Volume 31 Issue 16 - 03 Jun 2022

From the Principal

Andrew Watt – Principal

Reconciliation Week at Emanuel

This week, we recognised National Reconciliation Week. Amongst a wealth of respectful, conversation-starting activities in which our students and staff have had the opportunity to reflect on the role we all have to play in fostering reconciliation with First Nations people, our Primary and High School students were addressed by Wiradjuri elder, Aunty Donna Ingram, who lives on local Bidjigal country. Aunty Donna inspired and challenged us in our actions towards reconciliation and shared her experiences and interest in reconciliation as a First Nations elder.

Our High School students also heard about the School’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and were challenged by Mr Majsay, our Deputy Principal (Teaching & Learning), to look beyond the words we speak when we deliver an Acknowledgement of Country to how we might turn our spoken respect for the traditional owners of the land into tangible actions. Mr Majsay talked about our RAP, and explained to students how it formalises our commitment to reconciliation with First Nations people. Our RAP outlines the ways that our whole school community can drive reconciliation. Activities across the week included:

  • Themed Primary School and High School Assemblies
  • Smoking Ceremony and National Sorry Day activity with Dr Lisa Sarzin at Kornmehl 
  • Themed High School Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Classroom activities in Primary School
  • HSIE lessons in High School
  • High School Lunch Movie with Q&A

By Rosie Itzkovic and Amelie Lipman, Year 5

If you can, we can

For over 50 years, JCA and its supported organisations have been meeting the needs of our community. Covering programs and services across aged and community care; culture, engagement and outreach; Jewish education; history and heritage; and security and advocacy, everyone is touched in one way or another. 

This week has been significant for all the Schools supported by JCA, who have been shining a light on the sector and showcasing the outstanding young leaders in our community. 

JCA’s ongoing support means that we are able to provide subsidies for families who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford to send their children to Emanuel. They also assist with funding for students with special needs who need additional learning support. We hope you can consider supporting their 2022 Campaign. 

I hope that we, together with JCA, can count on your support with their Campaign 2022.  It’s a true community campaign that benefits us all.

Their call to action, ‘If you can, We can’ encapsulates this – we are stronger when we support each other. Donations can be made here jca.org.au/donate

Reconnecting with our Parents 

Our new and ‘newish’ parents joined with our Executive and members of the Board and Foundation at our Parent Welcome Evening on Monday. The event was well attended, despite the cold, wind and rain. It was a wonderful opportunity to bring parents back on to our campus, to enjoy our Senior Jazz Ensemble, with food served (and some created) by our catering students and madrichim. It was pleasing to receive consistent reports of our new students being welcomed and included. Our Head Madrichim and our Board President, David New, shared their experiences of the culture, wellbeing, academic and co-curricular life of the School. My presentation underscored the value we place on the partnership between the school at the home:

We are the experts in education; we are experienced in how to best educate and best support your child. We are guided by the suite of policies and practices that keep our approach consistent and aligned to best practice.

You are the key carers of your children; you know them better than anyone – and you always have their welfare and growth as your top priority.

Together, we make a formidable team! Working in close partnership will reinforce our core messages around respect, completing homework, punctuality, maintaining positive relationships, care of our environment (and ourselves) … and so much more. We have found that by raising the bar high, our students set high expectations for themselves and others … and this forms part of our Emanuel Culture.

Twilight Concert #1 

The Music Department Twilight Concerts are a great opportunity for students who have private instrumental or vocal tuition with our Emanuel School tutors, to play in a lovely environment, for an appreciative audience. Tutors nominate a few keen students for each concert and Mr Burley organises them, rehearses with them, accompanies many of them and supports them to play at their best, often for the first time in public. This Wednesday we had 25 students from Year 2 to Year 8 performing for an especially enthusiastic audience.  We had a range of pianists, wind and string players and everyone performed beautifully. Mazal tov to the students who worked hard, were brave to perform and kind to share their expressive musicianship. Thank you to our tutor team for preparing these young musicians so well, to Mr Burley for organising, rehearsing and accompanying them, to Joanne De Aaraujo for her organisational support and to Ofer Levy, our parent photographer for the beautiful photos.

Lunch service for the Principal!

Whilst I would dearly love to be served a freshly cooked lunch each day, it was a genuine treat to accept a delicious sample of ratatouille and tarte aux pommes from our Year 9 French class. As part of the curriculum relating to French culture and cuisine, our students gained first-hand knowledge of recipes, smell and taste of French cooking. How generous to share with me!

Monday – Shavuot

Wishing you all a Chag sameach and a reminder that school will be closed on Monday. I am off to eat some delicious cheesecake!

Mazal tov

Aiden Kanevsky (Year 10) was the All Round Level 7 Champion at CSSA State Gymnastics Competition, placing 1st place on six apparatus – an exceptional achievement and worthy of a huge mazal tov!

Quote of the week

 “Beethoven tells you what it’s like to be Beethoven and Mozart tells you what it’s like to be human. Bach tells you what it’s like to be the universe.” ~ Douglas Adams, English author, screenwriter, essayist, humourist, satirist and dramatist




















I was wondering…

Be Brave: Make Change

Lisa Sarzin with Daphna Levin-Kahn

In line with Reconciliation Week this year, Year 11 was fortunate enough to welcome not only one but two members of our community to speak to us about not only their work with Indigenous people, but also how it relates to Jewish values, and why we should care. Justice Rothman and Dr Sarzin have both spent a decent part of their lives dedicated towards reaching true reconciliation with the Indigenous people of this country. Justice Rothman is an experienced lawyer and judge, who, until recently, chaired the Ngara Yura Committee of the NSW Judicial Commission, which liaises with the Aboriginal communities and seeks to educate judicial officers about issues particularly affecting the communities. Dr Sarzin co-authored Hand in Hand: Jewish and Indigenous people working together which documents collaborative initiatives between Jewish and First Nations people. She is the author of Stories for Simon, a picture book that has as its major theme the National Apology to the Stolen Generations.

