Volume 31 Issue 17 - 10 Jun 2022

From the Principal

Andrew Watt – Principal

Lord of the Flies

The audience on the opening night were treated to an outstanding production, a culmination of many hours of dedicated rehearsal and expert directing and choreography. Despite illness in the lead up, with no full cast rehearsal possible until two weeks before the opening night, our talented thespians put on a lively and polished performance. I echo the words of our Co-Directors, Samantha Bauer and David Camp:

“Our vision to direct Lord of the Flies has finally come to fruition. We are so proud of our absolutely amazing cast for their enthusiasm and dedication to this play. It is no easy feat to perform a serious dramatic work. This group of talented actors has worked tirelessly to bring Goldings’ themes alive beautifully on stage. The cast’s sensitivity to the content of the play and maturity in dealing with confronting themes was truly admirable”.

Kol hakavod to Directors, Samantha Bauer and David Camp and Choreographer Laura Scahill – and to the magnificent cast and crew. Thank you to Ofer Levy for taking such magnificent photos which will be shared in next week’s edition of Ma Nishma.

A hotel for a busy bee

On Tuesday I was invited to join Year 3 students in their Sustainable Garden Kitchen, planting carrots to accompany the varieties of lettuce that are already flourishing.

The Sustainable Garden Kitchen was developed following a successful application for a Woolworths Landcare Grant and I was delighted to see the veggies already growing under the guidance of our ‘green-thumbed’ students.

The outdoor classroom’s aim is to provide opportunities for students to grow, harvest and reap the tasty rewards of their efforts while concurrently learning about life cycles and sustainability. Whilst the garden is growing day by day, it has taken much planning, teamwork and to get to this point. In Term 1, the students investigated and researched companion plants, interdependence between pollinators and plants, and created a garden plan. They also developed a pitch for their garden which was presented to their peers who then voted on the winning team’s garden plan.

The Sustainable Garden Kitchen brings more than ‘just’ tasty, nutritious and fresh produce – it provides opportunities for the curriculum to be taught in an active and engaging way that encourages students to apply their classroom skills to real life experiences. The young gardeners will learn the names of the plants in Hebrew; use the garden as a source of inspiration for Art; study the benefits of growing food and sustainable farming in Health and use their Science and Technology skills to discuss water systems. I believe that a suitably sized, five-star bee hotel is also planned, to encourage busy pollinators to the garden. I can’t think of a better home for a busy bee!

I love how the garden is a place of nature and peace. Jemima Shraibman
I love learning about how much space each plant needs and how they grow. Isabella Laurence
I like going to the gardening club each week and seeing how much our plants have grown. Alessandra Healy
It’s really fun and interesting to learn about plants. Raphael Itzkowic

Understanding Equality

Pride Month is a time to specifically recognise and celebrate LGBTQIA+ people and commemorate the long journey that has been travelled by so many. Our School’s values, which include respect, compassion and community, translate to a commitment to equality and diversity. Adam Majsay, Deputy Principal (Teaching & Learning) K-12 has been invited by the Sydney Jewish Museum to share our School’s commitment to LGBTQIA+ diversity. Adam will also conduct The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir who will perform at the event. Bookings can be made here for what promises to be a moving and uplifting experience. 

Mazal tov and good luck

On Tuesday, our Primary Chess Team placed first overall in the school’s division and will now progress to the Regional Semi-Finals in Term 3. A range of schools attended the event, with over 100 participants competing on the day. This tournament is run as an individual event, with the winning school determined by adding the four highest scorers from each school. Mazal tov to William Yu for placing 2nd individually overall! The chess tournament is a 7-round ‘Swiss’ competition. This means that all players play seven games, and no-one is ‘knocked out’ of the tournament. Our victorious team includes Jesse Churnin, Liam Frankham, Raphael Itzkowic, Joshua Marishel, Ryan Miller, Judah Olian, Leo Phillips, Brody Reid, Jonah Vitek and Alexander Yu.

Congratulations to Phoebe Machlin (Year 8) who represented Emanuel at the Northwest Equestrian Expo. Phoebe finished equal reserve champion in the Opens Show Jumping, and achieved outstanding results across the many other events that she competed in across the five days of the Expo.

Best of luck to Cooper Rosen (Year 5) who is headed to Melbourne this weekend to play in the prestigious basketball National Classic with his Comets representative team.

Quote of the week

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”Marcus Tullius Cicero





From the Acting Head of Jewish Life

Daphna Levin-Kahn – Head of Jewish Studies High School

Birkat Kohanim – a blessing for the Whole Person; the Whole People

Parashat Nasso is the longest in the Torah, being 176 verses long (try learning that for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah parashah!) and yet its most famous three verses take up only 14 words!

These words have found a way into the hearts and minds of Jews for more than 2,600 years.

