Volume 24 Issue 29 16 Sep 2016 13 Elul 5776

Frankel Book Exchange

frankel-jessicaFrankel Book Exchange

In Term 3 last year, Jessica Frankel (Year 12, 2016) brought me all her old text books, offering them to any student at Emanuel who would need them. This was the start of the Frankel Book Exchange. Hopefully, this will become a tradition of community caring and sharing when in Term 3 (mainly Year 11 and 12s) and in Week 8 and 9 of Term 4 (for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10) students will clean out their book shelves and drop their books into the marked crates outside the PAC. Early this term, an ex-student visited and dropped off two bags full of text books, stating he remembered the caring and sharing Frankel Book Exchange and wanted to still be a part of it.

I encourage all students to participate in the Frankel Book Exchange, which not only recycles pre-loved books, but also builds community consciousness at Emanuel.

It is also a good time to thank Jessica for this initiative.

Maxine Chopard, Assistant to the Deputy Principal