Volume 24 Issue 30 23 Sep 2016 20 Elul 5776

Farewell Year 12 Religionists


Elena Rosin – Studies of Religion Teacher


As a parting gift, the talented Year 12 Studies of Religion students designed and painted the formerly down-trodden P21 classroom, making it come alive with iconic representations of some of the religions and their adherents which we studied about over the past two years. This room used to be part of the teachers’ staff room and was a rather dreary and uninviting place to learn. One side of the room now features various sacred sites being gazed upon by representatives of these religions. The other side has a lively and colourful set of bricks going up the wall, which will serve as an interesting focal point for students who are learning in this classroom.

Thank you to the girls for donating their time, creativity and effort to create these images. In future years, when I look at these paintings, I will think fondly of this year’s religionists and their quirky, artistic and always entertaining ways of wandering through life, full of joy and promise.