We know this for a fact as, in 1979, Israeli archaeologist Gabriel Barkay – who was actually one of my Israel Studies Professors at Bar Ilan University – made the incredible discovery of the small silver amulets you see below in a burial chamber while excavating in Ketef Hinnom, a section of the Hinnom Valley south of Jerusalem’s Old City. These small pieces of inscribed silver that contain the wording to this Birkat Kohanim date back to around 600BCE and are the oldest known record of biblical text, hundreds of years earlier than any biblical manuscript found to date.  (Learn more in this brief video – and meet Prof. Gabi Barkay! – Ketef Hinnom and the Priestly Blessings)

The Birket Kohanim, or the Priestly Blessing, has been uttered by Kohanim as a climax to the High Holy Day and Festival Prayer services for centuries, is recited weekly in Israel and has travelled down through generations of families who bless their children with the same gracious words each week.

יְבָרֶכְךָ יְ-הֹוָה וְיִשְׁמְרֶךָ׃

יָאֵר יְ-הֹוָה פָּנָיו אֵלֶיךָ וִיחֻנֶּךָּ׃

יִשָּׂא יְ-הֹוָה פָּנָיו אֵלֶיךָ וְיָשֵׂם לְךָ שָׁלוֹם׃


(May) God bless you and protect you.

(May) God deal kindly and graciously with you

or “make God’s face shine upon you and be gracious to you.”

(May) God lift His Countenance towards you and grant you Shalom.

Thus, they shall link My name with the people of Israel, and I will bless them.
Sefer Bamidbar, Parashat Naso 6:24-27 נשא ספר במדבר, פרשת 

What meaning can we find in the Torah’s own version of a Haiku; 3, 5 then 7 words; in this moving ascending blessing that the Torah states God commanded Moses to instruct Aaron and his sons, and their descendants ever after, with which to bless the People?

Through many interpretations of this text, the Sages wrap us in the Divine embrace, concentric circles of blessing increasing. Here is one idea I’d like to share with you: First, we are blessed with material possessions – the traditional understanding of this “brachah” – followed closely with the hope that these will be protected and successful. This enables us to live without material concern and thus focus on the middle layer, namely the privilege of spiritual and intellectual fortitude. These are reflected in the radiance of God’s face, “יָאֵר” ya’er being connected to the word אור “Ohr” – light, and God’s graciousness, וִיחֻנֶּךָּ, “viychunekah” that could be related to the word “Chanun” – mercy or kindness, and to the blessing in the Amidah prayer, “חָנֵּֽנוּ מֵאִתְּ֒ךָ דֵּעָה בִּינָה וְהַשְׂכֵּל” “Grant us (graciously) knowledge, understanding and intellect from You”. And finally, the outer (or inner) blessing – deep, genuine Shalom – inner peace and outer harmony or wholeness. A prayer both for the People and for each Person…

May you all be blessed with material security, intellectual and spiritual strength, inner peace, and outer harmony.

Shabbat Shalom


Primary News

Carrie-Anne Thomas – Acting Deputy Head of Primary

Arriving at school on time

Children need to develop the habit of arriving on time at an early age, beginning from when they start school. Recently we have noticed a growing amount of students arriving late, after 8.20 am, to begin the school day. Arriving on time each morning benefits Primary School students’ academic performance and future habits.

Here are some of the benefits of arriving on time to school each day:

  • Arriving at school after classes have begun can cause students to miss an introduction to a new lesson or routine. 
  • Arriving on time for school every day can help students develop the habit of being punctual with important commitments. This habit can serve students well through their education and into their future.
  • Students arriving at school with time to spare, have the luxury of settling in, and having time to play and connect with their peers before classes begin. This gives them time to literally and figuratively wake up. 
  • Arriving on time each day makes students feel good about themselves and gives them a comfortable and smooth transition to the school day. 
  • It can be embarrassing for students to enter a class that is already underway.
  • It impacts the learning of other students if the teacher needs to repeat information to settle children who are late.
  • It models to your children the importance of respecting the school, its rules, teachers and students.

Here are some suggestions to create positive routines that may support a timely transition to school each day:

  • Have a set time to go to bed. 
  • Have a set time to be out of bed.
  • Prepare uniform and school bag ready the night before.
  • Prepare lunches the night before. 
  • Have set time for starting and ending breakfast.
  • Give your child lots of positive encouragement and acknowledge they are organised and get to school on time.
  • On arrival, recognise the time and celebrate how well the morning routine has worked and highlight the benefits of arriving at school on time to your child.

Go With The Flow (GWTF) – reminder 

To keep our GWTF system as safe as possible, please can families of students in Years 3-6 picking up their children on campus use the Waxman Gate to enter and exit. If arranging an on campus pickup location, please choose one away from the GWTF area (near Avoca street) as the congestion has made the process challenging. If picking up from this area suits you and your family best, we ask you to continue using the ‘Parent pick-up’ option at GWTF, lining up outside the school grounds.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the GWTF timings:

  • K-2 begins at 3.20 pm
  • 3-6 begins at 3.30 pm

We ask that families do not arrive before 3.30 pm if you are not collecting K-2 children or if you are picking up K-2 students with siblings in Years 3-6. Arriving before this time will block the system, and you will be asked to drive around the block. 

Save the Date 
Deborah Blackman Parent Session

On Wednesday 20 July 2022, we have Deborah Blackman presenting on the topic ‘Conversations with our children – keeping them safe’. We highly recommend this session to parents. Deborah Blackman will also run sessions with our students in Years K, 1, 3 and 5 during Term 3. 

