Volume 31 Issue 30 23 Sep 2022 27 Elul 5782

From the Year 6 Art Leaders

Chloe Opit

Eve Knopman

It has been an exciting term as a Year 6 Art Leader. We love being involved in all things artistic and have enjoyed our role as leaders in this space in a term that involved art projects like Project Heritage. As the Art Leaders of Emanuel, we have started Art & Craft clubs and competitions. 

This term in particular we ran a Year 3 and 4 Art Club at lunchtime. Together we made cards, embroidery and collages.

It was so much fun watching and interacting with the kids through art! The art and joy of painting, card making, sewing, making collages, will be with us forever.

We cannot wait to unfold some more exciting activities in this role next term.