Volume 31 Issue 11 - 29 Apr 2022

From the Principal

Andrew Watt – Principal

A warm welcome back to our Emanuel School community, as we return to experience a more normal, restriction-free start to the term. Whilst we are recommencing (cautiously!) our communal events (House meetings, assemblies and Kabbalat Shabbat), we remain aware of the need to protect our immune-suppressed staff and families. Our HEPA units, CO2 monitors and well-ventilated learning spaces will provide some protection over the winter period, but we are reliant on families to keep their children at home if symptomatic and notify the School if they are a household contact, ensuring both mask wearing and daily RAHT testing. The long-awaited return of our full music and sport calendar will be welcomed with enthusiasm!

Lest we forget 

Our first two days of term included special events commemorating both the service and sacrifice of our armed forces (ANZAC Day) and commemorating the victims of the Holocaust (Yom HaShoah Ve-Hagevurah – the Day of (Remembrance of) the Holocaust and the Heroism.

Our annual ANZAC Day Assembly was delivered by our History students in a respectful and reflective manner, highlighting the war experience through story telling. Both the D’var Torah and the Principal’s address maintained the ANZAC theme. The story of Reginald Walter Saunders (Uncle Reg) the first Aboriginal soldier to reach the rank of officer, was recounted. The distinguished contributions and sacrifices of our First Nations people (albeit under the shadow of their social and economic disadvantage) were recognised. It remains hard to imagine their willingness to fight and die for their country when they were not recognised as Australian citizens until 1967 and were not granted any land upon returning from the two World Wars, under the Soldier Settlement Scheme. A special thanks to our High School students who helped lead the Assembly, with Max Salamon, Year 9, playing  The Last Post, before a minute of respectful silence. 

Our annual commemoration (Tekkes) of the Holocaust took place in our Lehrer Family Multi-Purpose Hall on Thursday morning. The theme of the commemoration was ‘Choosing Life’. The event, involving students from Years 6 to Year 11, was designed and conducted by a Va’ad (committee) of Year 10 and Year 11 students, in collaboration with the Informal Jewish Life Department and Youth HEAR (Youth Holocaust Education and Remembrance). This touching and special service was delivered with both sensitivity and respect. We are very thankful for the contributions of the students and staff involved in leading both these events.

Connecting with the past 

Holocaust survivor and Emanuel School great grandparent, Yvonne Engelman OAM, shared her personal story with Emanuel School staff

As part of our Staff Development Day on Tuesday, our entire staff team spent the afternoon visiting the Sydney Jewish Museum. The timing was apt, in the light of our Yom HaShoah commemoration service only two days later. For some staff, this was their first visit to the museum and their first opportunity to hear from a Holocaust survivor – to listen to their poignant, sometimes distressing account of their experiences. Many of our staff were grateful for the time provided in their busy schedule to pause and reflect on the mindset and events that led up to the Holocaust. Never again. 

Principal Sabbatical

The Board has approved my sabbatical, which will take place for the duration of Term 3 this year. Arrangements are in place for Margaret Lowe to take on the Acting Principal role, with both our Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning), Adam Majsay and our Director of Students (High School), Adam Ezekiel, taking on additional responsibilities. Our Primary School leadership team will remain unchanged. My wife Cath and I will be travelling in Europe before I participate in an Advanced Strategic Leadership Course at London Business Training and Consulting, in Hammersmith, London. I hope to return refreshed, rejuvenated and well prepared to develop, guide and maintain the strategic direction of our wonderful school.

Year 12 Half Yearly examinations

Our Year 12 students will soon breathe a sigh of relief (for a few days, at least), as they complete their Half Yearly examinations on Monday. I thank our Year 12 teachers who so thoroughly prepared our students.

Kol hakavod to …

Year 2 students, Alice Friedlander, Bianca Ross, Milly Greenfield and Sierra Miller, who took part in a Kids Giving Back Camp these school holidays. The students made fruit kebabs and breakfast boxes for the homeless.

Vicky Miller, Eden Grynberg and Gaija Avshalom, Year 12, represented Emanuel at the NAJEX (NSW Association of Jewish Ex-Service Men and Women) ANZAC Day Commemoration and Wreath Laying. The commemoration paid respects to the men, women and their families that have been impacted by war.

Aaron Berkowitz, Year 9, who was a member of the Catafalque Party at the Coogee Dawn Service on ANZAC Day and he play the tuba in the 3 Wing Air Force Cadet band as they marched through the city supporting the Royal Australian Air Force.