In the presentation, Deborah will explore how to talk to your children about feelings, secrets, consent and teach them some valuable skills for child protection. We think it is essential that home and school provide the same message about this very important topic. The presentation will be from 7.00 pm and will be held via Zoom. A link to this Zoom event will be provided closer to the date. 

Years K-2 assembly
Friday 2.10 pm – 2.50 pm – Millie Phillips Theatre

Term 2

  • Friday 17 June 2022 – 2T (Ms Nanwani)

Term 3

  • Friday 29 July 2022 – KH (Ms Turrall)
  • Friday 2 August 2022 – 1T (Mrs Silver)
  • Friday 26 August 2022 – Music assembly 
  • Friday 9 September 2022 – 1B (Ms Chester)

Webinars for Parents and Carers

This month, join one of the free webinars for parents and carers run by the eSafety Commissioner.

These live webinars give parents and carers the knowledge, skills and tools to support their children to have safe online experiences. This month’s webinar is: Safer Online Gaming

In this webinar learn how to help young people stay safe by learning about the benefits and risks of online gaming.

This webinar is designed for parents and carers of young people aged 8 to 13 years of age.

It will cover:

  • The games young people are using and how they are engaging with them.
  • The benefits of gaming and how to mitigate the risks.
  • Practical strategies to use at home and where to find help and support if things go wrong.

Term 2 Dates (Australian Eastern Standard Time):

  • Friday 17 June 2022 from 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm
  • Tuesday 21 June 2022 from 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Register here


Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

In the lead up to Shavuot, Morah Jenny and Morah Erika’s Year 1 classes learnt about the עֲשֶׂרֶת הַדִּבְּרוֹת (The 10 Utterances – or 10 ‘Commandments’).

After learning about these rules, the students were tasked with writing an additional important rule to live by, their own ‘11th Commandment’. A highlight of our K-2 Shavuot ceremony last week was having students come to the stage and share their 11th Commandments with the Years K-2 students and staff. 

As you can see from the thoughtful examples below, we can all engage in acts of תִּקּוּן עוֹלָם – repairing our world, by striving to live by these 11th Commandments.

Primary Extra-curricular Term 3 2022

Emma Hill – Primary Teacher and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Programs

Holiday Camp and Term 3 2022
including Music, Sport and Recreational activities

We are excited to announce that we are offering two extra-curricular holiday activities in the upcoming holidays, as well as sports activities. We are hoping to expand our holiday offerings in future terms.

Our new holiday activities are: 

  • Code Camp on Friday 1 July 2022 from 9.30 am – 3.30 pm 
  • JeSTAR Theatre Academy on Friday 1 July, Monday 4 July and Tuesday 5 July 2022 from 9.00 am – 11.30 am

Please note that both of these activities have minimum and maximum enrolment numbers so please book in early.

There will also be sports activities running from Monday 4 July 2022 in the afternoons. If your child is participating in both the morning and afternoon activities we will ensure they are supervised during the lunch break between activities, which will be 11.30 am – 12.00 pm. 

Our Term 3 Extra-Curricular schedule is now available online. This includes a range of Music, Sport and Recreational activities. Many activities have set enrolment numbers so please ensure you book your child in early to avoid disappointment. There are also a range of teacher-led lunchtime clubs which are free for students, please click here for further information about these clubs. Students may join these clubs by approaching the listed teacher.

The Extra-Curricular schedule on the Parent Portal is regularly updated throughout the term – please refer to this if you have any questions about the scheduling of activities. There are email links on each activity to help direct you to the relevant person if you do have any additional questions.

The Extra-Curricular Schedule is available now via the Parent Portal

We hope to offer Sewing Club for Years 5-6 students in Term 3. Please register your expression of interest before Wednesday 29 June 2022. Once minimum enrolment numbers are reached a booking link will be emailed to parents.


From the Year 6 Gross Motor Leaders

Saskia Esra – Year 6

Gross Motor has started and we were so excited to meet the Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students for this year. Each Year 6 leader gets to look after a mix of students from different Year Groups. We help the students do physical activities on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

As a Gross Motor Leader you need to show the younger kids how to behave, listen and line up. You also get a chance to demonstrate fun activities for the relays and teach the younger kids the way to do some gross motor movements.

It has been a really fun start to the year and we love being able to show off leadership skills to the younger students. 



By Saskia Esra
Year 6 Gross Motor Leader 


Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmehl

School readiness

This is the time of the year when parents and teachers begin to think about whether the children are ready for school. One issue often raised and frequently asked is “how do you prepare my child for school?”. It is always useful to think about this issue at varying stages of young children’s development.

Here is what we often say:

Childhood is an extraordinary period in a human being’s life. All stages of our lives bring certain characteristics, limitations, and special challenges. The relationships and opportunities offered to a child at any time must be responsive to the child as he or she is now. Readiness for school translates into a child who is a capable learner, who is confident, flexible, open to possibilities, sufficiently resilient to take risks, sufficiently secure to be confident – in short, a child who goes off to school and is comfortable with challenge. The central concept when working with children in the present is that we develop relationships and promote personal development rather than teach facts.