They discussed a range of ideas, including the importance of acknowledging the Indigenous people as the original custodians of the land, and reflected on the importance of their stories and customs, and the way in which they were allowed to be shared and communicated. But perhaps the most interesting idea to come out of the talk was the similarities between Judaism and Indigenous culture. Both the speakers talked about how, while western society teaches history, Indigenous culture – like Judaism – focuses on memory – relating how the Torah, like The Dreaming, focuses on passing down memories from one generation to the next, rather than teaching history in the way that western society does.

All in all, the talk was very engaging and educational for all who attended, and certainly a great experience to have. Thank you so much to Justice Rothman and Dr Sarzin for coming in and to Mr Messiah for moderating the conversation!

By Jake Newfield

Rabbi, I was wondering….? 

On Monday, Year 11 was fortunate enough to have a panel of Rabbis speak to us, demonstrating diversity of opinion within the Jewish community. Rabbi Elton, Rabbi Ninio and Rabbi Cantor Mordecai all answered a variety of questions posed in advance by students, ranging from discussing their path to becoming a Rabbi to gender roles in Judaism to the meaning of life.

Rabbi Elton is Orthodox and is a Senior Rabbi of the Great Synagogue, as well as being involved in interfaith work. He first worked in the Ministry of Justice in London for seven years before deciding to go to New York retrain as a Rabbi. Rabbi Ninio is a Progressive Rabbi at Emanuel Synagogue, originally qualified and worked as a family lawyer, before becoming the third Australian-born woman to be ordained as a Rabbi. She is an active leader in social justice. Rabbi Cantor Mordecai is both Cantor and Renewal Rabbi at Emanuel Synagogue and he weaves spirituality, mysticism, music and his Judo-Iraqi heritage into his teaching.

They debated the impact of viewing Judaism through a modern lens, discussing to what extent we should adapt Judaism to better align with modern societal ideals. This prompted the discussion of a key idea of “choice through knowledge”, and the journey Judaism encourages of questioning and exploring morality while balancing our past and present. Their answers altogether highlighted the beauty of each individual’s connection to Judaism as well as the shared communal connection to culture, history and stories, emphasising the often-forgotten unique diversity present within Judaism.

We thank Rabbi Ninio, Rabbi Mordecai and Rabbi Elton so much for coming in and answering all our questions with incredible thought-provoking answers.

By Arielle Melamed



I Am My Prayer

Maya Balkin – Year 7

On Tuesday, the Year 7 students and their Jewish Studies teachers went on an interesting excursion called Tiyul Ani Tefillati, the I Am My Prayer excursion, to explore four different synagogues in Sydney.

We learnt all about the different denominations of Judaism and how the different synagogues express the Judaism they represent.

The four synagogues we went to were: The Great Synagogue in the heart of the city, Coogee Synagogue, The Sephardi Synagogue Sydney and Emanuel Synagogue.

The Great Synagogue had truly beautiful architecture, it was really quite grand and felt very established. 

It was interesting to hear from Rabbi Chriqui at the Sephardi Synagogue and see what Sephardi Jews do differently and what their customs are.

Coogee Synagogue was nice and small, the Rabbi was very humorous and welcoming. It is a nice Chabad Orthodox shul in our local neighbourhood.

Emanuel Synagogue has a few different congregations under the one roof. We were warmly welcomed by Rabbi Ninio and Rabbi Kaiserblueth and the Rabbi Cantor Mordecai, who explained to us about Renewal, Reform and Conservative Judaism.

We are lucky that in Sydney that we have many options to choose from to express Judaism in many different ways. Thank you to Morah Gaida, Morah Becky, Mr Hajun and Mr Peacock for taking us on this excursion.


Primary News

Felicity Donohue – Coordinator of Gifted & Talented (K-6)

Extension, enrichment and extracurricular programs

At Emanuel, we provide a myriad of enrichment, extension and extracurricular programs across the school. In conversations with families, it’s important we clarify the purpose of these programs as they serve two different purposes that are both beneficial to the talent development of our gifted learners. 

Within a classroom context, extension programs are used to provide depth and complexity in the learning experience by grouping students according to ability to access curriculum at a level that is providing adequate challenge for our learners. Enrichment programs aim to broaden the learning experience by providing opportunities for students to apply their learning to new and different contexts (Davis & Rimm, 1989).

Extracurricular programs are used to offer extension and enrichment for students in specific areas of interest. These programs are offered to students to develop their skills in an area of interest or talent that may not be available within a classroom context. 

Implementing these programs within a well-planned unit of instruction has been proven to extend and motivate gifted students by enhancing their soft skills such as team-building skills, self-directed learning and self-satisfaction (Bicknell, 2008). Smith, North & Martin (2016) further support the efficacy of these programs and how entering students into enrichment competitions can build positive learning experiences for students by building problem-solving, personal motivation, resilience and engagement, whilst establishing social connections with like-minded peers. 

Recently, the Gifted and Talented Department has been busy coordinating a range of enrichment, extension and extracurricular activities, such as:


Our Chess teams receive coaching from Vladimir Feldman, a Chess International Master as well as weekly informal Chess sessions run by our talented secondary students. This opportunity has been opened to all students from Years 3-6. They compete in weekly competitions run by the NSW Junior Chess League. 

Last week, our Years 5 and 6 Da Vinci Decathlon teams participated in the annual academic event. Students competed in teams of 8 across 10 disciplines: engineering, mathematics, code breaking, art and poetry, science, english, ideation, creative producers, cartography and legacy. 

This opportunity was opened up to all Years 5 and 6 students to submit an application to join the team. We provided lunchtime clubs for interested students to build their skills before the teams were selected in a casual ‘Brain Training’ club.

Maths Competitions

Many students across Years 3-6 have participated in the Australian Maths Trust (AMT) Maths Challenge where they have been working through a range of complex mathematical problems. Working in groups or individually, students have been attempting to solve a range of multi-step mathematical problems over multiple weeks. In addition, we have students completing the Maths Olympiad competitions and also participated in the Kangourou des Mathematiques online competition. 


Our Year 6H class has been working through an individual inquiry focusing around an area of science that is of interest to them as they work through their transdisciplinary unit, Beyond Earth. Using a learning framework, students work through the scientific method, researching a topic in-depth and conducting their experiments. Upon completion of their investigation and assessment of their competencies, students will be awarded with a Blue CREST Award. 

