Volume 31 Issue 25 - 19 Aug 2022

From the Acting Principal

Margaret Lowe – Deputy Principal

ZFA Biennial Jewish Educators’ Conference

On Sunday and Monday our Hebrew, Jewish Life and Jewish Studies staff attended the annual ZFA Educators Conference in Melbourne along with Tany Milner (Head of Primary) and David New, President of the School Board. Over 400 were in attendance at the 65 sessions offered over the two day period. Some of our teachers presented: Terry Aizen (Director of Kornmehl Centre Emanuel Pre-school) and Alex Levy (Educator Leader) presented their action research project: What does it mean to be Jewish?; Rebecca Gaida (Jewish Studies and Hebrew Teacher) shared her knowledge of Israeli sign language and Hagit Bar-On (Head of Hebrew K-6) spoke about School challenges in times of COVID.

Following the Conference, three international presenters travelled to Sydney and met with Jewish Life staff and High School students:

  • Rabbi Mike Moskowitz, an Ultra-Orthodox trans-ally and LGBTQI+ advocate 
  • Rabba Wendy Amsellem, a rabbinical teacher at Yeshivat Marahat
  • Noam Weissman, Executive Vice President of OpenDor Media, an organisation which educates, entertains and engages a global audience of millions by producing and distributing Jewish and Israel content.


Every year the Primary School students take part in an Athon – a fun day of activities around a specific theme, with a fundraising element. This year, the International-Athon saw teams of students, led by Year 5, each representing a different country, participate in a quiz of fun facts about countries around the world. Students were encouraged to wear a colour or item of clothing that represented their country. Funds raised support exciting, new projects and initiatives for the Primary School, with every dollar raised generously matched by the JCA. 

Thank you to the canteen for providing international specials of the day, including vegan Italian spaghetti bolognaise and Japanese sushi. 

Thank you to Stacey Rosenfeld, Katie Narunsky, Nicole Esra, Josh Aghion and Hayley Chester who expertly organised the International-Athon.

Alexi Bader Futsal Cup

Meir House Madrichim, Eden Grynberg and Tori Shapiro, with the Alexi Bader Futsal Cup and Ms Lowe

The inaugural Alexi Bader Inter-House Futsal Cup competition was held in 2020, commemorating Lexi who tragically passed away in November 2019. Lexi was a passionate sportsman and the Cup has become a way for us to honour his memory. 

The round robin event, which is run each year by the Sport Va’ad (Committee), sees teams from Years 7-12 compete in Tutor groups. 

Mazal tov to the Year group winners and to Meir House – the overall winner. 

  • Year 7 – Szenes
  • Year 8 – Rashi 
  • Year 9 – Meir 
  • Year 10 – Meir 
  • Year 11 – Meir
  • Year 12 – Meir 

HSC Drama Showcase

A huge mazal tov to Samantha Bauer, Head of Drama and her Year 12 class for their inspired performances at the HSC Drama Showcase on Wednesday night. The performances were of an exceptionally high standard with some of the pieces written by the students themselves. 

Father’s Day Breakfast

Year 10 Food Technology students treated their fathers to a delectable brunch on Thursday morning. The shakshuka and corn fritters were devoured, with the buttermilk pancakes and freshly baked muffins rounding off the morning. Kol HaKavod to Lara Ephron and Claudia Bloom as well as the student chefs and servers for a very memorable morning.

Tikkun Olam

Last year Emanuel staff took part in the STEPtember challenge, walking a combined 2 million+ steps and raising over $1,000 for people living with Cerebral Palsy. They’ve taken up the challenge again this year and are hoping to raise an additional $1,000 for the cause.

If you would like to support the team and at the same time help those who live with Cerebral Palsy, please click here. I thank the Sport Department, in particular Ariel Schonberger, for co-ordinating the Emanuel staff team and I look forward to sharing our progress with you.

Mazal tov

Our Junior boys relay team placed 3rd at ASISSA. 

Quote of the week

“In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.” Dalai Lama



From the Acting Head of Jewish Life

Daphna Levin-Kahn – Head of Jewish Studies High School

Out of the shadows 

When enslaved in Egypt, the Jewish people worked hard to survive – meeting quotas, staying ahead of the game, keeping it together. There’s a routine, it’s tough, but there’s a mission, a purpose to what they are doing, even if it is for someone else.