Quote of the week

“Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human” ~ Viktor Frankl



Acharei Mot, After the Deaths

This week our portion is called  אחרי מות “Acharei Mot” which means “After the Deaths”, and it refers to the moment after Aaron’s sons have died. This week, we remember so many deaths as we commemorate ANZAC Day and remember all those who died serving our country and upholding our values. We also commemorate Yom Hashoah, and remember the many millions who were murdered in the Holocaust and do so against the backdrop of another war, as we watch what is happening in the Ukraine. So many people, each one a family member, a friend, a life.

In the aftermath of Aaron’s sons’ deaths, the Torah tells us he was silent, he could not find the words to speak of the loss he felt. And we find this in the aftermath of so many tragedies and loss of life; it is so hard to put into words our feelings and emotions. A Midrash said, that in those moments, God was crying with Aaron, God was with him in his pain and struggle. But what happens next? After the shock, the loss, the suffering, after crying the tears, acharei mot, after the deaths, what do we do?

Acharei Mot, אחרי מות , After the Deaths, we look for answers, we try to find a ‘why?’ But often there is no ‘why.’ After the deaths of his sons, Aaron was commanded to return to his community, to go back to ritual and connection with others. He was called to return to life, and so too are we. To find a way, to find strength and courage, to bring light and fight against hate and evil with our love. Sometimes it feels hopeless, that the forces are too great but Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor wrote: “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Sometimes we have to accept that we cannot control everything in the world but we can control who we are and what we want to radiate into the world and in the face of evil, of horror, of loss and death we must respond with compassion, goodness and humanity and it is from there, that we can find strength and courage to be in an uncertain world which sometimes feels unsafe and chaotic. Viktor Frankl again: “We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts, comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way”.

Acharei mot, אחרי מות, After the Deaths, we are called upon to choose the way of goodness, the way of compassion, the way of strength, comfort and support. And we are called to remember. To remember every person, to say their names, to tell their stories and try and enact the compelling phrase, never again, as we hope to build a world of peace.

עוֹשֶׂה שָׁלוֹם בִּמְרוֹמָיו הוּא יַעֲשֶׂה שָׁלוֹם עָלֵינוּ וְעַל כָּל יוֹשבֵי תֵבֶל וְאִמְרוּ: אָמֵן
Oseh Shalom bimromav, hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu veal kol yoshvei tevel ve imru amen

May God who brings peace in the heavens, bring peace to all the world and all people.


Shabbat Shalom

By Rabbi Jacki Ninio 




Primary news

Natanya Milner – Head of Primary School

Welcome to Term 2. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a chag sameach. I am looking so forward to the term ahead and am hopeful that we will enjoy some of the activities and celebrations that we have missed over recent years. We hope to see Year 6 head off the Canberra and Years 4-6 enjoy Music Camp. We are also looking forward to our Shavuot celebrations, Reconciliation Week, the Athletics Carnival and the beginning of interschool sport. Next week includes Yom Ha’atzmaut and the P&F Mother’s Day Event and Stall and we look forward to these celebrations!

This week you will have received the term overviews for each class. Please look through the academic and organisational information about the term ahead. Like with our events, we are excited to be returning whole-heartedly to the academic rigour that is so much more effectively delivered in a consistently face-to-face classroom. Writing has been a recent academic focus and we are proud of the implementation of our comprehensive writing program. The teachers have also been analysing assessment data and practices. As you will see at the end of this term, our reports now include a detailed breakdown of each child’s skills in more specific areas.

Child Safety Handbook

The Child Safety Hub has been created by the NSW Police Legacy. They have recently updated the Child Safety Handbook which is an outstanding and thorough resource for parents. It outlines a multitude of areas that support child safety with practical strategies to discuss with our children. Some of the topics addressed include: first aid, bullying, nutrition, allergies, fire and road safety and more. I highly recommend that you access this handbook here and take a look!


We returned to school and commemorated ANZAC Day with the students. Years 1 and 2 learnt about ANZAC day and its significance in our history. They watched a video of the last-post and each student created a beautiful poppy to commemorate the ANZAC soldiers. Years 3 to 6 reflected upon the significance of the ANZAC day commemoration and through the video “Here they come – A day to remember”. They were able to explore the various symbols and traditions surrounding this important day. Student thinking was challenged through examination of the poem “For the Fallen” by Laurence Binyon and connections were made to the experiences of their families and others in the community.

Thank you, Year 6

At the end of last term, Year 6 spent time preparing some lovely surprises to help the residents of the Montefiore Home celebrate Pesach. From this Facebook post, it looks like they achieved their goal. Thank you to Mrs Kessler for organising the activities and to the Year 6 children for their beautiful efforts.