You can find out more about the CSIRO CREST Program here.

National History Challenge

Year 5Y have been participating in this year’s National History Challenge as part of their transdisciplinary unit, Perspectives in the 19th Century. It provides students with an opportunity to be historians, examining Australia’s past, investigating their community or exploring their own roots. It emphasises and rewards quality research, the use of community resources and effective presentation.

You can find out more about the National History Challenge here.

In addition, we have provided this program to students across the Year 5 cohort and other interested students to participate in this program as part of a personal enrichment program for students who would benefit from this challenge.

Holiday Programs and other enrichment opportunities

There are a range of enrichment opportunities for all students to participate in over the break. If you believe your child would benefit from participation in any of the following programs, please reach out to myself and Julia Tritsch 

Dorothea Mackellar poetry awards

Entries close Thursday 30 June 2022
You can find out more about the Dorothea Mackellar poetry awards here

Write On Writing Competition

Open to all students from Years 1 to 6
Entries close at 4.00 pm on Friday 17 June 2022
You can find out more about the Write on Writing Competition here 

GERRIC Holiday programs

Open to students in Years 3-6. This holiday program aims to expand the minds of bright, inquisitive individuals looking for an intellectual challenge.
You can find out more about the GERRIC Holiday programs here 


Offers a range of online and face-to-face enrichment and extension opportunities for high ability and gifted students. Student will require a teacher nomination. Please contact the Gifted and Talented department if you wish to obtain a nomination. 
You can find out more about the Gateways programs here 

BRAINways Academicus

A holiday program offered online and face-to-face offering gifted student the choice they require in a large array of disciplines. Places are extremely limited and tend to sell out quickly.
You can find out more about the Brainways Holiday program here

We will continue to look out for additional opportunities for our students and will keep you updated regularly. If you require additional information regarding any of the programs listed, please reach out to the Gifted and Talented Department. 


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  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (2019), Revisiting Gifted Education, NSW Department of Education, https://www.cese.nsw.gov.au/publications-filter/revisiting-gifted-education
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  • Smith, S, North, B & Martin, A 2016. ‘Socio-affective influences on gifted students in enrichment programs: The Tournament of the Minds experience’, paper presented at the 2016 AAEGT National Gifted Conference, Sydney, Australia, 01 October. 


Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

Since returning to school from the Pesach break, during our morning tefillah we have been counting the days of the omer up to Shavuot. Finally we are at day 48! 

Our learning this week has included peulot led by Josh and Mia about shmitah, reflections and artistic representations of the Mount Sinai experience and thinking about Torah, mitzvot and the עֲשֶׂרֶת הַדִּבְּרוֹת (The 10 Utterances – or 10 ‘Commandments’).

Today, we celebrated Shabbat and Shavuot as the Emanuel School Community in ceremonies for Years K-2 and Years 3-12. A theme we explored was the importance being part of a community or קהילה. Just as our ancestors gathered together as a community to receive the Torah, we too gathered to share in community, Torah and tradition. After years of isolation and disruption, we have all missed coming together as a community and this was the first time in a long time that Primary and High School students and staff have come together to create and feel a sense of community.

We welcomed the JCA to share with the students how they support and nurture our school and broader Jewish community. Our ‘bikkurim’ donations of tinned and packaged food will be collected by OzHarvest to support those in our community who cannot afford regular, healthy meals and food.

Years K-2 students enjoyed a wonderful Shabbat celebration filled with ruach, singing and brachot with Mister Owen and Morah Spira. We were treated to a special Shavuot story by Rabbi Ninio and a Shavuot ceremony where students learnt about the story of Ruth, how Shavuot is celebrated on kibbutz. As well as thinking about important mitzvot and teachings from our Torah, we heard from students in Year 1 who created an ‘11th Commandment’, for people to follow. 

The 3-12 Shavuot ceremony and Torah reading was led by students across Primary and High School. Following the reading of the עֲשֶׂרֶת הַדִּבְּרוֹת (The 10 Utterances – or 10 ‘Commandments’) a choir of Year 5 and 6 students led by Josh New sang  Etz Chayim Hi (The Torah is a Tree of Life). Following a video Vox Pop of students reflecting on Shabbat and how they show honour to their parents, students spoke on the story of Ruth.

A joyous Shabbat celebration followed, filled with ruach and involving siblings across Primary and High School leading the Shabbat table blessings. 

Story of Ruth RUTH – Year 12 students

A huge todah rabbah and kol hakavod to the many students involved in the planning, organisation and running of today’s celebrations. It was a true Emanuel community endeavour. 


Happy Shavuot – חַג שָׁבוּעוֹת שָׂמֵחַ 


From the Primary School Art Leaders

Eve Knopman – Year 6

Chloe Opit – Year 6

We are the Art Leaders. We were not sure at the beginning of the year exactly what we would be doing. So far, it has been so much fun! 

Last term we started a club called Pom Pom Club. We taught people how to make pom poms at lunch. It was a fun activity because you could have a chat with your friends while making a pom pom. Pom poms are easy to make and require very little equipment. 

This term students will have the chance to enter two out of school art competitions. The first competition is for Years 5-6 only. There will also be a competition to design a gift card.

We are also available to help pack up after the lessons and help the art teachers.


Next term we are hoping to do a collaboration with the Green Team Leaders. We are both really enjoying our role as Art Leaders! 




A warm welcome

Marla Bozic – President of Emanuel School Foundation

The first semester has flown by and after two years of countless disruptions and lockdowns, it has been lovely to witness the School a buzz again with students returning to a richness of activities from music and singing to sport, drama and debating. Though the term provided us with some of the challenges of COVID, the school safely and warmly welcomed parents and grandparents back on campus to experience the spirit and energy of our wonderful school. 

Building update

We are still in the early stages of the redevelopment of the Adler building. The majority of works have been concentrating on the demolition and building preparation stages, and demolition works are now mainly complete. The other main component of the works has been the preparation of the adjacent playground, which is taking quite a lot of effort as the whole area is being lowered to provide a level playground in that area (if you remember, it was always a sloping playground – not so effective for handball!)