Then they are freed. God caters to all needs. For most of the 40 year wander there is no need to think about food, water, clothes (Midrash), where to camp, when to pack and leave and when to stop and set up camp – and even which direction to walk in. Battles are won by the lifting of Moshe’s arms… sounds idyllic. Right? Not exactly…. 

The newly acquired freedom removes all requirements to work to survive, and a form of learned helplessness or complacency takes the place of striving for a purpose. No goals are set or met, no tough decisions made and no seeming motivation for much of the day. In this atmosphere lacking in challenge and personal achievement, complaints abound, protest seems common, and at times outright mutiny (such as with Korach and his gang) despite – or perhaps as a result of – not having to look after themselves or work for anything at all. 

At the start of our parasha, Eikev, Moshe cautions the people to do God’s bidding and follow God’s commandments once they get to the Promised Land, so that they will be able to stay living and thriving on/in the land.

With these words, Moshe guides them towards realising they will have to tear themselves out of the apathy or lethargy from their learned helplessness as they cross over the Jordan to start their new “real” lives in the Promised Land. 

I have often wondered…is the end result – a land flowing with milk and honey, a land of plenty and peace, of military and financial success – the reward bestowed upon us by God, or is it actually the direct consequence of right action and of striving towards positive goals? 

Over the past couple of years, we have all had our lives almost fully directed – where to go and not go, what to do and what not to do, to stay home or limit ourselves to a 5 km radius, and then learning from home in lockdown conditions. For many, this lengthy period resulted in increased inertia, or, for some, learned helplessness, or finding that goal setting and striving to reach them was put in the “too hard basket” as it was just easier to lie on the couch and drain the Netflix well dry.

In the desert the Jews were in a holding pattern, standing in the shadows of their true potential. Once they stepped across the border, Moshe warns, they would have to step back into their full selves, reconnect with their individual and collective goals, set aims, find purpose and strive towards them – putting the “fight” back into themselves towards a meaningful and purposeful life. 

This parasha teaches us that, in 2022, our students (and many of us) need to work out how to step back out of the shadows of themselves, remember that they had purpose and goals, that they knew the elation of a positive result after hard work – rather than a positive result meaning increased isolation! 

The holding pattern of the COVID years was a cushy time in the “desert” and now it is time to get back to reaching potential and finding purpose and meaning.

Shabbat Shalom

Primary News

Joshua Aghion – Co-ordinator of Innovation (K-6)

It has been a busy week in the Primary School this week. Students have been raising funds from our International-Athon last week, as well as continuing with their learning across all subjects. 


A huge mazal tov to all of the students who participated in the City2Surf last weekend. A few photos have been sent through to the School and we are very proud of the success of our students and community members. The City2Surf is a wonderful way to promote our wonderful city and beaches, as well as stay fit and healthy.

Science Week wraps up

This week, students from Years K-6 have enjoyed participating in Science Week 2022 activities. The theme this year has been Glass, More than Meets the Eye. Students have been learning about the importance of glass in our society as it carries COVID vaccines, other medicines as well many of our food items. They have explored how glass is made and making use of the Earth’s most abundant resource – sand. Students have looked at the reflective and observable properties of glass and how we utilise all of these elements in our everyday lives. They also enjoyed thinking about how glass is recycled and reused to be a full cycle material.

In Years K-2, students looked at how glass can be made beautiful, particularly in synagogues just like Emanuel Synagogue’s stained glass windows. They used this knowledge to design their own stained glass windows which are now up on display. 

In Years 3-5, students became designers as they used the concept of glass to design and then make a model of a new way to use glass to revolutionise how we communicate, how we eat or how we transport ourselves. Inventions in glass are endless and we are particularly proud of the way students have been able to use the design thinking process to innovate on our current practices. The idea of bendy or non-breakable glass is definitely a highlight. 

In Year 4, students looked at mirrors and reflective glass. Students explored and then constructed their own Kaleidoscope. This was a wonderful opportunity to look at symmetry and shapes as they built a triangular prism and saw the impact of light as it bounced off each reflective surface. Students were amazed after looking at different drawings and shapes and how it appeared in their kaleidoscope. 

Year 5 students also attended an online webinar presented by the Sydney Olympic Park Trust. Students were informed about animal adaptations which have occurred in animals found in the Olympic Park area.

