Volume 31 Issue 30 23 Sep 2022 27 Elul 5782

Machane Krembo

Machane Krembo – מחנה קרמבו

Krembo, as many of you know, is a classic treat that is sold in Israel during wintertime. The meaning behind this name is: cream (Krem קרם) in it (bo בו), and what a treat we had!

After much anticipation, 25 Year 8 Hebrew students embarked on a three-day adventure of Machane Krembo in Sydney’s North Shore. This year was exceptionally exciting as we could not have this fantastic full three-day camp for two years due to COVID restrictions.

Accompanied by two staff members, Morah Jacqui Cohen and Morah Miri Heitner, along with the three Israeli Madrichim, the students had the privilege to enjoy three days of social, academic and team-building activities in Hebrew. Stepping outside of the campus, into a secluded area with maximum exposure to Hebrew, touched the students profoundly and strengthened their connection with a major pillar of their heritage – the Hebrew language.

We cannot wait to have this camp next year!

Here is some feedback from the students:

“The Hebrew language means a lot to me, as it is also a part of my religion. It is very rare that language and religion mix together so I think that it is really cool that I get to experience that. The fact that Machane Krembo mixed fun traditional games with Hebrew was very enjoyable.” By Xander Keller

“Hebrew is a way to connect to my culture in a deeper way and the opportunity to go on Machane Krembo made me feel much closer to this connection.” By Gabriel Pozniak

“Machane Krembo taught me a lot more Hebrew words and slang. Since I was surrounded by the language, I adapted to it and learnt a lot. I found the camp very fun and interesting!” By Olivia Kawalsky

“The Hebrew language means a lot to me because I feel it gives me a connection to my Jewish culture and heritage. After Hebrew camp, I still think this however, it now also means to me a connection with the Jewish community.”
By Eva Nabarro

“Before Machane Krembo, to me, Hebrew was a Jewish language that helped me to connect to other Jews even though I felt I didn’t know the language very well. Now, after Machane Krembo I feel much more connected to Hebrew and Jewish people. I feel as if I could go to Israel and even understand some of what other people are saying.” By Hannah Rembach

“Hebrew language connects me to my Jewish ancestors. I feel at home when I speak Hebrew. It is great.” By Charli Grynberg

“The Hebrew language is the language of the Israelis and Jews, it links me to so many people around the world. It connects me to most of my ancestors and family. Machane Krembo helped immerse me in the Hebrew language, I found after the camp I was much for familiar and comfortable speaking Hebrew as I just spent three days with Israelis.” By Dylan Vitek

“The Hebrew language to me is very special as lots of my family on my mother’s side speak it. However, I’m definitely not fluent like them so Machane Krembo helped a lot with learning new words and being in a Hebrew-speaking environment as well as it being very fun!” By Kira Levin-Kahn