Volume 30 Issue 30 15 Oct 2021 9 Heshvan 5782


Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

As we know this has been a challenging time for all students. Year 12s have no doubt been affected the most. From a Careers Advisor’s point of view, trying to find some silver linings amongst this turbulence, there has been the emergence of the Early Offer Schemes. These systems have always been in place, but with the uncertainty of this year, the growth of new schemes was well received. According to StudyWorkGrow these schemes have grown from 17 in existence last year across Australia to 44. This report highlights the growing number of schemes and also the importance of them for minimising pressure for Year 12s. As this is Mental Health Week, the benefits of these places, and acquiring them early, can have a very serious lift for the students mental health. Some other interesting insights into the effects of COVID on future plans can be found here.

There is a fear that early offers will mean a reduction in higher grades, and therefore worsen student performance. In my experience, it often has the opposite effect. The student now has a guaranteed place (sometimes and often not their first preference), but the comfort of a place means they are now able to work more effectively.

When I started my job at Emanuel, I would see one or two students a year acquire an early offer place before they sat their HSC. The current Class of 2021, (as of this week) has now managed to secure 83 early offer places for a cohort of 80 students, with some students receiving multiple offers. Our main winner on the leaderboard at the moment is UTS, second is Macquarie University, third is Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra and probably our furthest afield is James Cook University in Townsville, and University of Tasmania.

These early offers have been testament to the group’s strong applications (showcasing leadership, volunteering, community participation), their strong Year 11 grades, a portfolio application or all of the above. With all of this administration, a strong degree of organisation is involved and dates and deadlines need to be met. Most importantly ownership for this process is key. Only students themselves can apply and manage this process, and it is a great step in the independence needed to manage this landscape.

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