Overall the project is progressing very well, with the early stages on budget. However, the near continuous rain is having an effect on the program to some extent, although works are progressing as quickly as possible.

In the background, more work is being done on the final internal design of the building, which should be one of the outstanding features of the completed building!

Foundation update

We would like to warmly welcome Matti Gild to the Foundation Board as a Board Director. Matti is an Endocrinologist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney where she specialises in thyroid cancer. Together with her husband Adam Hochroth they have Claudia (Year 5), Liam (Year 1) and Zachary (Kornmehl). She is passionate about this wonderful educational institution her children are lucky to be part of and is delighted to help continue to build this awesome, diverse, pluralist community.

The Foundation’s vision is to ensure the long-term viability and continued success of Emanuel School by maximising the education experience for current and future generations of Emanuel families. The Emanuel School Foundation prides itself on its commitment of nurturing student well-being, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and Jewish living. The Foundation views its role as the scaffold for the School and our community, simultaneously building financial infrastructure and strengthening community.

We look forward to the future, guided by the school values of Tikkun Olam, social justice, religious pluralism, egalitarianism, acceptance of diversity and commitment to the State of Israel. 

Your gift can change the lives of current and future Emanuel students and ensure that Emanuel School continues to be a school of choice for the community. 

As always, we welcome any comments or questions you have. Please feel free to contact us at foundation@emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au


Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmehl

Back to Pre-school visit

On Friday, a large group of very excited Year K students returned to Kornmehl for our Back to Pre-school visit. Everyone was so happy to see each other – teachers and children. We divided into two groups – Starfish and Dolphins and our Year K students each had a turn to share something special with us that they love about Year K and to show us their favourite page in their journals, that they had learnt at “Big school.”  We sang familiar songs and enjoyed seeing each other again.

The highlight of the visit was afternoon tea and time to play in our beautiful outdoor setting with friend’s past and present. This is always a special time to reconnect with the children and to make sure that the foundations and bonds formed at Pre-school remain a special part of each child’s time with us.

Arava Twining Program

The Pre-school for the second year running, continues its association and relationship with Gan Rimon in Ein Yahav in the Arava in the South of Israel. This is a very exciting partnership for us. We have set up an Arava corner in the classroom, to connect the children to this place and have discussed where it is on the map of Israel. Likewise, Gan Rimon have an Australian corner in their classroom. 

On Thursday afternoon we arranged a Zoom meeting with our buddies in the Arava. It was 3.00 pm in Australia and 8.00 am in Israel. We were all excited to see each other on the screen. We sang two songs for the Arava children, and they sang two songs for us too. It was lovely to chat, and our plan is to connect this year, through regular dialogue between educators (on our WhatsApp group), planning, sharing words of the week, artwork, songs and recipes. The Chagim also provide a wonderful platform for us to share our learning and we often send videos to each other showing the learning happening at Kornmehl for each Chag. This partnership enables the children to connect on a deeper level with their heritage and Israel as a country.


The Dolphins had an Open Session of Playball on Monday for parents to come and watch. Our visitors were all amazed at the great skills the children have developed since the start of the year and how good they are at listening to instructions from their coaches. This provided another opportunity for families to connect with their child’s learning in the Pre-school. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch.

Stories for Simon

Lisa Sarzin, a past Kornmehl parent and an Emanuel School parent of three beautiful boys, came to read a book she has written called Stories for Simon. It’s a beautiful story and picture book of acknowledging the past and working together for a brighter future. The story is about a boy called Simon that unwraps a beautiful boomerang wrapped in an old newspaper. He learns of the national apology to the Stolen Generations. Lisa began her lesson with an Acknowledgment of Country. She sensitively articulated the important messages in this wonderful book. A book that can bring on very strong emotions for young children as they grapple with the concept of children being taken from their families. The children’s comments and questions were deep and meaningful, and Lisa was able to answer them in an age appropriate way. The important message of the book is that this happened a very long time ago. So that the children can internalise that this will not happen again.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Lauren Biggs. The children enjoyed discussing the illustrations in the book with Lisa. Lisa unpacked the word sorry with the children.

Dylan: When my mum gives me cuddles, I feel better when I’m sad.
Noam: I cuddle my mummy and she has the softest skin in the world.
Allec: At night time I will tell my mum the story you told us.
Aliza: Why did they take the children away? They can tie a rope, so they don’t get hurt and they don’t take them away.

Care Pack project

As our Care Pack project draws to a close over the next week or so, I am always amazed at the generosity of families and schools in the area. This annual project is one that many can relate to on a deep level and the thought of young children, not having access to these basic care necessities is probably the driving force for the project and something that strikes a chord in our emotions to try to make a difference. A difference is certainly what we have all achieved. Thank you to all the Kornmehl and Emanuel school parents for their support of this worthwhile project.

To date we have collected 300 Care Packs from thirteen schools. Graham, the CEO of Gunawirra, collected one huge load last week Thursday and on Monday Michael Pollack, an Emanuel School parent, came to collect another huge carload to deliver to Gunawirra. We still have quite a few schools to still deliver their Care Packs, so I am feeling very confident that we will reach our target of 500 Care Packs. 

This is an incredible effort, and I am extremely grateful to everyone for their support of this worthwhile cause.


We have been learning about Shavuot and, in particular, we have been focusing on the story of Ruth, which is about kindness and loyalty, something we are constantly reflecting on and talking about with the children. We used puppets and props to bring the story to life. 

Through the senses the colour, song, tastes and smells of each Chag, creates positive memories for the children, that will hopefully instil a love and appreciation in their hearts for their Jewish heritage. We have explored drawing of fruits to decorate our Bikkurim boxes, talking about how Moses received the Torah on Mount Sinai and what rules are written in the Torah.

We celebrated Shavuot today with a Bikkurim parade, singing and dancing, followed by a yummy milk lunch, consisting of macaroni cheese and ice cream. The children came to school dressed in red, orange, yellow or green. We made colourful crowns to wear on the day. We collected a generous supply of dried and tinned food to donate to Oz Harvest. 

