate III to Bachelor Degree. Find out more. 

Macquarie | Year 12 Online information session

Tuesday 3 May 2022, 6:00 pm Online

A series of short talks given by university representatives and current students. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session to ease any anxiety about university. Find out more.

Virtual work experiences with Career Starter

Career Starter has partnered with real businesses and organisations to provide virtual work experiences, taken from actual projects that you might be expected to complete if you’re to pursue a career in the sector that you interested in.

They currently have experiences in IT, law, business, and education, from companies like ASIO, Fujitsu and MECCA. Learn more.

Source: www.jobjump.com.au February 2022