Primary Extra-Curricular Term 2

Emma Hill – Primary Teacher and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Programs

Extra-Curricular activities open for bookings for Term 2

Many Extra-Curricular activities for Term 2, 2022 remain open for bookings via the Parent Portal. Activities have set enrolment numbers so please ensure you book your child in early to avoid disappointment. There are also a range of teacher-led lunchtime clubs which are free for students. Students may join these clubs by approaching the listed teacher.

The Extra-Curricular schedule on the Parent Portal is regularly updated throughout the term – please refer to this if you have any questions about the scheduling of activities. There are email links on each activity to help direct you to the relevant person if you do have any additional questions.

Here is a detailed list of our wide range of our Extra-Curricular activities offered at Emanuel School.

We have two new Extra-Curricular activities on offer for Term 2 (subject to minimum enrolments being met): Sewing Club for Years 5-6 and Code Camp for Years 2-6.






Gratitude Day

Gratitude Day was on the last day of Term 1. This meant that Year 6 students were giving back to the Montefiore Homes.

This day involved many fun activities.

The main idea was to create an amazing box of goodies for the people in the Randwick Montefiore home for Pesach. We wanted to reconnect with the Montefiore home again.

Usually Year 6 would get to visit residents there, but, because of COVID, we have not visited the Home for a while. This didn’t stop us. Year 6 went around to all of the Primary classes and helped them make paper flowers and cards for the residents. We decorated boxes and filled them with Pesach treats. The boxes looked incredible and Year 6 enjoyed creating and making them with the rest of the Primary School!

To conclude the day, Isabelle and Rebecca from the JCA came in to explain to us the role of the JCA and what an amazing job they do to keep all the Jewish organisations in Sydney together. They explained how the JCA gives back to and helps to strengthen the community.

By Hana Hurwitz and Camilla Levine


Swimming Carnival

Stuart Taylor – PDHPE Teacher

The Years 1 and 2 Swimming Carnival was held at Des Renford Aquatic Centre on the last day of Term 1.

Students in Years 1 and 2 enjoyed a range of swimming activities at the annual carnival. Duck diving, 25m events, kickboard races, dog paddle and tennis ball scramble were all a huge success. Many parents were also involved in the action in the pool by way of the parent and child piggyback race and the highly competitive parent relay.

Some action shots from the day:

A huge shout out to the Year 6 House Captains who took on the running of the carnival as they marshalled the students, started events, did the announcing, and assisted in the pool. They also managed to get the parents and students grooving in the stands with a wonderful dance item. Thanks also to the staff who encouraged and supported the students throughout the day.

Thank you to Ofer Levy, parent and photographer, for capturing these moments:




Music Camp 2022

Diana Springford – Head of Music

Don’t forget to book for Music Camp!

An information letter about Music Camp and how to book has been emailed to parents and students from Years 4-12 music ensembles and choirs. If you are concerned that you have not received this information, please contact Joanne De Araujo.   

If your child is about to join an ensemble or choir on the promise of attending Music Camp, please ensure they join next week and contact Joanne immediately to send you all the information.

The annual Emanuel School Music Camp is a wonderful celebration of our vibrant music culture and the talents and hard work of our young musicians. Students unite in a shared love of music for an exciting immersion in rehearsals, performances (some serious, some fun, some ensemble, some solo). It’s an opportunity to work together in the pursuit of excellence and engage with the work of some very special guest conductors and/or composers. Emanuel School music staff join with a team of highly skilled professional musicians to develop and hone students’ musical skills in preparation for an exciting showcase concert.

Emanuel School Music Camp is a four-day camp from Monday 20 June 2022 – Thursday 23 June 2022. The first three days are held in the beautiful bush setting of Lake Mac Outdoor Recreation Centre in Balcolyn and the final day is held at Emanuel School. Students return to Emanuel on the evening of Wednesday 22 June 2022, to be collected by parents in the early evening.

Music Camp continues at Emanuel School on Thursday 23 June 2022 with an all-day rehearsal, a BBQ dinner for students and our Music Camp Showcase Concert in the MPH on the Thursday evening.

Writers amongst us

Sonia Newell – Development Officer – Alumni & Community Relations

Pesach 2022/5782

We hope you all had wonderful Pesach celebrations with family and friends as well as some time to relax over the term break. Although it is only three days into the new term, we hope your children are settling back into their normal school routine, face to face once again with their teachers and their classmates.

The writers amongst us

From time to time, I have the privilege to speak with some of our parents, both past and present, as well as alumni who have written and published a variety of books, some becoming bestsellers. Current parent Kerri Sackville is an author, columnist and blogger and was recently interviewed in the Australian Jewish News about her new book The Life-Changing Magic of a Little Bit of Mess.