Many thanks to our parent helpers Daniella Alhadeff and Sharon Campbell. Your support is very much appreciated.

A reminder that we are closed for Shavuot on Monday 6 June 2022. 

We wish all our Kornmehl families a Chag Sameach and happy Shavuot.

Happy Birthday

We wish a very happy birthday to our wonderful Educator Julie Bowman. Happy birthday to Hudson Silver (4) and Asher Heyman (4). We hope you all had a special day. 

Vacation Care

Vacation Care will take place in the upcoming July school holidays from Monday 4 July 2022 – Friday 8 July 2022 and Monday 11 July 2022 – Friday 15 July 2022 from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. The program and booking will open for Vacation Care this coming week.

Be Brave. Make Change

National Reconciliation Week 

The theme of this year’s National Reconciliation Week (Friday 27 May 2022 – Friday 3 June 2022) is “Be Brave. Make Change.”

The Social Action Va’adot ran a range of engaging activities over the week to embed this theme and encourage Emanuel students to take on this challenge. Activities included a reconciliation themed Shabbat, Tutor group lessons, an interactive lunchtime activity to hear students’ views on reconciliation and a lunchtime screening of ‘The Australian Dream,’ along with several phenomenal posts on their Madrachim Instagram! 

Friday Shabbat

Our Shabbat started off the week’s focus with an introduction to the significance and importance of reconciliation. The Student Leaders discussed the opportunities the week gives us to appreciate and restore culture. Each Shabbat prayer was accompanied with a dreamtime story or a statement pertaining to an important idea within Indigenous communities. This showed students how these beliefs and ideals from the earth’s oldest surviving cultures remain significant, just as our faith and beliefs as students of Emanuel School. 

Monday Tutor Group Sessions

On Monday the Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 Tutor Group sessions focused on themes of reconciliation. The Year 7 and 8 students learnt about the purpose and significance of the acknowledgement of country. Students developed their own personalised acknowledgements of country, incorporating different aspects of what they wished to mention in paying their respects.

The Year 9 and 10 students engaged in discussions about the importance of activism, and the ways that they as young people can be involved to make change related to Indigenous issues such as through supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart. 

Members of the Social Action Va’adot lead discussions for the Year 12 students. These focused on the history and progression of reconciliation in Australia since 1990 and talked about a recent excursion in which students learnt about the history and customs of the Gadigal people. Students learnt about the significance of sustainability and nature to the Gadigal people of the Eora nation and the land on which our school stands.

Tuesday Assembly

On Tuesday the school organised Aunt Donna Ingram to speak at the High School assembly. Her inspiring speech included a wonderful Welcome to Country and her explanation of the importance of Reconciliation Week. At lunchtime, Emanuel students contributed to a poster asking “What does reconciliation mean to you?” Many students added to the paper and stayed for discussions of others’ views!

Thursday Lunchtime

During lunchtime on Thursday, students attended a screening of the ‘Australian Dream’ that tells the story of AFL star, and Aboriginal Australian, Adam Goodes’s. This film explores the complex issues that Goodes’ faced in relation to his race, culture and identity in the public eye. The documentary assists in showing the urgency needed for reconciliation in Australia and the different spheres that prejudice seeps into.

Overall this week aims to immerse Emanuel High School in the significance and necessity that is the National Reconciliation Week. Reconciliation means to restore and has happened each year since 1990. Yet despite this event being celebrated and actions being furthered each year there are still so many restrictions felt by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and so many continued experiences of racism and oppression.

This Reconciliation Week, we urge you to think about what it can really mean to move forward. If we can acknowledge mistakes we can continue to ‘Be Brave and Make Change’.


By the Social Action Va’adot

Year 7 Study Skills

Julian Abelson – Director of Studies 7-12

Year 7 Study Skills

Last week Dr Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services ran a study skills evening with Year 7 parents and students. The evening helped families assess what changes could be made to help students move towards achieving their personal best efficiently and effectively. Families examined the following areas: home study environment, the way they organise and manage their resources, how to work effectively at home and deal with distractions and how to manage the workload in high school. Families also have access to a video how the steps to studying in high school: making study notes, learning the notes by testing yourself, and doing as much practise as possible.

Parents are encouraged to review the slides and handout from the session with students and discuss the main areas identified where changes need to be made. Parents can also find extra study skills tips on the following website: http://studyskillstoptipsparents.com.

All secondary students at our school also have access to a great study skills website to help students develop their skills. Go to www.studyskillshandbook.com.au and enter the username: emanuelschool and the password: 20achieve and start improving your results today!



Managing stress at HSC time

Julian Abelson – Director of Studies 7-12

On Friday 20 May 2022 we were fortunate to have Jennifer Hawken, a clinical psychologist and expert in stress management, join us from the Kidman Centre at UTS, to run an HSC Stress Management session with our Year 12 HSC students. Ms Hawken spoke about the origins of stress, how a good level of stress can be helpful in achieving goals, while excessive stress can be debilitating. Ms Hawken provided practical guidance on techniques to manage stress and also a range of Apps that can support students. One key message was the importance of practising stress management techniques in advance of the stressful situation, rather than engaging with them for the first time when under stress. Students were provided with a booklet from the workshop and they are encouraged to review this booklet and to take on aspects of the workshop that they see as helpful in their personal stress management.

Homage to an old bridge

Sonia Newell – Development Officer – Alumni & Community Relations

Winter has officially arrived

If you’re heading into the CBD for Vivid 2022, you’ll need to rug up as the cold winter winds are certainly upon us. Here is a little history about the evolution of Vivid thanks to a recent article in the Australian Jewish News. In 2009, lighting designer Mary-Anne Kyriakou curated a smart light festival for energy efficiency. It was headlined by British musician, composer, producer and visual artist Brian Eno, and projected light paintings onto both sides of Sydney’s famous Opera House. By 2012, the festival had grown enormously, attracting more than 500,000 visitors to outdoor exhibitions and events and by 2014, the festival had expanded to include Circular Quay, The Rocks, North Sydney, Darling Harbour, Carriage Works and more. Taronga Zoo and the Surry Hills precinct soon followed. Vivid returned to Sydney this year after a two year absence thanks to COVID. When last held in 2019, a record 2.4 million people attended. It is expected that record will be beaten this year.