Our aim is to support children to:

  • Become effective as contributors within our Pre-school community
  • Be valued as unique and powerful human beings
  • Engage in relationships of caring and respect
  • Be involved in positive relationships with their peers 
  • Feel a sense of belonging.

We ask parents to re-orient themselves to look at children, no matter how young, as people with certain characteristics who are growing, becoming, developing, and adding new knowledge, skills, and understandings all the time. In this way, each child in our Pre-school is being assisted to become responsible for themselves, for others and for the physical world. 

We hope that this will give you something to think about as we draw closer to our Parent Teacher Interviews. The time where we think about your child’s progress, strengths, development and readiness for school in all areas – socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. 

The following skills are important for school readiness, sensory processing and self-regulation:

Fine Motor Skills

Children need to have an established hand-dominance before starting school.

A mixed dominance at this age will impact negatively on:

  • Handwriting (letter formations, reversals)
  • Reading (scanning from left to right)
  • Left/ right discrimination
  • All bilateral skills (catching, cutting, supporting page when writing, construction toys, tying laces).

Gross Motor Skills

  • To develop bilateral integration for:
    • Crossing the midline to develop a dominant hand
    • All motor planning
    • Ball skills
    • Scissor/pencil tasks 
    • Reciprocal arm/leg movements
    • Riding a bicycle.
  • To develop balance skills in preparation for hopping, skipping, climbing, galloping and marching.
  • Examples of gross-motor activities – completing a puzzle or drawing while lying on their tummy, negotiating stairs with alternating feet, catching a ball, balancing for 5-10 seconds and playball skills.

Visual Motor Skills 

  • To develop visual motor control to be able to: trace, cut, colour in, copy and thread with accuracy.
  • To be able to copy all shapes, especially diagonal lines (/ \ x) in preparation for early letter and number formation.
  • Examples of activities: colouring in, lacing, weaving, stringing beads, peg board patterns, cutting out shapes, copying a design of three steps using cubes, joining up dots, tracing around your own hand, copying shapes or sequences.

Play/Social Skills and Self Care Skills

  • To develop confidence/self-esteem in their ability to perform or attempt all tasks.
  • To understand social cues, rules, and limitations.
  • To be able to resolve conflict and to stand up for themselves.
  • To initiate new friendships and interactions with peers.
  • To be kind and respectful to each other. 
  • To understand feelings through the Zones of Regulation and Alert Program.
  • Eating and dressing independently. 
  • For school excursions:
    • Changing for sport.
    • Examples are dressing and undressing independently, toileting independently, understanding rules of games and being able to participate in games meaningfully, taking turns and sharing. 

Cognition is important

  • To develop pre-academic skills for reading/writing
  • To organise themselves and their belongings
  • To be able to listen, sit still and follow instructions 
  • To develop visual perceptual skills (especially memory) for:
    • Spelling, reading, and writing
  •  To develop sequencing skills for:
    • Following instructions
    • Early mathematics.

Sensory processing is how we interpret incoming sensory information.
Sensory Processing Disorder is the inefficiency in our central nervous system to process incoming information or stimuli. Difficulties in processing can lead to numerous problems such as disrupted motor co-ordination, sleeping, eating, concentration, learning, behaviour, and social/emotional functioning.

Self-regulation is a person’s ability to adjust or control their energy level, emotions, behaviours and attention. 
Appropriate self-regulation means adjustment and control is conducted in socially acceptable ways.

Behaviours to look out for include:

  • Fidgeting
  • Restless/rocking in chair
  • Knocking into people/objects
  • Difficulty sitting upright during floor time
  • “On the move,” easily distracted
  • Seeking/avoiding touch
  • Wrapping legs around legs of chair
  • Hates change
  • Dislikes music time
  • Unpredictable behaviours
  • Feeling overwhelmed during outdoor play
  • Sucking on clothes or objects.

This journey is a collaborative one that starts the minute your child comes into the Pre-school and continues for their entire Pre-school journey. We look at the whole child and together with families develop each child’s goals. We look at children’s strengths and interest and observe them closely. In this way we gain a clear understanding of how best to support them through these Pre-school years. We are guided by the Early Years learning Framework (EYLF) and our curriculum is emerging and best learnt through play.


Celebrating her success

Sonia Newell – Development Officer – Alumni & Community Relations

Platinum Jubilee

Whether you are a Royalist or not, one could not help but see footage of Queen Elizabeth ll Platinum Jubilee celebrations on television this week, and how cute was the Queen’s afternoon tea with Paddington Bear. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Although Paddington Bear is a fictional character in children’s literature, his creator Michael Bond has been quoted as saying this bear was a refugee with a label “Please look after this bear”. It is thought that Michael was likely to have been inspired by the sight during World War II, of Jewish refugee children from Europe, who wore labels with similar wording. These children were part of Kindertransport. Some of our past and current grandparents were amongst this group of youngsters, mainly from Germany and Austria, who were separated from their families around the start of the War. They were sent to England to live with families they’d never met before, but they thankfully survived, unlike their parents, many of whom were murdered by the Nazis at Auschwitz and other extermination camps.

