Volume 31 Issue 2 11 Feb 2022 10 Adar I 5782

Cely Malki Program

Dr Lynn Joffe – Director – Specialist Learning Centre

The Cely Malki Program
Commencing Week 3 of Term 1

We are delighted to commence the Cely Malki After-School Program for 2022 on Monday 14 February 2022. For new students and parents, the program is kindly funded by Mr Albert Malki, one of our esteemed grandparents, in honour of his late sister, Cely, who highly valued children, education and inclusivity. We are grateful to Albert for his support for another year.

This successful program, in its 4th year, is open to any students from Years 5-12 who would like a structured environment in which to complete homework, projects and Performances of Understanding (PoU). Help is available if needed via recent alumni of the School and a teacher. Work is not provided; students need to bring work to do and a book to read in case they finish their work early. Students should not attend if they do not have work to do. This is an academic program not a behavioural one; courtesy and good behaviour are expected.

Students in different stages will be separated while COVID rules apply. Students are required to register each session and detail work being completed.

Sessions: Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3.40 pm – 5.30 pm
Who can attend: Students in Years 5-12 are welcome to attend either or both sessions.
Venue: Classrooms on the top floor of the Innovation Centre.
Essential: Bring schoolwork to complete and a book to read. Masks are to be worn covering both the nose and mouth securely at all times, except when eating.
Please note: Computer games and phones are not allowed during sessions (the latter only can be viewed during a break).
Suggestion: Students should bring food and a drink with them to eat before the session. 

We look forward to the start of a very productive 2022 Cely Malki Program – please join us!