Volume 24 Issue 26 26 Aug 2016 22 Av 5776

Primary Debating


Our debating season is going so well, with us learning new skills every Friday morning and debating against schools every second Friday.

We held an Impromptu Debating Gala Day on 9 August. Four schools came to visit (Moriah, Kesser Torah, Mount Sinai and Masada). Students were combined into mixed-schools, giving us a chance to socialiseand meet new friends. In total, there were five debates. Every group had an hour of preparation time to write a speech on their particular topic. There were topics like ‘We should change the Australian Flag’ and ‘Homework is necessary’. 

Every debater’s speech had to be at least two and a half minutes, even though not many people managed! Three debates were held before recess and two were held afterwards. Everyone from each school did an amazing job and I’m sure they were proud after an incredible effort.

In the end, Mrs Milner handed out certificates to everyone including the timekeepers and chairpeople. Thank you to Ms Werner and Miss Wigan for organising the day!

Samuel Garvin and Jake Sharp

Year 5