Volume 30 Issue 30 - 15 Oct 2021

From the Principal

Andrew Watt – Principal

Preparations for the return of staff and students to our campus

We are both excited and well prepared! Our maintenance team, gardeners and cleaners are working around the clock to have our campus spick and span for the return of our school community. Our ventilation work is almost completed, and we are expecting delivery of our CO2 monitors soon. The bowl of chocolates on my desk has been replenished and we are planning for our welcome of students at each gate. As every student from Years 3 to 12 will be required to wear a mask indoors, parents of our younger students may wish to purchase suitable masks, and practise mask wearing for periods of time at home, to familiarise them. Details related to masks can be found in the Parent Handbook.

Our survey of Primary School parents has been completed, with only a small number of families indicating that they are keeping their child at home. We are currently contacting a group of ‘undecided’ parents, as they finalise their position. This number has reduced, with the release of our Parent Handbook. The response rate to our survey of High School parents has been slower than anticipated, so we are not in a position to provide details, other than with just over 50% of responses received, we have only one family indicating that they will keep their child at home. The responses from the (anonymous) vaccination survey thus far indicates a high level of vaccination across students in Years 7-12. We encourage parents to respond, so that we can release more accurate details to our school community.

Introducing Project Based Learning (PBL) in the High School

Our students will shortly return to school and the ‘new normal’ will emerge. We have learned from our remote learning experience that our students are creative, innovative, and able to adapt well to different learning experiences. Rather than return fully to our on-campus timetable, we felt that our students would benefit from an enhanced academic program. An exciting new learning initiative was launched at our High School assembly this week. Our students viewed a range of presentations on potential areas of interest that will form the basis of project work to be completed over four days, spread throughout Term 4. PBL will provide an opportunity for our Years 7-10 students to apply their knowledge and skills to personally relevant and real-world situations. PBL seeks to develop the skills to think critically, solve problems in creative ways, work in teams, and communicate ideas to an audience. These are skills which will help our students succeed in the future, both in school and beyond.

All our projects will start with a driving question and finish with the presentation of a final pitch, product, or performance, at our PBL Showcase in Week 10. Throughout the project, our students will be able to make connections with practitioners in their field of interest and seek out expert insights into their process. The completion of tasks and other accomplishments will be recognised with the awarding of digital badges throughout the project process. Students who excel will be acknowledged at Speech Night later this term. Mr Messiah and many of our teachers have been working hard to develop an exciting plan for this term. We look forward to viewing the showcase of projects!

A very bright future

Emanuel B’yachad is just over 48 hours away and our parent Ambassadors have been busy hand delivering over 500 B’yachad Boxes filled with delicious and fun goodies to those attending. Our Ambassadors have played such a vital part in spreading the Emanuel joy and building B’yachad excitement within our wonderful community and we are eternally grateful for their their enthusiasm, commitment and support. 

In your B’yachad Box you will find a number of items to help make the most of the event. The brightest of those are a few sets of sunnies – one for each person in your household (you’ll have to share with your furry friends though). Please follow the instructions provided and take a photo of your family donning their shades. I am sure that you’ll agree that my wife, Cath, takes a much better selfie than I!

Text your pic to our photo hotline (0419 789 973) before 7.00 pm on Sunday and your family will be part of Emanuel history. 

I’ll be at Emanuel Central on Sunday, looking forward to sharing our biggest and brightest event of the year with you. 


We were deeply saddened to hear that Eddie Jaku OAM passed away earlier this week. There have been many moving to tributes to a great man, husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather who embodied goodness, kindness and humility. Our students have been privileged to interview Eddie for Project Heritage. I am sure that his words will continue to guide and inspire them. We wish Eddie’s family long life – he will be deeply missed by all who knew him. May his memory be for a blessing, always.

Eddie Jaku z”l and his 2016 Project Heritage Group – now the Class of 2022

Quote of the week

“There are always miracles in the world, even when all seems hopeless. And when there are no miracles, you can make them happen. With a simple act of kindness, you can save another person from despair, and that might just save their life. And this is the greatest miracle of all.”
― Eddie Jaku OAM

From the Head of Jewish Life

Rabbi Daniel Siegel – Head of Jewish Life

Lekh Lekha

This week’s Parashah, Lekh Lekha, as understood by our Rabbinic tradition, contains an iconic passage of smashing idols. 

Avraham, the first Jew, hears the Divine voice to leave his parents’ house and to set out on his personal quest. For the Rabbis, Avraham is smashing his ancestral idols, abandoning beliefs that are false to him, seeking new vistas born of a new vision. 

Today, we might say he is risking reaching out beyond the security and safety of convention and a fixed mindset to a world of uncertainty but possibility, making for and reflecting a growth mindset.

To be a Jew is to journey.

Commenting on these first and repeated words of God to Avraham, לך לך (lekh lekha) – “journey forth”, our Rabbis present us with a beautiful midrash (teaching).

