Volume 31 Issue 23 05 Aug 2022 8 Av 5782

Let’s sign

Rebecca Gaida – Hebrew Teacher Primary

Israeli sign language שפת הסימנים הישראלית

Shalom!  שלום

This week I was learning all about different types of transport in my Israeli sign language class here are some really useful ones!

Car = Mechonit מכונית
Bus = Autobus אוטובוס
Train = Rakevet רכבת
Helicopter = Masok מסוק
Plane = Matos מטוס
Boat = Sira סירה
Yacht = Yachta יאכטה

Thanks so much to Kira Rothschild, Amali Allul Orozco, Remi Moses, Becky Salamon, Lily Foltyn, Summer Glass, Elise Goldberg and Emily Seemann for featuring in this week’s videos!