In Year 6, students explored the future of glass and its impact on innovative design. Students discovered how glass is created and the different functions of glass in our renewable energy future. Students then thoroughly enjoyed learning about solar power and put this learning into practice as they built and then modified a solar powered car. Using the incredible sunlight that we were blessed with this week, they were able to successfully build solar powered vehicles using a range of design options. 

Science Week may have ended at school, however the fun is continuing in a range of activities across the city. This weekend, Centennial Parklands is running a Science Week: Science in the Swamp activity day. More information can be found here.    

After these highly successful days, we are looking forward to Book Week next week where we will be dreaming with eyes open!

Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

ZFA Biennial Jewish Educators’ Conference

After a COVID enforced break, the Biennial ZFA Jewish Educators’ Conference was held earlier this week at the Mt Scopus campus in Melbourne. Our Hebrew and Jewish Studies teachers and informal educators were joined by Tany Milner from Primary and Terry Aizen and Alex Levy from Kornmehl in a cohort of over 400 educators from across Australia for the conference.

This conference is a unique opportunity for professional learning and networking and the atmosphere buzzed with passionate educators coming together with a shared sense of purpose and mission. 

Our staff were able to select from a wide range of sessions relating to Hebrew, Jewish text, pedagogy, Jewish history and informal education given by international and local presenters. Some of these inspirational presenters have been at school this week, speaking to students and staff.

The sessions provided new ideas, concepts, methodologies for us to bring to our classrooms. It was wonderful to reconnect with past Emanuel students and staff, including Bryan Conyer and Daniel Samowitz.  


Kol Hakavod to the Emanuel staff who presented sessions: Terry Aizen, Alex Levy, Hagit Bar-On and Rebecca Gaida.



All about camp

Sport and Recreation Camp

From 31 August 2022 – 2 September 2022, Years 3-5 will be going to Sport and Recreation camp. The last two years of camp were cancelled due to COVID. This means that all students attending the camp have not been on camp before!

To make this experience as enjoyable as possible, we thought that we would share our top camp tricks and tips with you about organisation, clothing and respect.

We will also pop into classes and share them with the students:

  1. The Sport and Recreation camp will be held in Gwandalan in the Central Coast, near Lake Macquarie. The estimated low temperature will be 7ºC, so pack warm clothes!
  2. For some people, sleeping away from home can be hard to get used to. We highly recommend your child have some sleepovers with a friend as a practice for sleeping away from home. 
  3. On camp, students must be independent – get up and ready in the mornings, and get ready for bed. If you normally help your child get ready, make sure they are able to do these tasks by themselves.
  4. Organisation is a key part of camp. Having friends’ belongings all around your cabin is not pleasant, so remind your child to try their best to be organised and respectful.
  5. Consideration, respect and compromise must be kept in mind by every student for a peaceful, happy cabin. There can be arguments about who “dibsed” which bed, who showers first, lights on or off at night, etc. In these situations students need to be considerate, respectful and able to compromise with their peers. 
  6. Whilst this is an exciting experience, there may be some nerves leading up to camp. These nerves are very normal, especially before camp. From our experience, the moment the bus arrives at the campsite, all worries are lost and the joys of camp arrive.

There’s one thing we all agreed on… we all thoroughly enjoyed camp! We hope your children have a great experience and form great memories and friends.

By Leah Zipser, Ethan Ickowicz and Daniel Millner
Year 6 Primary Madrichim

Primary SRC Fundraiser

Friendship Circle Fundraiser

On Thursday 11 August 2022, the Primary SRC organised a fundraiser for the Friendship Circle. All students were asked to wear a purple accessory and bring in a gold coin donation. 

The Friendship Circle sent three representatives to inform students from Years K-6 about how the Friendship Circle helps create a more inclusive future for all children who have a disability. They told us about their international organisation and their charity walk, which is being held on Sunday 28 August 2022 at Vaucluse Primary School at 9.00 am. 

The Friendship Circle also has a small cafe where they employ people with disabilities to work. By doing this, they help create a better, more inclusive future for us all.

We feel honoured to have raised money and support this organisation to help them reach their goal of $175,000. If you would like more information you visit their website.     

Later this term, the SRC will be holding more charity events to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Stay tuned for more details about these events!