Some of these Kindertransport children wrote their memoirs as did other child survivors – their books can be found on the shelves at the Sydney Jewish Museum Shop. 


Emanuel School opened its doors at Temple Emanuel, Woollahra in February 1983 with just 53 students, to fill a gap in education within the Sydney Jewish community. By 2001, having been at the Randwick site since 1986, the School Board adopted a new management strategy that revolutionised the direction taken by the School as a Jewish Community Day School – to nurture a commitment to Jewish community, heritage, ethical living and the State of Israel. We support the principals of religious pluralism and egalitarianism, along with co-existence and acceptance of diversity. Many of our School families practise their religious beliefs as members of the numerous Sydney Jewish congregations that includes Emanuel Synagogue, Coogee Synagogue, The Great Synagogue, Maroubra Synagogue and Sephardi Synagogue. Most synagogues and many other community organisations hold regular events to which members of the wider Jewish community are invited to attend. 

VIVID ends on Saturday 18 June 2022

If you’re still planning a visit to VIVID, don’t forget to check out Emanuel alumnus Zac Levi’s artwork “Crowded Cadmans”, a 3D animation that comes straight from the imaginations of Sydney-based artists living with a disability. Zac’s role with this project was 3D modelling, animation, visual effects and look development. Originally prepared for Vivid 2019, the artwork is now on display on the façade of Cadmans Cottage in the Rocks and will run until Saturday 18 June 2022.     

Ai In The Modern World: Business, The Law & Ethics

One very exciting event coming up on Tuesday 14 June 2022 at Emanuel Synagogue is a thought provoking panel discussion on the subject “Ai In The Modern World: Business, The Law & Ethics”. One of the panelists is Emanuel parent Lyria Bennett Moses, director of the Allens Hub for technology, Law and Innovation and a Professor and associate dean (research) in the Faculty of Law and Justice at UNSW. Get tickets here.   

Celebrating her success

Kerri Sackville, Emanuel parent and author

National Council for Jewish Women (NCJW) is holding an event titled Celebrating Her Success on Sunday 19 June 2022 from 10.00 am – 12.00 pm, with successful Jewish women at various stages of their careers who will talk about how they got to where they are with their various projects/endeavours, encouraging other women to pursue their goals in the same vein. Speakers include Emanuel parent and author Kerri Sackville and alumna Rikki Stern (Class of 2016), founder and director of Cancer Chicks Australia. Book here   

Maccabi Life – Seniors Group

Emanuel families have been a huge part of Maccabi for a very long time, through the various sporting clubs with some volunteering on club committees, some as coaches and others as participants in the many teams. Maccabi NSW/Maccabi Life already run a series of very successful Walkie Talkie events, many of which are attended by members of our school community. They are about to launch Seniors – Walkie Talkie, Maccabi Life. The aim is to connect the 65+ age group via a leisurely walk outdoors, in the fresh air, followed by an inspiring talk/entertainment. For their first event on Wednesday 29 June 2022, they will meet at 10.00 am at the Friendship Bakery, Laguna Street Vaucluse and walk for an hour around Christensen Park area then go upstairs at the Mark Moran Vaucluse to play Bingo. Coffee and cake will be provided by the Friendship Bakery  
Bookings are essential for this event.


Don’t forget the screening of ONE IN SIX this Sunday evening on ABC Compass.

If you read my page last week, you will know that the Australian Jewish Fertility Network, AJFN is an amazing charity that helps many Jewish couples in their hoped journey to parenthood. A number of our School community work/volunteer for AJFN, whilst others have successfully gone on to parenthood through this wonderful organisation. 

July school holidays

July School holidays are just around the corner and there are numerous camps and workshops planned, many of which have a strong Emanuel connection. Perhaps your children will be attending Habonim’s winter camp Machane Dvash or for students aged 13 plus, maybe volunteering at Friendship Circle (FC) 5-day camp. Click here for details.

FC is also seeking young adults to join their Young Adult leadership team, so for our readers with older children, please tell them about this opportunity. Click here for more details.

Friendship Bakery

Friendship Bakery is currently seeking a Bakery Sales and Shop Manager who will lead an inclusive team and oversee the smooth running of all retail operations, customer service and community liaison. The role can be part-time, full-time or job share, so if you know someone who might fit the bill, please suggest they apply

We look forward to sharing our news and yours, so if you have photos and/or news you would like to share with us, please send to Sonia Newell.        

Shabbat shalom, stay safe, stay warm and have a great long weekend.

K-12 Sport

Kristy Genc – Director of Sports K-12

Holiday camps

During the upcoming holiday break, the following sport camps will be held by Emanuel sports coaching staff: 


Years 3-6 Basketball

  • Monday 4 July 2022 from 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm: Emanuel School MPH (indoor)
  • Tuesday 5 July 2022 from 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm: Emanuel School MPH (indoor)

Any students attending other Emanuel extra-curricular camps on the morning of the days above, will be supervised 11.30 am – 12.00 pm for a lunch break. 

Years K-2 Futsal (Indoor Soccer)

  • Wednesday 6 July 2022 from 9.00 am – 10.30 am: Emanuel School MPH (indoor)
  • Thursday 7 July 2022 from 9.00 am – 10.30 am: Emanuel School MPH (indoor)

Registrations for Holiday Sport Camps can be made through TryBooking and are to be completed by Friday 24 June 2022.