According to the official Vivid website: “Vivid Sydney tells a story of the harbour city beyond the icons, about urban legends, secret spaces and visions for the future.” This year it features the longest continuous Light Walk in the history of the event, running from the Opera House to Central Station. A one night only immersive extravaganza took place on opening night last week with Future Art is Vivid, featuring Emanuel past parent Ilan Kidron. Future Art is described as an immersive creative technology events company that curates multi-sensory journeys involving crypto art, music and cutting-edge technology. Ilan told AJN journalist Jessica Abelsohn “my relationship with Future Art goes back years with the touring and recording success of my band The Potbelleez. The Future Art creative team were intrinsically involved with the band, and it feels natural pursuing the relationship into our passion for creative technology … with a background in song-writing and music production, I wanted to do an art project that involved an exploration into our collective memory, music, art and most importantly, working with good friends.”

If you plan a visit to Vivid, don’t forget to check out Emanuel alumnus Zac Levi’s artwork “Crowded Cadmans”, a 3D animation that comes straight from the imaginations of Sydney-based artists living with a disability. Zac’s role with this project was 3D modelling, animation, visual effects and look development. Originally prepared for Vivid 2019, the artwork is now on display on the façade of Cadmans Cottage in the Rocks and will run until Saturday 18 June 2022. Check it out here.

Artistic homage to an old bridge

Joel Adler (Class of 2011), artist and Industrial Designer, creator of the beautiful tree sculpture in the entrance of the Administration Building that honours staff employment milestones, was commissioned to create a sculpture using steel from the old Bateman’s Bay Bridge that previously spanned the Clyde River for 65 years.

One in Six – an important documentary

For many families, the joy of having a baby does not come naturally and in a recent conversation with Emanuel parent Leigh Goldberg, who volunteers with the Australian Jewish Fertility Network (AJFN) www.ajfn.org.au she said “1 in 6 couples experience infertility, yet it is still a taboo subject. Through making this documentary, AJFN wanted to bring the conversation into the open. With ABC expecting an audience of around 250,000, we are thrilled that One in Six will be helping to end the stigma surrounding infertility. It will give people who haven’t experienced IVF an up close and personal insight into the lows and highs of the fertility journey. This is a story that is raw, gritty and ultimately uplifting, told from a Jewish perspective”.

Another Emanuel mum, Rebecca (Bec) Abraham has recently been appointed as AJFN’s first Support Program Manager and is responsible for growing and managing the support that the organisation provides to the community including financial aid and emotional support.

Watch ‘One in Six’ on ABC’s Compass – Sunday 12 June 2022 at 6:30 pm.

Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list

Zara Seidler and Sam Koslowski

Mazal Tov to alumnus Sam Koslowski (Head Madrich, Class of 2012), Co-founder of The Daily Aus, and Zara Seidler who have been included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for 2022. Sam says “we are so honoured to be included – we’ve never been more motivated or inspired to deliver quality news for young people – we truly are just getting started”.

2022 Head On Photo Awards
Entries close on Sunday 5 June 2022

If you are an avid photographer, don’t forget to enter Head On Awards 2022. We hope some of our budding student photographers have or will send in their entries for the Head On Student Awards (open to Years K -12 students), as might some of our parents and/or grandparents. You have just three days to get your best photo(s) in for this fabulous competition.   

Good luck to all our Emanuel photographers of all ages, as we hope you consider entering this amazing competition.

July school holidays

There are numerous camps and workshops planned for the upcoming July School holidays, many of which have a strong Emanuel connection. Habonim has always been a popular youth movement for our students and for alumni as youth leaders. Josh New (Head Madrich, Class of 2019) and now one of our Jewish Life Educators here at School, sent this message: “Habonim Dror Sydney is really excited to be running our upcoming winter camp, Machane Dvash, this July! A number of Emanuel alumni along with many other Madrichim will be running and facilitating the camp and we would love to see the smiling faces of our current Emanuel students. It will be an amazing few days full of fun and educational activities! Sign-ups are currently open!”

Dylan Kramer, Josh New, Isabella Flax, Daniel Van Sluys Erlich, Rachel Jammy and Tomer Belkin

Kerryn Finn, Maya Buhrich and Daniel Van Sluys Erlich (Alumni and Jewish Life Educators), and alumna, Ruby Klisser are also involved in the running of camp. 

Friendship Circle (FC)

There are still opportunities for children aged 13 plus and in High School to sign up as a volunteer for this FC 5-day camp in the July holidays. Click here for details.

FC is also seeking young adults to join their Young Adult Leadership team, so those of you with older children, please tell them about this opportunity. Click here for more details.

SIBS at Luna Park

Don’t forget the latest Camp Sababa initiative for the siblings of children with disabilities in our community (SIBS), on Sunday 12 June 2022 at Luna Park. For more information: sibs@campsabba.com.au

Friendship Bakery (FB) and Shavuot

Check out Friendship Bakery’s amazing selection of goodies for Shavuot. Located at 2 Laguna Street Vaucluse in the grounds of Mark Moran, you can order online to then pick up or head-up direct to the bakery and check out their kosher in-store products.

Friendship Bakery is currently seeking a Bakery Sales and Shop Manager who will lead an inclusive team and oversee the smooth running of all retail operations, customer service and community liaison. This can be part-time, full-time or job share, so if you know someone who might fit the bill, please suggest they apply 


We look forward to sharing our news and yours, so if you have photos and/or news you would like to share with us, please send to: snewell@emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au

Shabbat shalom, stay safe and have a great weekend. We also wish you a happy Shavuot and hope you have the opportunity to share cheesecake and cheese blintzes with loved ones.

Primary Extra-curricular Term 3 2022

Emma Hill – Primary Teacher and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Programs

Holiday Camp and Term 3 2022
including Music, Sport and Recreational activities

We are excited to announce that we are offering 2 extra-curricular holiday activities in the upcoming holidays, as well as sports activities. We are hoping to expand our holiday offerings in future terms.

