Volume 24 Issue 29 16 Sep 2016 13 Elul 5776

Rabin Bugle

Rabin House



Gabriel Jammy

In 2012, a young boy with a passion for writing and House spirit heard that the position of Rabin Bugle Reporter had recently been vacated. That young boy emailed the Head of House straight away, and soon, the gig was his. He immediately set about crafting his first article, elated with his new role and filled with excitement. On 16 March, Ma Nishma published the first Bugle of, in his words, “a new era”. He wrote consistently, passionately and with zeal – for about a term or so.

I wish I could tell you that that young boy pursued his ‘career’ with the same vigour for the next five years of his secondary education. Unfortunately there have been some gaps in his reporting. Assignments happened, social arrangements sprung up – sometimes he just got lazy! But whenever he could, he put his fingers to the keys, crafting up another weekly column.

Rabin – it’s been a pleasure. The last five years have demonstrated to me what an unbelievable House we truly are. From charity events to sports awards, dance competitions to music performances and various academic achievements – we have seen it all! It has been a great honour to report on all these amazing students and their remarkable accolades, ensuring they get the recognition they deserve!

We may not have won every Inter-House competition, but nevertheless, every post-carnival Bugle lauded Rabin’s House spirit and amazing participation, each time as genuine as the last. I do not write fiction here – I write what I see, and what I see is astounding! I have seen various Heads of Houses and House Captains over the years, each leading the House with their own unique talent and dedication. I feel confident that leaving Rabin with Mr Rembson, Gabriel Kitchkin and Erin Radomsky will yield some excellent results!

That being said, it is now time for me to hand over to a new generation of Rabin Reporters, and in doing so, let me say that there are no prerequisites for this position. None. All I ask of you, the only thing I can ask – don’t let this column down. You may be a talented writer, have the most House spirit, an interest in interviewing people, keen photography skills, any of these or more! Whatever your motivation, email Mr Rembson, ask him what’s going on around the House, or even better, find out for yourself! Then, having done that, sit down for half an hour at most, and JUST WRITE. The more you get into this, the easier it will be to whip up an article at short notice!

Looking back on my years at Emanuel, particularly in Rabin House, there are so many amazing memories I have accumulated. Some I have, and possibly will forget in the coming years, others will remain with me forever. I am so incredibly glad that I have managed to capture some of them in writing, so that one day anyone can page through old Ma Nishmas and witness a generation past.

Some of the memories I have often failed to aptly document are the ones I have made with the Rabin Class of 2016. They may have been small, subtle, informal, everyday events, but each little quirk will remain in the recesses of my memory as long as I live. I implore my fellow Tutor Group members to retain as much of your bubbly, teasing, sarcastic and witty characteristics as possible, as they will truly make you unique and special in the wider world. I wish only the best for all of you and commend you on the amazing legacy you have left on this House and on the School!

But now – it is time for this reporter to step down and face the wider world himself. Rabin – thank you for being the best, craziest, most incredible House I could have ever asked to write about! And so, for the final time…

Gabriel Jammy, Rabin Bugle Reporter