Futsal news

On Tuesday, 30 students competed at the 14 Years NSW Schools Futsal Regional Championships at Menai. In what is known to be the strongest region in the State, the four Emanuel teams competed well on the day. Congratulations to all of the players who competed on the day and a special mention to the Boys and Girls A teams who both progressed to the semi-finals, narrowly beaten by Endeavour Sport High School.

The Year 7 boys who are currently competing in the Tuesday afternoon weekly Sydney Schools Cup Futsal Competition are having a successful term to date. After five weeks of competition, the team is undefeated and had a good win in what was a thrilling match over Moriah this week.


Congratulations to Aiden Kanevsky who competed at the CSSA State Gymnastics Competition last week. Aiden was outstanding, winning six apparatus and was the All Round Level 7 Champion. Aiden is preparing well for his upcoming competition at the Maccabiah Games. 

Aiden Kanevsky Gymnastics Winner 2022


Music Matters

Diana Springford – Head of Music

Welcome to our Music Matters page! 🎶

Recent student performances

Mazal tov to our student performers from the Klezmer Ensemble for their incredibly exciting performance in High School Assembly on Tuesday. Playing Mashi’ach by M Rosenblum and M Ben David were Ella Bortz, Suzi Garbuz, Maya Hersch, Johnny Menczel (Year 8) and Aaron Berkowitz, Ben Fram, Josh Ottaviano and Ariel Solomon (Year 9).

Thank you to Mrs Spira for her inspiring leadership of this new ensemble.

The video of this is now available on the Music Performance page of the Parent Portal.

Music Camp 

The anticipation is mounting for Music Camp in Week 9. A detailed information letter with a packing list was emailed to the parents on Tuesday 24 May 2022 and is attached to the event in the Edumate calendar for reference. Please arrive at School no later than 7.00 am as we must board the buses very promptly and be on our way before the start of go-with-the-flow. All students must enter the Waxman Gate and line up on the grass with their luggage and instruments where our signs will be placed. All campers should do a Rapid Antigen Home Test (RAHT) on the Sunday. If your child is sick on the day, please notify Reception on 8383 7333 by 6.45 am and they will pass a message to our supervising staff. 

Parents and carers, please remember to put the Music Camp Showcase Concert in your diary for Thursday 23 June 2022, from 6.15 pm – 8.00 pm. Please note that we have such a large group of campers who will be performing in the concert, that we will need to limit the audience to two persons per student. We will video the performance and make that available afterwards to the parents and carers of performers. Audience members are encouraged to wear masks as the hall will be full on the night.

Music in Week 9

There will be no IP for Years 3-6 in Week 9 because of Music Camp and no Emanuel Music Ensembles will take place for the same reason. However, some private music lessons will continue as normal, because not all tutors are going to camp. Please check with your private tutor if you are in any doubt.

Private Music Tuition and Infant Strings Program

Thank you to those who have already advised us of changes to private tuition and Infant Strings Program (ISP) enrolments for next term. The deadline for new enrolments, notification of changes or intention to discontinue for Term 3, is today. All students currently receiving private music tuition and students in Years K-2 who are currently participating in the ISP will be automatically re-enrolled into tutor schedules along with students commencing for the first time. To enrol or discontinue please visit our  Music Portal Page and use the links to the relevant online forms. Formal notification of intention to discontinue must be received now to avoid being committed to the full term of lessons and liable for fees. Please contact music@emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au if you have any questions.  

The schedules for Term 3 will be created at the end of term and emailed during July term break.

Please visit our Music Portal Page for information about:

  • Private Music Tuition (beginning and discontinuing)
  • Ensemble and Choir membership for K-12 students
  • Infant Strings Program (ISP) for K-2
  • Performance opportunities
  • Borrowing an orchestral instrument

Music Department Instagram page 

Please follow us and ensure your Instagram account is set to private and your name is visible, so we know who you are.





Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

To GAP or not to GAP, that is the question…..

This is a topic that comes up a lot in my office as students manage to navigate the beginning of their tertiary studies and also try and work out where and when they will be studying. Parents who are nervous about their children not returning to attend university, have no fear. The data and evidence is out there that this is a very rare occurrence but a common parental worry.

If a GAP year is not for you, then continue on and get your studies underway. For some students, the idea of a whole year without structure, purpose and timetables can be daunting and that is usually the reason not to take one.

Some students are excited to be starting a course and just want to get a move on it NOW!


If you are trying to decide and feel it could be a good idea here are some considerations. If you answer YES to at least three of these questions you should perhaps consider a GAP year:

  1. Do you feel you need a mental break after Year 12 (remembering that you will have more than fout months between ending school and starting your course). YES/NO
  2. Do you feel you would like some unstructured time? YES/NO
  3. Do you feel ready to take on new adventures, meet some new people and feel you would like to get away from your parents/family/house/friends/familiar surroundings? YES/NO
  4. Would you like to earn some money or be a bit self sufficient? YES/NO
  5. Do you imagine going to places you have heard older friends, siblings, relatives talk about? YES/NO
  6. Does the idea of taking some time off and waiting until 2024 give you a good feeling? YES/NO (or a feeling of dread and worry like you want to get moving on your studies)?

