Volume 30 Issue 13 14 May 2021 3 Sivan 5781

Smelly cheese

Hilary De Joux – Co-ordinator of French

A meal without cheese is like a day without sun. 

The taste of cheese varies from region to region in France. Just as there are professional wine tasters, there are also professional cheese tasters in France. There are more than 400 cheese varieties listed in France and on average a staggering 24 kilograms is eaten per person per year! 

Year 10 French has recently been studying the region of Provence, where we learned about shopping for food, visiting a French village on holiday, eating out at restaurants and cafes, French markets, health and wellbeing. One very famous cheese from Provence is Roquefort and some Year 10 students were brave enough to try it, along with fromage de chevre and traditional Brie made with the labelling method. We also discovered many French idiomatic expressions are related to food.

Here are a few you might know, if not, ask a Year 10 French student: 

J’ai du pain sur la planche 
J’ai la pêche
Ce n’est pas de la tarte
En faire tout un fromage!
Rouge comme une tomate
Tu racontes des salades!