Volume 30 Issue 28 14 Sep 2021 8 Tishri 5782


Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

There are always mixed emotions when we farewell any Year 12 group. We love seeing them “walking out through the school gates”, albeit virtually on Zoom, but we feel a sense of sadness as we remember them from their earlier days and see how much they have grown.

My work with this Year Group began in Year 10, as they all started to sit for Career Avenues testing, and we began the conversations about subject selections, which subject, which level and how to stay most engaged for the senior years at school. This group was like most Year Groups, in that they had questions that needed answering but there was a level of engagement and energy that was obvious right from the start.

Our time over the last three years has been a mixture of seeking out answers for tertiary institutions, finding out about specific courses, which scholarships, courses, grades, rankings and reputations were the ones that mattered, all with a healthy dose of anxiety-alleviating along the way. Each Year Group brings about their own unique personality. I have always said about this Year Group, to use a careers analogy – if it was one person, it would shine in an interview. I say this because as a group they have energy, vibrancy, personality and life. These are usually the people who get employed easily. When we had guest speakers who came out to speak to the group we received feedback on their level of engagement, their enquiring questions, that they seemed very switched on and also appeared to be very nice! I always agreed with them.

We had out last Zoom last Tuesday, and I showed them a photo (my only one) of me in my uniform, when I was in Year 12. I am sure it gave them all a good laugh. I also shared my experince of not getting the marks that I wanted when I was in Year 12 and the corresponding disappointment. This was followed by choosing a University degree that was not really a great fit. I then transferred after a year and made a (slightly) better choice. I went travelling, worked and studied further (and this time made a better choice). I continually refined that process until I found where my skill set and interest level really was at its best. My final message to them was “take your time”, and take it slowly. It is very much the minority who know what they want to do and find it instantly. Most people have to figure it out over time and get to know themselves, the profession, the industry or all three before they find their feet. And sometimes that process can be enlightening, frustrating, joyful and infuriating.

Enjoy the ride Year 12. Emanuel School has provided you with roots and wings. Now use the latter and fly high!


Working outdoors

As I hear often, “I really don’t want to be stuck indoors in an office”. This link may be of interest to those who want to work outdoors and the types of careers available.

UAC Schools Recommendation Scheme – applications closing soon

You must also be:

  • a UAC applicant for undergraduate admission in 2022

Applications for the SRS close at midnight on Sunday 19 September 2021.

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Macquarie Leaders and Achievers has reopened

At Macquarie University, with the uncertainty surrounding COVID, they have decided to re-open their Leaders and Achievers Early Entry process. We have all spoken about this at length – if anyone thought about applying and didn’t – now would be the time.  

Applications are now open and will close on Sunday 19 September 2021. Email here for any enquiries.

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