Last week we were fortunate to have the amazing Zev Shteinman (Class of 2018) chat to our students about his GAP year travels. Zev covered some huge distances throughout his GAP year – just prior to COVID hitting and embarked not only on the usual Israel and European adventures, but also included an array of countries throughout Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He then went on to study Arabic and studied at the Cairo University for a semester in an Arabic immersion course, whilst also studying Mathematics at Sydney University. We were very grateful to have his experiences showcased to our students.

There is data to support taking a GAP year showcasing better retention rates, better grades and a better enjoyment of course.

Here is more information.There are some fabulous articles about the costs, where to go, programs to go on, the WOOF programs, volunteering to be done and lots more.

All Things French

Hilary De Joux – Co-ordinator of French

The ImmerseMe Games

The 3rd annual ImmerseMe Games were held online from 19 May 2022 – 26 May 2022. More than 20,000 language students around the world from Great Britain, Canada, India, New Zealand and Australia participated in the Games to light the flame for language learning.

Emanuel School competed in Category 2 (small school) and won first place in this category with an impressive 11,529 points earned, well ahead of the second place 1,680 points. To earn points, students needed to listen to and respond to French conversations with native speakers on a variety of topics suited to their Year Group and curriculum level such as food and drink, school life, family and friends, the environment, future work and study plans and travel and holidays. 

Well done to all the Emanuel French students who participated and won awards in the Games, your Certificates and Vouchers are on their way to you and we will present them to you at an upcoming assembly. We are now officially the Best French speaking small school in the world!

“ImmerseMe is a platform where students can learn different languages and experience real life situations. Recently my French class was lucky enough to participate in an interactive competition. It included many schools in many countries and gave us the opportunity to learn in different environments. This is so we could choose a way that was unique to us. Our class spent a week playing, speaking, and writing on ImmerseMe and competing against other students all around the world. We are so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to use this to learn. We are definitely looking forward to having more fun with ImmerseMe in the future.” By Akeisha Kantor and Jessica Hart

Here is the competition results scoreboard.

French Cooking Day 

Year 9 French have been studying school life in France and other French speaking communities and as part of this unit of study, have discovered more about the culture of the French school cantIne and their attitudes towards mealtimes and food.

The lunch break in French schools can be anywhere from 1-2 hours and students do not bring their own lunch to school in a lunchbox, but they are permitted to go home to eat and then return for afternoon lessons, generally finishing at about 4.30 pm – 5.00 pm. Most students, however, eat at the school ‘cantine’, a seated restaurant style dining room where they are served a THREE course meal daily. Recognising that mealtime is an important moment in the day, with the aim being to teach healthy eating routines and ensure continued knowledge of traditional French dishes such as ratatouille, bouillabaisse and poulet-frites and desserts such as crème caramel, tarte aux pommes and cheeses. Vending machines are not allowed in French schools and only water can be served at school lunches, with the children themselves setting and clearing tables.

We thoroughly enjoyed recreating our own version of this traditional French lunch at Emanuel to bring this study to life. We chose to make Rémi’s Ratatouille (made famous by the Disney movie) and Tarte aux Pommes, à French apple tart. 

Student comments on their French cooking experience:

  • I really enjoyed this cooking experience as I feel like I connected with French culture. Also, the ratatouille was delicious! 
  • Cooking was a very fun and enjoyable experience and I was able to create some delicious French food with my peers. It was also a really nice change from normal lessons. 
  • I enjoyed cooking a lot, it was very fun and delicious!! I had fun cooking and it was à great French experience.
  • The cooking experience was really fun and so exciting. The pressure was on to deliver the best food we could. It turned out great!
  • Cooking with our French class was very fun. The recipes were very easy to make and super delicious! I can’t wait to do it again!

By Zara Sacks, Liam Winter, Arielle Sharp, Mirelle Lazerson, Aaron Berkowitz, Amari Rosen-Tal

From the Investment Club

Jack Smagarinsky – Year 12

Gabriel Tracton – Year 12

Week 4

We commenced Term 2 Investment Club with a bang, following the Year 12 Half Year exams. In Week 4, the theme was ‘Careers in Finance’. We discussed the different roles and responsibilities associated with different job titles. Most finance careers are segmented into Buy Side & Sell Side.

Week 6 

In Week 6, several Year 12 members of the Investment Club presented on a finance topic of their choosing.

Following the traditional ‘Bull vs Bear’ market overview, we presented about the current state of global financial markets, in the context of rising interest rates and sub-par tech company earnings. 

We hope to see all the students on Friday 17 June 2022 (Week 8) for a highly anticipated guest speaker, Grant McCorquodale, the Co-Founder of Venture Capital firm Parc Capital and past President of the Emanuel School Board.
Luca Moses gave an excellent presentation about fundamental analysis as he dissected the ‘Firm Foundation Theory’, which uses discounting of all future dividends to calculate the intrinsic value of a stock. Luca applied this theory to topical stocks such as Tesla and Paypal, comparing their market price against the calculated intrinsic value to conclude whether these stocks were overvalued or undervalued. 