By Mia Goodrige, Maia Sharabi, and Mahli Olian
Year 6 SRC Leaders and Representatives

Celebrating Book Week 2022

Samantha Rogut, Head of Library and Information Services K-6

“Dreaming with eyes open…”

Emanuel School is delighted to announce that as part of Book Week 2022 renowned Australian children’s authors Mick Elliott and Belinda Murrell will be visiting the School, as will the touring company Perform! Education with their Book Week 2022 Musical.

Mick and Belinda will be visiting the Primary School during Week 6 to speak to the students about their celebrated novels and their writing process. There is an opportunity to purchase books by both authors. These will be signed and delivered to the School after the event. Should you wish to purchase any of their books this may be done by following the links attached to the Children’s Bookshop website.

Years 3 and 4

Mick’s novels include the Squidge Dibley series and The Turners series. He is also an amazing illustrator and an advocate for encouraging students to love reading. Mick will be speaking to Years 3 and 4. To order Mick’s books click here.  

Years 5 and 6

Belinda will be celebrating the launch of her latest book, The Silver Sea ,which is the second book in the Golden Tower series. She is also the author of the Timeslip Series and the action-packed Sun Sword Trilogy. Belinda will be speaking to Years 5 and 6.To order Belinda’s books click here. 

Year K, Year 1 and Year 2 

Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 will attend a live performance of Perform! Education’s STORY QUEST adventure which celebrates the CBCA Book Week 2022 theme: Dreaming With Eyes Open… Books featured on the CBCA 2022 shortlist will be woven into an engaging, original narrative filled with music, adventure and intrigue!

Years K-6 

On Wednesday 24 August 2022 students will be asked to come dressed as their favourite character from a book to celebrate the middle of Book Week, and to bring a gold coin donation to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

We can’t wait to celebrate Book Week 2022 at Emanuel! 






Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmehl

Grandparents Day

We celebrated Grandparents Day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings this week. All three groups delighted their appreciative audience with their songs and dances, which were sung so confidently. We value the special relationship we have with the grandparents at Kornmehl and feel privileged that they can be involved in the daily lives of their grandchildren as well as attend our special Grandparents Day events. This is such a significant and memorable time of being together, especially since we have not been able to hold this event for the past two years.

Our special visitors were invited to join in creative craft activities together with their grandchild. On offer were sculpting clay pots, decorating bookmarks, threading bead bracelets, painting, drawing a still life or merely building with blocks, playing outside, or reading a book together. 

Even though the room was full, it was filled with the sweet sounds of lovely conversations and the business of sharing, of enjoyment and of learning too. There were smiles all around. Everyone enjoyed a delicious morning tea together on the deck. 

The feedback received from Grandparents was very positive and the smiles on their faces during this time was evident of a very special and beautiful time shared together.

Comments from children:

Grace: I love giving cuddles to Omi. On a Sunday, she takes me and Michael to Cooper Park to play.
Ella: Nanna, Anna and Babba come to have dinner with me. I like to have picnics with them at the beach.
Tahlia: Pappa always gives me treats like ice cream and chocolate cake. I am happy and excited he came to Pre-school.
Oscar: I like it when Nanni, Pappa and Granny come over to visit. I go to their house to sleep over. I am excited for them to come to my school.
Juliette: Pappa picks me up from Pre-school on a Friday and we have afternoon tea together. I sleep over with them after dinner.

Many thanks to all our wonderful and super-efficient parent helpers this past week – Jonathan Kummerfeld, Michelle Cohen,  Hilary Ezekiel, Szilvia Kovacs, Eva Gerber, Michal Alhadeff, Talia Kersh, Craig Haifer, Sarah Robuck and Matti Gild. Our thanks also to the canteen for their delicious catering and to the maintenance team for their assistance.

Terry Aizen and Alex Levy

ZFA Biennial Jewish Educators’ Conference

On Sunday and Monday, Alex Levy and myself attended the Zionist Federation of Australia’s 12th Biennial Jewish Educators’ Conference in Melbourne. The conference was held at Mount Scopus Memorial College and catered for educators from the early years through to High School. There were over 400 participants, 60 presenters and 78 sessions to choose from to attend over the two days. The focus of the conference was Jewish Studies, Informal Jewish Education, Hebrew, Israel Studies and History.

The ZFA Conference affords many opportunities to network, share, and inspire each other. The enthusiasm, ideas, and engagement from everyone created a wonderful atmosphere.

Alex and I presented a workshop to educators on an Action Research Project we have been actively involved in for the last nine months titled: What does it mean to be Jewish? Looking at Jewish identity through the eyes of the children. 