Towards the end of last term I wrote about yet another one of the many Emanuel Community connections – current parents, sisters Jessica Kawalsky and Nikki Levi and their first cousin Mandy Aaron, a past staff member who published her children’s book Mermaids on the Rock. Please note Mandy’s book is available for order through Booktopia, as is Gagman co-written by Emanuel past parent Joanne Fedler and her father Dov Fedler. 

Friendship Bakery

Don’t forget to check out the yummy treats available each week at Friendship Bakery, 2 Laguna Street Vaucluse. Order online  or just head up there to check out their delicious rugelach, quiches and fresh Challah just to mention a few – all prepared and baked in their Kosher kitchen onsite.


We love our Grandparents and Great grandparents

As our database continues to grow, we again say “thank you” to our readers for getting in touch to provide grandparent updates. There are still a number of families for whom we have no grandparent contact details. If you think they would like to read about our wonderful school, even if they live overseas, please send through their email contact.

We look forward to sharing our news and yours, so if you have photos or news you would like to share with us, please send to: snewell@emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au

Shabbat shalom, stay safe and have a great weekend.

Parent webinars

Adam Ezekiel – Director of Students (7-12)

There are a number of parent resources that we would like to share with you.

Dr Justin Coulson – Helping your child with anxiety

Date: Wednesday 4 May 2022
Time: 8.00 pm – 9.00 pm

Suitable for parents of Primary and High School children

Anxiety has become one of the leading causes of ill-health in our children. And it’s also affecting more parents than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated what was already an accelerating problem. 

This webinar will provide the answers every parent needs to help their children – and even to help themselves.

Over the course of an hour, Dr Justin Coulson will help you to:

  • Recognise anxiety in your child and know how best to respond when anxiety flares up
  • Become a supportive hope-giver to your child to empower him/her to be courageous in the face of anxious thoughts
  • Uncover the research-based #1 strength your child can develop to combat anxiety and develop remarkable resilience
  • Identify how your own anxieties could be affecting your child, and know how to manage them
  • Learn proven strategies to help both you and your child navigate and manage anxiety when things get stressful

Once you’ve participated in this webinar, you’ll have strategies that you can put into practice on the spot to help curb anxiety, build confidence, and restore resilience in your child. And if you struggle with anxiety yourself, you’ll be changed.

Instructions to redeem the link for this FREE webinar can be found here

Effective Parenting Course by WAYS Youth and Family

This FREE four-week course is facilitated by experienced clinicians specialising in adolescent development and behaviour. The course will assist parents to build stronger parent-child relationships and better manage and understand their adolescent’s behaviour. This is a skills-building and educational program only.

Date: Thursday 26 May – Thursday 16 June 2022. 
Time: 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm
Where: WAYS Bondi Beach – 63A Wairoa Ave, North Bondi

​​Topic areas include:

  • Understanding your child – adolescent development
  • Reflecting on your parenting – the impact of various parenting styles
  • Setting limits and boundaries that stick
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution strategies
  • Practical strategies for building resilience in your children
  • Special topics: alcohol and other drugs, sex, mental health, navigating social media and cyberspace & enhancing internal regulation

Bookings can be made here


Investment Club

Gabriel Tracton

We are thrilled to announce the inception of the Emanuel School Investment Club. The School has a large number of students who are interested in the world of finance and investment which will now be catered for through our new student-driven club. 

We’re grateful for all the Year 11 and 12 students who attended our meetings in Term 1. We’ve got big things planned for Term 2!

Why the Investment Club? 

We would love to help our peers learn about career pathways and fundamental knowledge relating to finance. Our plan is to host guest speakers to share their experiences and knowledge they have gained throughout their career. Students will have the opportunity to network with experienced professionals in business and finance. Through the Investment Club, we hope to build an inclusive and meaningful culture, creating leaders for the future.



Investment Club Meetings in Term 1

Jack Smagarinsky

In Week 8, the goal of the meeting was to learn about the aims of investing and different types of Financial Markets:

  • Stock Market
  • Bonds
  • FOREX 
  • Real estate
  • Commodities

In Week 10, there was a focus on both public and private equities. Topics included:

  • Our weekly market overview: Bull vs Bear 
  • Stock market terminology: Market Capitalisation, Dividend Yield and P/E Ratio
  • Fundamental analysis vs technical analysis 
  • Private equity business model

The meeting ended with an engaging Kahoot to summarise all the new content that was discussed. 