Our new holiday activities are: 

  • Code Camp on Friday 1 July 2022 from 9.30 am – 3.30 pm 
  • JeSTAR Theatre Academy on Friday 1 July, Monday 4 July 2022 and Tuesday 5 July 2022 from 9.00 am – 11.30 am

Please note that both of these activities have minimum and maximum enrolment numbers so please book in early.

There will also be sports activities running from Monday 4 July 2022 in the afternoons. If your child is participating in both the morning and afternoon activities we will ensure they are supervised during the lunch break between activities, which will be
11.30 am – 12.00 pm. 

Our Term 3 Extra-Curricular schedule is now available online. This includes a range of Music, Sport and Recreational activities. Many activities have set enrolment numbers so please ensure you book your child in early to avoid disappointment. There are also a range of teacher-led lunchtime clubs which are free for students, please click here for further information about these clubs. Students may join these clubs by approaching the listed teacher.

The Extra-Curricular schedule on the Parent Portal is regularly updated throughout the term, so please refer to this if you have any questions about the scheduling of activities. There are email links on each activity to help direct you to the relevant person if you do have any additional questions.

The Extra-Curricular Schedule is available now via the Parent Portal

We hope to offer Sewing Club for Years 5 – 6 students in Term 3. Please click on the link to register your expression of interest before Wednesday 29 June 2022. Once minimum enrolment numbers are reached a booking link will be emailed to parents.


Music Matters

Diana Springford – Head of Music

Welcome to our Music Matters page! 🎶

You will find announcements about our busy Music program, so please check this regularly. 

Recent student performances

Our Twilight Concerts provide an intimate and formal performance opportunity for students receiving private music tuition here at School. Please see the Principal’s Report for more about this week’s concert. I’d like to echo the congratulations and thanks to Mr Burley, the students who worked hard preparing their performances and to those who attended to support them. 

We encourage students of all levels to perform regularly and to express their interest via their music tutor to participate in future concerts. The next Twilight Concerts will be in Term 3 and preference will be given to those who missed the opportunity this time.

Our photographs of the concert are courtesy of Mr Ofer Levy, a member of our parent community, who has been so generous in regularly volunteering to attend school concerts to capture such superb images of our performers:

Last Friday, the Primary School Music Leaders ran a Music Assembly, featuring performances from Sophia Rule (Year 5), Tamar Granot (Year 6) and one of the Year 4 IP String Groups (Jacob Weinstein, Joshua Marishel, Leo Fisher, Claudia Kaplan, Emma Kaplan & Eden Marczak). The performances were of a very high standard, and all performers should be proud. It was great to have live music in assembly, and the Music Leaders are looking to include more music in future Primary School Assemblies so look out for invitations from them to perform!

Mazal tov to the Music Leaders, Zachary Salamon and Jonah Bloom in Year 6 and thanks to Mr Owen for supporting their successful project.

Kol Hakavod to our student performers from the Senior Jazz Ensemble who entertained guests with an energetic and toe-tapping session at the recent Welcome to New Parents’ Evening this week. Daniel Langman, Coby New, Jamie Schneider and Jake Sharp (all Year 11) and Oren Levin-Kahn (Year 10) were accompanied by their ensemble conductor, Mr George Nikolopoulos. As an unexpected bonus, Myles Cohn, Sacha Rosen and Matthew Lowy (all Year 12) along with other Madrichim joined in for an impromptu jam session at the end.


Congratulations also to the Senior Choir for their beautiful rendition of True Colours at High School Assembly, conducted by Mr Danny Burley (accompanied by Steven Kramer).

Please look at the Music Performance Tile on the Emanuel Parent Portal, for videos of the following performances from this week:

  • Senior Choir at the High School Assembly on Tuesday (Week 6 Term2 2022)
  • The Primary School Music Assembly on Friday (Week 5 Term 2 2022)
  • Years 3-6  IP Chamber Music Performances from Week 6 Term 2 2022

Private Music Tuition and Infant Strings Program

Thank you to those who have already advised us of changes to private tuition and Infant Strings Program (ISP) enrolments for next term. The deadline for new enrolments, notification of changes or intention to discontinue for Term 3, is Friday 10 June 2022. All students currently receiving private music tuition and students in Years K-2 who are currently participating in the ISP will be automatically re-enrolled into tutor schedules along with students commencing for the first time. To enrol or discontinue please visit our  Music Portal Page and use the links to the relevant online forms. Formal notification of intention to discontinue must be received now to avoid being committed to the full term of lessons and liable for fees.  Please contact music@emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au if you have any questions.  

The schedules for Term 3 will be created at the end of term and emailed during July term break.

Please visit our Music Portal Page for information about:

  • Private Music Tuition (beginning and discontinuing)
  • Ensemble and Choir membership for K-12 students
  • Infant Strings Program (ISP) for K-2
  • Performance opportunities
  • Borrowing an orchestral instrument


K-12 Sport

Kristy Genc – Director of Sports K-12

Term 3 Sports registrations

Registrations for all K-12 weekly sport options are now open. All information, including the booking link, can be accessed on the Sport page of the Parent Portal. All students are strongly encouraged to take part in the School Sport Program, and it is compulsory for Year 7 & 8 students to commit to at least one weekly sport option. Registrations close on Monday 20 June and unfortunately, late registrations cannot be accepted as team entries, staffing and venues required will be finalised. Any enquiries can be sent through to the Sports Office

Futsal success

The 16 Years boys and girls futsal teams competed at the NSW School Regional Futsal Championships last week, achieving outstanding results. Both the Emanuel Girls and Emanuel Boys A team were undefeated on the day and won the Grand Final in what was a very strong competition. It was a great team effort and congratulations to all players who competed on the day. These teams have now qualified for the State Championships in July.

NSWCIS Football Championships

Congratulations to Shai Farhy and Reece Carr who played in the AICES Football Team at the NSWCIS Championships. The boys competed in two full days of football at Valentine Park, amongst the best footballers within the independent school system in the State. Both played exceptionally well throughout the carnival. Jason Romero, Emanuel Football Coach, was also selected as the coach of the team for the event, and it was great to see Emanuel represented at this level. The AICES team finished in second place, a very leasing and well deserved result. 