This is the third time we have presented at the ZFA conference and received great feedback after the event: “Thank you, your presentation was inclusive, professional, and so meaningful. I enjoyed it very much.” – Leon B
“Mazal tov on a truly outstanding presentation – so inspirational” – Cathy M

Both Alex and I came back feeling inspired, spiritually uplifted, and eager to share what we have learnt with our team. We both feel incredibly privileged to have been given the opportunity not only to present at a conference of this nature but to have attended and been inspired by so many wonderful speakers – international and local, and to have had the opportunity to network with so many like-minded educators. We found the conference both personally and professionally uplifting.

Happy Birthday

We wish a very happy birthday to Winnie Etkind (4). We hope you had a beautiful day.

Never too young to play Bridge

Sonia Newell – Development Officer – Alumni & Community Relations

I am so proud to be part of our amazing extended Emanuel Community for so many different reasons and on my page each week, I love to highlight achievements of parents, grandparents and alumni as well as some of our current students.

Australian Jewish Fertility Network (AJFN), an organisation for which a number of our parents and alumni work and/or volunteer, held their annual fundraising event, AJFN Miracle Making Day, with the aim of raising $500,000.00 in 24 hours. The sold out live event was held at The Round House, UNSW and attended by more than 300 people, with hundreds more watching online. 

Most of us take having a baby for granted, but one in six couples across Australia struggle with infertility and many choose to undergo IVF in their journey to parenthood. One in 20 Australian babies born are the result of IVF – that is one in every classroom.

AJFN has an extensive range of resources and support services available to help those struggling to conceive and others who want to learn more on fertility. At their fundraising event, they exceeded their $500,000 target, raising an incredible $509,820. This money will give 44 families who need their support the chance to try create their miracle baby. Alumna Kate Samowitz said “AJFN is an organisation I am so proud to have volunteered with for eight years. Thirty nine miracle babies have been created and 150 families supported with financial grants and emotional support services. The AJFN is literally helping to create new Jewish families and building the next generation of our community”.

Never too young to play Bridge

Jacob Rose

When Bridge is played by your parents and grandparents, it is almost inevitable that the younger generation might also develop an interest in the game. Emanuel alumnus, Jacob Rose (Class of 2021), together with his Bridge partner, Lara Topper (Reddam alumna), both became interested in learning Bridge at the age of 12 and practised together right from the beginning, participating in small club and regional events before graduating to stronger competitions. They were selected by the Australian Bridge Federation to represent Australia at the 7th World Youth Transnational Bridge Championships in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy last week, playing in the Under 21 age division. They played seven days of intense competitions against over 50 youth teams from all over the world. Jacob and Lara qualified for the finals of the pairs competition but did not reach the podium at the end of the event. Jacob says: “Regardless of the results it was an amazing opportunity to meet young like-minded bridge enthusiasts”. Earlier this year they also represented NSW in the Youth division at the Australian National Congress held in Adelaide.

Well done to both Jacob and Lara, and perhaps we need to organise an Emanuel Bridge Tournament – I know we have many avid Bridge players in our School community!

City2Surf 2022

Joshua and Gavin Kawalsky – 2022 City2Surf

Well done to everyone who ran or walked the City2Surf last Sunday morning. It was the first time in three years that this annual event took place, after COVID cancelled the 2020 and 2021 events. Although numbers were down on 2019, it was still a wonderful day out for participants and those of us cheering on the athletes from the kerbside, where numerous bands played to entertain the crowds watching and the runners as they passed by. Year 3 student Joshua Kawalsky, who first did this race in 2019 as a six-year old, together with his father Gavin, finished the 2022 race with a smile on their faces – not sure if that was more of a relief that the 14km run was over or for doing it in 103 minutes! We are not surprised that Josh was complaining his legs were sore. Well done to Josh and to all members of our School community who participated in the run.

2000 hours or 120,000 minutes

Jenny Kriss

People volunteer for so many different reasons, and often they are inspired by volunteering efforts of a family member or a friend. Jenny Kriss is a name that might not be familiar to most of our readers but she is an Emanuel great grandmother. Some of you will know one of her granddaughters, alumna Genna Onuchukwu (nee Radnan), founder of Gennarosity Abroad, a non-profit organisation focused on improving living standards of future generations through education of girls and women and providing health services to those living in remote and disadvantaged communities. Genna established “Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre” in Kenya, naming it after her much loved grandmother Jenny, who greatly influenced and encouraged Genna and her siblings and cousins in their own volunteering efforts.

