Volume 31 Issue 15 27 May 2022 26 Iyyar 5782

Year 6 Trip to Canberra

Year 6 went to Canberra last week. We visited lots of different places. We went to The Australian Mint and heard about the evolution of the Australian dollar. At the Australian War Memorial we found out that one man represents 60,000 Australians who died in wars. At Old and New Parliament House we learnt about the red and the green room or the House of Representatives and the Senate and how a “bill” becomes a law.  At The National Gallery of Australia we saw amazing paintings of Mount ​​Kosciuszko and The National Arboretum, where we went orienteering.

Our absolute favourite was the Arboretum! We were able to choose our partners and then we set off to look for the checkpoints. We got a map and a score sheet with numbers in small boxes up to 20. When we got to one of the checkpoints we would stamp our sheet with 1 of the 20 where each number had its own unique pattern. When we all came back to the teachers after the whistle, we added up all our points to see who won. After this we went to Hoyts to see the movie “Bad Guys” which was amazing. 

Friday was our last day! First we went on our buses to Embassy Drive. Each embassy was different, showing the unique architecture of each country they represented. Next, it was what we were all waiting for Questacon! All the activities were interactive, we even played ice hockey against a robot! We had the best time!

Thank you to all of our teachers for taking such good care of us and to the great bus drivers and hotel staff too.

By Maia Sharabi and Zara Keller