ASISSA Cross Country

Last Thursday, a team of over fifty students competed at the AISSA Cross Country at Queens Park. The team had thorough preparation, training with Head of Cross Country & Athletics, Jordan Williams on some very early mornings. Congratulations to each and every student who raced on the day and put in an outstanding effort. A special mention to the following students who were placed in the top ten in their age group:

Joshua Marishel – 2nd place
Noah Kessell – 2nd place
Aviv Smily – 3rd place
Brody Reid – 4th place
Cooper Rosen – 6th place
Heidi Martin – 6th place
Zella Benko – 6th place
Dan Kalinko – 8th place

Events coming up

Friday 3 June: K-12 Term 3 Sport registrations open
Tuesday 7 June: 14 Years NSW Schools Futsal Regional Championships
Wednesday 8 June: Primary and Secondary NSWCIS Cross Country Championships
Friday 10 June: Years 7 and 8 Jewish Day School Futsal Gala Fay

Sign language

Rebecca Gaida – Hebrew Teacher Primary

Israeli sign language  שפת הסימנים הישראלית

Shalom!  שלום

This week on Sunday and Monday is the festival of Shavuot. It marks the end of seven weeks from Pesach to Shavuot.

Some key things that are associated with Shavuot:

  • Moshe getting the Torah at Mt Sinai חג מתן תורתינו (Chag Matan Torateinu)
  • The wheat harvest festival חג הקציר (Chag HaKatzir)
  • Cheesecake – the laws of Kashrut weren’t given until after receiving the Torah so we celebrate these new laws with cheesecake and other milk based desserts.
  • Reading the book of Ruthמגילת רות (check out the full movie of the book of Ruth here)
  • The festival of the first fruits  (Chag HaBikurim) חג הבכורים




The students from our Israeli sign language club have made a little video about Shavuot for you.  A big thank you to Amelie (Ami) Lipman, Jasmine (Jazzy) Goodman, Reina Steiner Carrion and Lola Cohen-Peace.


Todah veChag Sameach!


Just for parents

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Thank you to our volunteers for last week
(Monday 23 May 2022 – Friday 27 May 2022) 

Peter Goldberg, Josh Nassi, David Nathanson, Danielle Jaku Greenfield, Glynn Prosser, Andy Sher, Seth Itzkowitz, Nicky Stiassny, Dmitry Gorelik, Denise Slot, Peter Notham, Daniel Novy, Darryl Sacks, Raphael Mueller, Avner Silberman, Alisa Siale, Adam Pozniak, Lance Michalson, Peter Freed, Alina Kirievsky, Melissa Kery, Peter Notham, John Salamon, Daniel Novy, Adam Schwartz, Debbie Sullivan and Ryan Melman.

Help keep our kids and community safe: sign up to PSG here

Our Parent Community

Justine Hofman – Head of P&F

It takes a community to raise a child

We are just over half way through Term 2 and I don’t know how I would have made it without our class parents.

This week alone, they have saved me from forgetting two mufti days, Bikkurim donations and that next Monday school is closed for Shavuout!

That is not to say that their role should be picking up my parenting slack – because it’s not. But I really appreciate that they put in time and effort to bring our year levels together – from reminders, to organising get-togethers, to moderating the What’s App groups when things get a little rowdy.

They make us all feel like we are one-big-parenting-team and embody the idea that it takes a community to raise a child.

That’s why, this week  we say a huge thank you to each of them for being a bunch of organised legends who help us through and bring us together.

Thank you to: Alisa Saile, Lisa Pillemer, Avital Melman, Anita Clark, Kirsty Greenfield, Anna-Lisa Palmer, Naomi Raiz, Jessie Kawolski, Louise Romer, Sally Greenberg, Monika Silver, Alina Kirievsky, Lisa Strous, Amander Isenberg and Sam Butt.

Uniform swap and book swap initiatives
Call out for a co-ordinators

Quite a few parents have asked about whether the P&F can run a uniform swap in the School. Other parents have asked about book swaps.

To make either of these initiatives happen, we need a couple of parents to help. If you are interested in either, please contact me. Remember that you can, in the meantime, buy, sell and swap pre-loved uniforms on the School’s Uniform Shuk. Click here to join.

Volunteer call out for Terms 3 and 4

Plans are underway for P&F initiatives for the second half of this year.

If you’d like to help make these initiatives happen, please register your interest here.

Events to diarise

Friday 26 August 2022: Father’s Day Breakfast and Stalls
Friday 21 October: Emanuel community event (details to come)
Friday 4 November 2022 – Sunday 6 November 2022: Emanuel Family Spring Camping 


FRESS with Ms Lowe

Ms Lowe in action

This is one of my favourite Nigella Lawson recipes – it smells delicious and tastes even better!

Chicken and Pea Traybake


900 grams frozen peas
400 grams trimmed leeks (cut into approximately 3cm slices)
2 cloves garlic (peeled and minced)
4 x 15ml tbsp dry white vermouth or wine
2 x 15ml tbsp olive oil (plus more for drizzling)
2 tsp sea salt flakes (plus more for sprinkling)
1 small bunch fresh dill (torn into pieces)
8 chicken thighs with skin on and bone in



  • Preheat the oven to 200oC
  • ‘Clatter’ the frozen peas into a large roasting tin, followed by leeks, garlic, vermouth, 2 tbsp of oil, 2 tsp of sea salt flakes and most of the dill.
  • Turn everything together in the pan, breaking up any large clumps of frozen peas until mixed well.
  • Arrange the chicken thighs, skin side up, on top, then drizzle them with a little olive oil and give them a good sprinkling of sea salt flakes, before roasting in the oven for 45 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven, give the peas a small stir, so that the few that are sitting on the surface and drying out are submerged in the liquid.
  • Return to the oven for a further 30 minutes, by which time the peas and leeks will be soft, and the chicken tender and cooked through.
  • Tear off the remaining dill fronds, and scatter over the top on serving.

Thanks to Nigella Lawson for so kindly sharing this recipe. You can find it featured in AT MY TABLE