Jenny continues to volunteer with Montefiore Home, where she was recently selected as a Volunteer Finalist, LASA Excellence in Aged Services Awards. Jenny, now aged 81, has volunteered over 2000 hours of her time to Montefiore residents. She provides practical and social support for residents across their four facilities, not just at Randwick.

Mazal tov Jenny. May you continue your volunteering efforts in good health for many more years to come!

The landscapes of David Asher Brook (Class of 1998)

Alumnus David, with his wife Hana, led the initiative that resulted in the colourful and wonderful artwork created by brushstrokes painted by all staff and students here in 2015 – you will see this when you walk up or down the stairwell in the Kleinlehrer Family LINC Building. David has an exhibition on now at the Artsite Contemporary Gallery, showing 18 of his landscapes painted in Sydney, Melbourne, and Mexico. Join David at his exhibition on Sunday 21 August. If you go, please let him know you are a parent or grandparent at Emanuel School. 

Westfield Local Heroes 2022 

The Wentworth Courier features a local resident each week for their Page 3 “Why I love my suburb” and this week we see past parent Josh Oschlack, founder of The Rhythm Village and finalist in the Westfield Local Heroes 2022. The finalist with the most community votes will become the Westfield Bondi Junction Local Hero for 2022, receiving a $20,000 grant for the organisation they represent. If Josh is successful, The Rhythm Village will fund workshops for children with special needs at Rose Bay Secondary College, The Friendship Circle, Vaucluse Primary School and Wairoa School. To vote for Josh check out: www.westfield.com.au and click on “Bondi Junction” to find him. Voting closes on Monday.

Primary Grandparents and Friends Day 

Please remind grandparents to RSVP for our exciting Rosh Hashanah celebration and activity morning.

Remember September

September is just 12 days away and alumnus Ben Wilheim, co-founder of Remember September, together with his brother David, would like to thank members of our School community who have already signed up to support this worthy month-long event. Ben and David created Remember September eight years ago in memory of their late father Danny who succumbed to pancreatic cancer only a few months after diagnosis, as did their first cousin Daniella Feller (an ex-Emanuel student) at the age of 33, six weeks after her diagnosis. Some of our readers might remember that Ben was one of our alumni presenters for our very successful online Gesher Speaker Series in 2020 during lockdown.  As a challenge-based fundraising initiative, Remember September aims to educate the public about pancreatic cancer as well as hopefully find a cure. You can give up caffeine, alcohol or even chocolate, as I did, and you can sign up as an individual or as a team. Entry is free – sign up now

The late Jeremy Spinak AM receiving his Jewish Changemaker Award, 2015

Be a Changemaker 

Nominations are now open for the annual Changemaker Awards that recognises youth and young adults in our community who make a difference. We look forward to seeing our students and alumni on the list of nominees, with nominations in two age groups: Youth – up to age 18 and Young Adults – to age 36. Nominations close on Friday 30 September 2022.

Alumnus, the late Jeremy Spinak AM, won the Jewish Changemaker Award for Leadership in the Young Adults category in 2015 during his term as President, NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBOD)

In 2018, alumnus Matthew (Matt) Friedman, won the Contribution to Australian Society Award for 2Birds1Bee, a program he developed that facilitates important discussions around young people, relationships and sex in a modern era.

Current Year 11 student and Head Madrich (2022/23), Coby New, was co-winner of the Contribution to Australian Society also in 2018 at the age of 13, for his efforts representing the charity group “Kit Bags for Kids” that collects and distributes second hand soccer boots and sporting gear to remote indigenous communities and Asylum Seekers.

Alumnus Ben Wilheim won the Award for Contribution to Australian Society (Young Adult) in 2019 for the work he does with Remember September in the fight to find a cure for pancreatic cancer.

Three of our senior High School students at the time, won awards in 2020 – Chloe Miller and Liat Granot shared the JNF Award for Contribution to the Jewish Community (Youth Category) whilst Lara Fosbery won the award for Contribution to Australian Society (Youth Category). You can check out their achievements as well as other Emanuel student and alumni past winners here.

We look forward to sharing our news and yours, so if you have photos and/or news you would like to share with us, please send to Sonia Newell.   

