Volume 31 Issue 23 05 Aug 2022 8 Av 5782


Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmehl

The children have all arrived back at Pre-school very happy, settled, and eager to learn and play with their friends.

The classrooms are already buzzing with activities, provocations, wonderings, and lots of learning together with their friends and educators.

Bush School

Bush School visits have started again this term and we are delighted to be able to take the children into nature to experience all its offerings, joy and tranquillity.

This term, all three groups will be participating in walks down to Centennial Park for Bush School. Last week, the Seashells experienced their first walk out of the gate. We are excited for them to discover the wonders of nature and how special it is to have this uninterrupted time to engage with nature at Bush School.

Bush School is proving to be such a wonderful part of our curriculum, and it’s interesting to note, that with each visit comes a very different experience. Each session in the bush is special and memorable and the children are able to recall experiences from each week.

Niki Buchan, author of Children in Wild Nature says: “For many, Bush School provides opportunities for new experiences and new skills. It may be climbing a tree or building a ‘nature house’ and decorating it with leaves. It might be creating a family of mice out of Banksia or going pretend fishing using sticks and leaves. Being in nature promotes imaginative play.

“Children who have first-hand experiences of nature also appreciate what it means to live sustainably. Such experience is vital when considering the contribution that nature-based learning can offer to sustainable lifestyles and the delivery of education for sustainability.

“The bush can offer a sensual smorgasbord with lots of tactile experiences, a sense of timelessness, freedom and a sense of belonging to the place. The children become confident, capable, and relaxed in natural environments.

Bush School is about letting the children be, having time to explore and time to feel the sense of freedom. It allows for more open-ended communication and a less routine-based program. Outdoor nature play is authentic, real and hands-on learning. It develops an increase in children’s independence, confidence and creativity and physical and emotional resilience”. 

Shabbat family visits

This term, we are delighted to be able to welcome families into the Pre-school, when their child is sitting at the Shabbat table.

Each Friday in Term 3, a small group of parents will join us to share in our beautiful weekly Shabbat celebrations. For many parents, this is the first time they are coming into the Pre-school this year, due to COVID restrictions. We have missed daily interactions with families, and thus our Shabbat visits are extra special and meaningful for parents, educators and children.

Shabbat is a warm, spiritual time, filled with tradition and rituals that are familiar and bring a sense of security and belonging to us all. The children are involved, sing along with enthusiasm and delight in Rabbi Ninio’s weekly stories, as well as asking Rabbi Kamins or Rabbi Ninio some very thought-provoking questions:

Xander: Why do we say Amen after we say a Bracha?
Rabbi Ninio: It means that if you are not the person saying the prayer, that you are agreeing with what was being said by saying “Amen”.
Luca: Why does Shabbat have lots of people in it?
Rabbi Kamins: Shabbat is more joyful when we share and include everyone. A person should not be alone for Shabbat.

Buddy reading

Buddy Reading has begun again this term with the Year 2 classes. This year we seem to have so many siblings and past Kornmehl children in the Year 2 cohort. It is special to see siblings, or cousins sitting side by side and proudly reading together. We value this time together enormously and recognise the many benefits that shared reading has for both parties. This is a meaningful way to not only have stories read, but also to build connections that will bridge the gap between Pre-school and Primary School.

Happy Birthday

We wish a very happy birthday to Dean Kersh (5), Hugo Marishel (5), Sienna Lawton (5) and Rose Rodny (4). We also wish a very happy birthday to our special educator Heather Marshall. We hope you all had a beautiful day.