Volume 30 Issue 30 15 Oct 2021 9 Heshvan 5782

Taking Shape

Diana Springford – Head of Music

Musica Viva – Taking Shape

Following the overwhelmingly positive and appreciative response of Primary students to last term’s Musica Viva online performances, we are delighted to announce that next week we will have three ‘virtual’ visits (on separate days) by the four talented musicians from the group Topology performing online live and interactive concerts entitled Taking Shape for Years K-2, 3-4 and 5-6. This acclaimed ensemble who move effortlessly between pop, jazz, chamber music and progressive rock, will demystify how to create music.

Over the course of an hour, Topology will guide students and teachers through the process of composition, by inspiring them to listen, generate ideas, and explore the way melodies are “shaped”. Each performance will be shaped by the students’ unique contribution.

Whether they are on campus, like Years K-1, or learning remotely via e-Manuel at home, students will join via Zoom links pasted into relevant home class teachers’ Stile pages for the day at the appropriate time. 

Students will be joined on the Zoom Webinar by a music teacher panellist (either Mrs Spira, Mr Burley or Ms Springford).  While the teacher panellist will be visible for all children, the students won’t be visible to each other. 

Family members are welcome to view the concert and participate, however, please note that each concert has a different link because the content is tailored to specific age groups (it isn’t a good idea therefore for siblings to swap into another concert). Within the session, questions can be sent to the Musica Viva folks by students via the Chat function.