Shabbat shalom, stay safe, stay warm and have a great weekend. 


Stretch and challenge

Craig Moss – Co-ordinator of Gifted & Talented 7-12

Stretch and challenge study days

Two groups of students visited Ascham School in Week 2 for study days run by Academy Learning. Students spent the day with like-minded youngsters, all keen to reach the ceiling of their ability and share ideas.

Experienced gifted educator Julie Arliss took the students through a variety of big ideas that stretched and challenged them.

The students enjoyed the university style of learning and the opportunity to engage in ideas they haven’t been exposed to before.

Able and Ambitious study day (Years 10-12)

Session 1: The Philosophy and Politics of the Embryo
Session 2: Oxbridge Interview Questions
Session 3: ‘I count therefore I am.’ Is Mathematics Discovery or Invention?
Session 4: Eating Meat and Eating People
The BIG Debate: This House believes that Science has replaced God

It was great to see how the topics engaged the students in high level thinking and sparked fruitful discussions between them. Well done to Jesse Carpenter who volunteered to speak on stage during the Big Debate, making a telling contribution.

As you can see from the reflections of some of the students below, they valued the opportunity of being treated as a university student and got them thinking about future studies and career options:

“I really enjoyed this study day. The lecturers were incredibly knowledgeable, and the chance to participate in university-style learning while still being at school is invaluable. I had a great time, and learnt many high level concepts and schools of thought that will help me in my education while at Emanuel, and after I graduate.”  Jesse Carpenter

“The day was an amazing experience as we learnt about controversial, philosophical and ethical topics that are very relevant in today’s world. The lectures were extremely engaging and informative and went into depth about issues we wouldn’t learn about at school. All the lectures were super interesting and provided varying perspectives and analyses from several philosophers”. Elise Kitchener

Stretch and Challenge study day (Years 7-9)

This was another study day that offered a unique provision for high potential and gifted students in Years 7-9.

Session 1: An Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Session 2: Guided Community of Inquiry. Celery Munchers vs Steak Stokers. Is Diet a free choice?
Session 3: Justice Truth and Beauty
Session 4: The BIG Debate – This house believes that Freewill is an illusion

Well done to Jessica Hart, Elise Goldberg and Cyrus Waldner who volunteered to speak on stage during the Big Debate. 

“I really enjoyed the debates and how in-depth the lessons were, and the quantum physics lecture was just as strange as promised.” Joshua Ottaviano 

“The Stretch and Challenge day was an amazing experience, I was really able to learn and grow, and develop my skills in public speaking. It was a great day.” Cyrus Waldner

“I loved the Stretch and Challenge day, it was an experience I will never forget. I was able to open my mind to astounding thoughts and theories and understand more about our world systems.” Luis Waldner


Refugee in my neighbourhood

Denise Goldmann, HSIE Teacher & Outreach Co-ordinator

Refugee In My Neighbourhood visit

A group of Year 9 students volunteered their time on Monday of this week to participate in the experience of ‘Refugee in my Neighbourhood’ run at the Western Sydney University.

For a few hours students got to experience the journey refugees and asylum seekers undertake to arrive to safety in Australia.

Along the way they spoke to several refugees from diverse nationalities who shared their personal experiences.

Here are some reflections from students: 

“I found it very surprising how the refugees described the detention centres and refugee camps. It is shocking to me how the world treats people who have done nothing wrong worse than the worst criminals.” Raphael Harpaz

“The most surprising thing I learned would be how difficult it is to become a refugee alone. You can’t just easily claim refugee status and that’s it. It takes years of waiting in camps for approval and trying again and again for a few documents that say you are a refugee that will allow you to leave to go to another country.” Jayden Segal

“It surprised me that asylum seekers are often in refugee camps for so long. The fact that they live in these terrible circumstances for such a long period of time is so upsetting. Also, the fact that this is actually their best option for survival is quite heartbreaking.” Zara Sacks







Year 8 Geography – Water Project

Ellana Costa – HSIE & Studies of Religion Teacher

The Year 8 Geography class is working with Dr Mary Brydon-Miller from the University of Louisville on a “Future Creating Workshop” as they complete their unit on water this term.

The project is in connection with UTS and involves the class completing a water audit of the School, including comparing water bills over time and examining the water saving technology that is used on campus.

