Volume 31 Issue 15 27 May 2022 26 Iyyar 5782

Our Material World

Year 2 Incursion

Juliette Gavshon

Talia Cromerwong

Our Transdisciplinary Unit for this term is called ‘Our Material World’ and on Thursday 19 May 2022 we were very lucky to have Mr Zurnamer came to talk to us about materials. He shared so much information which was super interesting. We learnt facts such as: 

  • The difference between natural and man-made materials.
  • Some materials start off as a liquid but dry hard like glue.
  • You can mix different materials to make new materials. Did you know concrete is made up of cement, air, water, sand and gravel?
  • That rubber comes from a tree.

We had a very informative morning and would like to thank Mr Zurnamer again for his time and sharing his knowledge with us.

By Talia Cromerwong and Juliette Gavshon
Year 2