Our next meeting is planned for Week 3 term.

We hope to see as many students as possible there,

By Jack Smagarinsky and Gabriel Tracton, Year 12
Founders of the Investment Club

Year 5 Information evening

Uniform Shop Sale

P&F events

Justine Hofman – Head of P&F

Hi everyone,

I hope you each had a wonderful break without too many disruptions to plans. We kick off Term 2 with an action packed month of May.

Here we go:

Mother’s Day Morning – Retro Schvitz  

Join us for a Mother’s Day schvitz, laugh, dance and sing along to an 80’s inspired aerobics class for all ages. There will be coffee, pastries and time to mingle with other mums, grand-mums and special friends.

When: 7.15 am – 8.20 am, Friday 6 May 2022 (aerobics at 7.40 am)
Where: Emanuel School main entrance 
Tickets: Book now
Advance tickets: Adult – $15.00, Child – $6.00 (pre-sale cut off 10.00 pm Tuesday 3 May)
On the day: Adult – $20.00, Child – $10.00 (cash only)

Please buy advance tickets as it helps us plan for catering.

Got a question? Mia Kalinko can assist: miakalinko@gmail.com  

Volunteer help – Mother’s Day Morning

We need approximately 20 volunteers to help out for 30-60 minutes. Choose from set up, helping at the event or pack down. We encourage dads to help out too.👏👏

Register to volunteer here

Mother’s Day Stall – Friday 6 May 2022

We have organised a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift Stall and will be selling special gifts for Primary School children to give to you on Mother’s Day. Please send your child, along with $10.00 per gift, to the stalls on Friday 6 May 2022. They will bring the gift home with them that afternoon. The correct money would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to purchase more than one gift perhaps for a grandparent, just send extra money. 

As mentioned last term in Ma-Nishma, we are giving Years 5 and 6 students the additional choice of a charity gift for mum. Details of the initiative can be found here.  

Family Nature Walk and Picnic – Sunday 22 May 2022

Join us for a lovely nature walk followed by a casual BYO picnic along the Hermitage Walk trail that runs between Rose Bay and Watsons Bay. You can enter at any point that suits you along the trail with the aim to all converge on the open grass area in front of Strickland House (and very close to Neilsen Park) from 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm. Each family to bring their own picnic. 

Where: Hermitage Walk, meeting at grassed area next to Strickland House for picnic.
Date: Sunday 22 May 2022
Time: Start walking approx. 11.00 am to meet for the picnic from 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm
Cost: Free

Events to diarise

Friday 6 May 2022: Mother’s Day Morning 7.15 am – 8.30 am 
Friday 6 May 2022: Mother’s Day Stall
Sunday 22 May 2022: Family Nature Walk and Picnic 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm
Friday 26 August 2022: Father’s Day (Breakfast and Stalls)
Friday 4 November 2022 – Sunday 6 November 2022: Emanuel Family Spring Camping 






Community notices












Thank you to our volunteers for the last week of Term 1
(Monday 4 April 2022 – Friday 8 April 2022)

Joanne Rose, Ben Sebel, Anthony Berman, Glynn Prosser, Ros Shammay, Zev Friedman, Steven New, Kenny Phillips, Bob Kummerfeld, Lee-anne Whitten, Darryl Sacks,  Robert Salamon, David Faktor, Sarah Vasin, Don Robertson, Toby Raphael, Daniel Salek, Warren Satusky, Michael Pollak, Alina Kirievsky, Judi Berman, Gary Gordon, Neil Shilbury, Barry Sherman, Greg Judin and Karen Drutman.

Recipe of the week

Each week we’ll bring you a tasty recipe passed down by Emanuel families, from the Emanuel School Community Cookbook, The Family Meal. 

From the kitchen of Lana Gottlieb

Fruit Salad Cake


1 packet Tennis biscuits
1 packet Marie biscuits
125g butter
800g tin fruit cocktail
460g tin crushed pineapple
500ml sour cream
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp vanilla


Preheat oven to 1800C.
Take 1 packet each of Tennis and Marie biscuits.
Crush in food processor or with a rolling pin.
Put 1/2 cup crumbs aside for sprinkling on top of cake.

Melt 125g butter.
Add to crumbs with 1/4 cup sugar.
Combine and line a spring form time with the crumbs.

Mix the fruit cocktail and crushed pineapple well together.
Drain very well.
Add to this 500ml sour cream, 3/4 cup sugar and 1 tbsp vanilla.
Mix well.

Pour into tin and bake for 1/2 hour.
Sprinkle crumbs over top.
Allow to cool and leave in fridge overnight.

Serves 8