Volume 24 Issue 29 16 Sep 2016 13 Elul 5776


Claire Pech

Claire Pech


This was the last full week of school for our Year 12s and we have had our last Year 12 careers session. I will be officially sending them off into the big wide world of careers. This is a time of intense trepidation, fear, nerves, excitement and choice for them.

So it is tricky to think about what words of wisdom I will leave them with. One thing I notice about our growing youth (from social media) is that they are bombarded constantly with messages and mottos and I imagine any words of wisdom will become commonplace and lose their value or meaning.

Rather then send them on with my own words (which I did) I asked 20 friends and family and people I knew to pass on what they would have liked to have been told when they were in High School, leaving Year 12. Some of the answers were moving, some were obvious and some thought provoking. I hope the Year 12s managed to gain some perspective on tertiary choices, career diversity and choice of what lies ahead of them.  I would like to formally wish them all well on their various career paths. I am still going to be here in Term 4, so even though there is no school for them, they are more than welcome to book in a time to pop in and discuss preferences and courses.


Information on the UAC process and deferring your place and moving preferences:

University World Rankings Released

University rankings for 2016/17 are broken down to overall rankings and rankings by subject area. The following universities ranked in the top 100 in the world: 22 – ANU, 42 – University of Melbourne, 46 – University of Sydney, 49 – UNSW, 51 – University of Queensland , 65 – Monash University. This site is very handy to dig deeper and look at certain subjects and faculties to see where different universities stack up against each other. I have been using it a lot this week so it may help with some UAC decisions: www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/world-university-rankings/2016

Stay Motivated During STUVAC


JobJump – My ATAR

This is a great ATAR filter to show you all of your options when you type in an ATAR and a field of interest. You can also filter by State. I find this more helpful at times than UAC, as it is more streamlined. jobjump.com.au/atar

Claire Pech – Careers Advisor