The class then thought of “utopian” solutions to reduce water use at Emanuel School and are now refining these into “realistic” solutions.

The project will culminate with students creating a presentation for the Executive that focuses on ways to improve the School’s water efficiency.


Let’s sign

Rebecca Gaida – Hebrew Teacher Primary

Israeli sign language שפת הסימנים הישראלית

Shalom!  שלום

This week our fabulous IT leaders have made some videos about going to different places. Did you know that many of the Jewish Studies and Hebrew teachers went to the ZFA Educators’ Conference this week and I gave an introductory lesson to other teachers about Israeli sign language?

Try them out:

Thanks so much to Matty Simon, Yoni Shmuel, Nate Weinberger, Jake Rosenfeld, Benji Espinos, Jacob Solomon, Joshua Bognar and Mr Aghion for making these videos this week!

Shabbat shalom



Fathers Day Pre-sale tickets – closes Monday!

Justine Hofman – Head of P&F

We are at the halfway mark of Term 3. It has already been a busy term and it does feel like we’ve been making up for lost-COVID time. But in all the overwhelm, I remind myself – this is the best stuff: Years K-2 shabbat sing-alongs; beaming faces of kids performing their assembly item and the weekly scramble for gold coins that goes a long way to support those in need.

All these celebrations help me focus on what’s really important!

So in line with this theme, I’m really excited that we will be holding our much-loved Father’s Day morning. It gives our dads an excuse to get to spend time on campus with their children and catch up with other dads.

Our committee has done a brilliant job of creating an event that celebrates an old-school sense of fun. Expect a mix of nostalgic games — and a haimish amount of food and coffee to fill everyone’s bellies. Don’t forget to buy tickets if you haven’t already done so! 

I would also like to acknowledge and thank our wonderful sponsors for the Father’s Day Morning. Our coffee cart is proudly brought to you by Biller Property and Mugg Shot Coffee. We are thrilled to have the wonderful Ofer Levy Photography at our photobooth.

Here’s the run down on all-things Father’s Day (in case you missed it):

P&F Father’s Day Breakfast
Pre-sale tickets close this Monday

Don’t miss out on a morning of old-school games, delicious food and coffee with other dads, granddads and kids.

When: Friday 26 August 2022
7.00 am – 8.15 am
Lehrer Family Building (MPH) at Emanuel School

Thanks to our sponsors: Biller Property, Mugg Shot Coffee and Ofer Levy Photography.

Buy pre-sale tickets here: $15.00 adult, $10.00 child.  

Note: presale closes 9.00 am on Monday 22 August 2022.  Cash-only tickets on the day: $20.00 adult, $15.00 child.

Father’s Day Stall
$10 gifts

We have organised a wonderful gift stall for Friday 26 August 2022 that will be selling $10 items for Years K-6 to purchase. Gifts will be taken home that afternoon. Your child can buy more than one item should they choose.

Years 5 and 6 will have the option to buy a charity gift option supporting the Top Blokes Foundation which supports the mental health and wellbeing of young men.

Events to diarise

Friday 26 August 2022: Father’s Day Breakfast and Stalls
Friday 21 October 2022: Emanuel community event 
Friday 4 November 2022 – Sunday 6 November 2022: Emanuel Family Spring Camping 







PSG training

PSG training session

Our annual PSG training session will be run on Sunday 21 August 2022 from 10.45 am – 2.00 pm on campus at Emanuel School.

The training session will be fun, engaging and practical – covering interactive scenarios and some basic emergency first aid. We would like all our PSG volunteers to attend this exciting morning and we will be providing a kosher BBQ at the end.

If you haven’t already done so, please RSVP to psg@emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au

We would also like to extend the invitation to anyone who may not currently being doing PSG, but would like to understand how to provide a safe environment for our School and Community.

Thank you to our volunteers for last week

Greg Chesler, Anthony Joshua, Salina Jamani, Danielle Jaku Greenfield, Glynn Prosser, Derek Pal, Naomi Hersh, Seth Itzkowitz, Denise Slot, Vitali Kanevsky, Lara Levin, Nicolas Meer, Ian Kessell, Ros Shammay, Michael Pollak, Robert Salamon, Daniel Stein, Bob Kummerfeld, Alina Kirievsky, Benjamin Opit, Neil Levin, Lance Michalson, Andrea Sher and Debbie Sullivan.

Help keep our kids and community safe: sign up to PSG here.


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