Anton Blair presented the topic of technical analysis which is the use of stock charts and trends to estimate the future price level of a stock. Anton used examples of up-trends and down-trends, making connections with support and resistance levels. Members of the Investment Club learned about how current market prices don’t necessarily reflect the intrinsic value of a stock.

The meeting concluded with a presentation from Josh Cross and Saul Galambos on IPO’s.

By Jack Smagarinsky and Gabriel Tracton
Founders of the Investment Club


Fuse Cup coming soon

The Fuse Cup is coming to Emanuel School in Term 3

The International eSports Competition, the Fuse Cup is coming to Emanuel School in Term 3 for students in Years 5 -8.

eSports is a growing industry where players achieve success from successfully competing in online games. Events around the world enjoy huge crowds, often rivalling a game of football or rugby. 

Next term, Emanuel School will offer an after school Fuse Cup activity on Thursday from 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm. From the group of eight students (Year 5 and 6) and eight students (Years 7 and 8) we will select the eight players who will represent the School at the Fuse Cup to compete against other schools later in the year.

The Federation of United Schools eSports (FUSE) Cup is a nationwide network of schools connected in providing young students with an opportunity to participate in a safe, supportive and structured International eSports competition while developing positive gaming behaviours and digital wellbeing.

If your child would like to join the after school activity, there will be a Google Form to sign up which will be made available on Monday 20 June 2022 (Week 9).

For more information, please email Emma Lord (Years 7 and 8) and Josh Aghion (Years 5 and 6).

Further information on the Fuse Cup is available here. 

Managing eczema

Adam Ezekiel – Director of Students 7-12


Experts Dr Justine Coulson and Dr Lauren Kunde provide parents with information and strategies for helping young people with eczema at various stage in their lives. The link takes you to a series of clips on:

  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Relationships
  • Behavioural issues
  • Condition all consuming
  • Misinformation and Misunderstanding
  • Anxiety and Self Esteem
  • Eczema at school or early learning

Further resources can be found on the Eczema Support website.



Pre-school is hiring

Early Childhood Assistant Educator (part-time)

The Kornmehl Centre Emanuel Pre-school seeks an enthusiastic part-time educator (three half-days per week) to join our outstanding team.

At least two years’ experience working with 3-5 year olds and knowledge of the Early Years Learning Framework, emergent curriculum and Reggio Emilia philosophy are preferred. Applicants are required to have completed, or be working towards, their Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education.

This is a permanent, part time role working two days per week, 12.30pm to 4pm. This role is available to commencement at the start of Term 3, 17 July 2022.

For further details, a list of duties and details on how to apply, please click here.  


Challah orders now open

Volunteer call out

Justine Hofman – Head of P&F

Invitation to innovate

We are only at the beginning of our journey to re-birth the Emanuel P&F, its initiatives and how it connects our parent community.

Early next term we would like to hold a few one hour brainstorming sessions to get your ideas and feedback. If you are keen to participate, please email me and I’ll share some time options for early next term. Email me at Justine.hofman@gmail.com

Volunteer call out for Terms 3 and 4

Plans are underway for P&F initiatives for the second half of this year. If you’d like to help make these initiatives happen, please register your interest here.



Events to diarise

Friday 26 August 2022: Father’s Day Breakfast and Stalls
Friday 21 October: Emanuel community event (details to come)
Friday 4 November 2022 – Sunday 6 November 2022: Emanuel Family Spring Camping 


Thank you to our volunteers for last week
(Monday 30 May 2022 – Friday 3 June 2022)

Barry Sherman, Joanne Rose, David Marishel, Daniel Zines, Ian Doust, Larry Simon, Steven New, Anna Lisa Palmer, Alexandra Hillman, Leon Waxman, Robert Salamon, Emile Sherman, Steven Trope, Tanya Goldberg, Lynn Ross, Daniel Salek, Tristan Freedman, Alan Nathan, Peter Notham, Rami Weiss, Matthew Owen, Ben Sebel, Deborah Zolot and Gabrielle Brodovcky.

Help keep our kids and community safe: sign up to PSG here

Wear a blue headpiece


Community Notices

FRESS with Ms Lowe

Hannah’s Bean Curry


3 cups / 500g dried black-eyed beans soaked overnight
2 medium onions finely chopped
2 hot fresh red chillies
4 cloves garlic finely grated
2 inch piece of ginger finely grated (about 3-4 heaped teaspoons in the end)
3 large tomatoes
1 tsp turmeric
½ cup vegie stock  
Salt to taste
400ml coconut milk
4 spring onions finely chopped
¾ bunch of fresh coriander chopped


Boil beans in plenty of water until soft (45 mins) and set aside.
Fry onion until translucent.
Add ginger, garlic and chilli stir through (not frying it too much ~1 min).
Add coconut milk, turmeric, stock and tomatoes and simmer until the sauce becomes a thick gravy.
Add beans and salt to taste and cook a further 15-20 minutes.
Sprinkle spring onions and coriander on top before serving.
Serve warm or cold with rice.