Volume 30 Issue 28 14 Sep 2021 8 Tishri 5782

Save a child’s heart

Daphna Levin-Kahn – Head of Jewish Studies High School

Bioethicists explore Save A Child’s Heart 

Last Thursday, the Year 9 Bioethics and Judaism students were treated to a meaningful and heartfelt Zoom presentation and discussion from Doron Lazarus, the CEO of Save A Child’s Heart (SACH) Australia. Doron introduced us to SACH, its mission and history, as well as why he decided to become involved himself in this special organisation. He showed a few engaging and moving videos such as “The Heart of the Matter” , with the students discussing the Jewish values and laws related to the vital work that SACH does on so many levels: the human element – treating all humans as “B’tzelem Elohim” (in the Image of God) and saving as many young lives as they can (Pikuach Nefesh); Medical Equality/Sustainability by training paediatric surgeons and nurses from all over the world to ensure that children in developing countries can have better access to lifesaving care; and Building Bridges, both between Israel and many other countries as well as between the families – especially the mothers – from all over the world who are dealing with similarly difficult lives and decisions, who become a support group for one another.

Here are some student thoughts and questions following the session that demonstrate the spectrum of thought and how our students can be impacted so differently from the same presentation:

What about the work of Save A Child’s Heart (SACH) was most impactful/moving/inspiring for you and why? 

  • That Save A Child’s Heart will do as much as they can to save a child’s life no matter the cost, where they come from or who they are. (Ethan Hirst)
  • Their commitment to educating the next generation of surgeons so they can help more people in their home country. (Jack Goldberg)
  • That they continuously help not just the children but the whole family to feel comfortable, loved and safe. (Mia Levin)
  • That everyone who works for SACH volunteers. This is inspiring as it shows that they are working for SACH just because they want to help people. (Georgia Kawalsky)
  • That by teaching surgeons about these procedures, it saves the parents having to travel and leave other people behind, making it as easy as possible for the families of the children who need these (lifesaving) things. (Ella Sherman)

If you could ask a question to Doron or anyone connected with carrying out or receiving the SACH services, who would you ask, what would you ask and why?

  • What does it feel like when you’re finished a surgery and know that you have just saved a child’s life and have made their family and friends extremely happy? (Amelie Trope)
  • I would ask Dr Ami Cohen, the person who started Save A Child’s Heart why he decided to make Save A Child’s Heart and what his story is leading to this charity? I would ask this question as I would like to know what his drive and determination was behind this charity. (Ethan Hirst)
  • In the process of developing SACH were there any problems and how did you solve them? (Ella Sherman)
  • I would ask the first Ethiopian paediatric surgeon, Dr Yayu Mekonnen, if he had to do any additional preparation during in his training (at SACH) being the only one with his qualifications in the whole of Ethiopia, such as how to work faster and so on. (Oren Levin-Kahn)