Volume 24 Issue 26 26 Aug 2016 22 Av 5776

Raw Challenge

2016 is the Year of the Emanuel Muds

Join us for our inaugural outdoor obstacle event,
a 6km course with more than 50 obstacles, designed to test strength, stamina and mental toughness in a fun and collaborative way.

What:                 The Raw Challenge

Where:              110 Pacific Highway, Doyalson

When:                Sunday 25th September

Wave Time:      11:30am

Who:                  Anyone aged 13+ years old

Website:            www.RawChallenge.com.au

Cost:                   $48 per person (use promo code gag48)

School-arranged transport will be provided for Emanuel Muds team members, departing the school on Sunday morning and returning in the afternoon.

If you want to be part of the fun, simply visit the Raw Challenge website to sign up as part of the Emanuel Muds team and enter promo code gag48 to get a massive discount on your entry fee.