And the Lord said to Avram: “Journey Forth”. Rabbi Berachyah said: “What did Avraham our father resemble?” A flask of fragrant myrrh, sealed tightly, lying in a corner; its fragrance could not be diffused. But, once it was moved about its fragrance was diffused. Thus, did the Holy One Blessed be He say to Avraham our father: “Move yourself from your settled places, so you may expand yourself”

Some of us hold tightly the lid upon our flask; not venturing from our corner, we hide our unique fragrance from the world, and from ourselves. Others might present a journeying forth, but it’s not our flask we venture to open nor our fragrance we would share.

Significantly, the words לך לך (lekh lekha) “journey forth” literally mean go to yourself. Yourself is not yet realized, it is that to which you must continuously journey and always arrive anew. The risk, then, is in not risking.

I often wonder how and when our students’ Projects of Understanding (POU) can be explorations in personal possibility and journeys of self-discovery? When, in our students’ learning, do they themselves become the “Project” for which they would risk certainty to experience growth? When is the end not the grade but the self? And, perhaps most importantly, how does the new understanding our students gain yield a diffusion of one’s personal fragrance so they may experience a true journeying forth? 

“לך לך”…כל יהודי צריך ללך אל עצמו, אל שרשו
רב אהרון השני מקרלין

 “Lekh Lekha”…Every Jew must journey forth to his very self, to his root being






Primary News

Katie Brody – Director of Students K-6

An analysis of Year 3 and Year 5 Naplan Results 2021

NAPLAN assessments provide parents and schools with an understanding of how individual students are performing in terms of literacy and numeracy at the time of the tests. These tests form part of our assessment and reporting schedule but, given the results come out much later in the year, they cannot inform our next steps for teaching. NAPLAN provides schools, education authorities and governments with information about how education programs are working and whether young Australians are achieving important educational outcomes. They confirm the impact of our direction in terms of professional practice and they can provide school leaders with data that informs strategic priorities.

Maintaining a focus on each individual’s academic progress is the perspective we encourage at the classroom level. At a school level, it is beneficial to analyse the overall performance of our cohorts and to study the trends in our results over time. This year, with the benefit of adaptive technology, the ‘glass ceiling’ has been lifted and our highest performing students were able to show the extent of their capabilities. We can now see the results at a more granular level at the top where previously this would have appeared as though students were in the top of the expected ceiling for their year group only and not beyond. Though the top band at Year 3 level is Band 6, for example, schools can now see the number of students whose achievement extended into Bands 7, 8, 9 and 10. 

Emanuel School Year 3 NAPLAN, 2021: National average is Band 4 – 5

Grammar and Punctuation





18% bands 8, 9, 10

16% bands 8, 9, 10

32% bands 8, 9,10

24% bands 7, 8, 9

2% bands 8, 9, 10

66% bands 5, 6, 7

62% bands 5, 6, 7

58% bands 5, 6, 7

64% bands 5 and 6

88% bands 5, 6, 7

16% bands 3 and 4

14% bands 3 and 4

8% bands 3 and 4

8% bands 3 and 4

10% bands 3 and 4

0%  bands 1 or 2

8% bands 1 or 2

2% band 1 or 2

0% bands 1 or 2

0% bands 1 or 2

Emanuel School Year 5 NAPLAN, 2021:  National average is Band 5 – 6 

Grammar and Punctuation





46.3% bands 8, 9, 10

37.7% bands 8, 9, 10

42% bands 8, 9, 10

28.9% bands 8, 9, 10

14.5% bands 8, 9, 10

51.4% bands 5, 6, 7

62.3% bands 5, 6, 7

57.9% bands 5, 6, 7

69.5% bands 5, 6, 7

84% bands 5, 6 and 7

1.4% bands 3 and 4

0% bands 3 and 4

0% bands 3 and 4

1.4% bands 3 and 4

1.4% bands 3 and 4

0% bands 1 or 2

0% bands 1 or 2

0% bands 1 or 2

0% band 2

0% bands 1 or 2

The NAPLAN comparative tables made available to the principal and school leaders of each individual school by ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority), show the performance of Emanuel students compared to schools that are statistically similar in terms of socio-educational advantage (Statistically Similar Schools Group) and to State Schools (Public Schools). Read the comparative analysis of the Emanuel Primary NAPLAN 2021 results here.


Return to Campus

Natanya Milner – Head of Primary School

Return to Campus

We are looking so forward to welcoming most of our Primary School students back on campus over the next two weeks. I am sure that this is a time of mixed emotions as children (and teachers and parents 😊) feel excited, nervous, worried and relieved, just to name a few. It is important that we encourage our children to share their feelings and seek support as they transition back to school.

We have sent a lot of information about the return to campus details. There are also many wonderful resources available to support parents in preparing children for a return to school.

We have sent a lot of information about the return to campus details. There are also many wonderful resources available to support parents in preparing children for a return to school. I have included some here that I thought you may find useful:

This is a schedule of ideas to prepare children to return to school.
This offers some tips for separation and saying goodbye at the gate.
This article includes some helpful ideas to transition back to school…
…and one more with some great ideas to prepare children to return to school.

Staff news

Lara Kepitis has resigned from Emanuel School and will be leaving us at the end of this year to join her family business. Lara has worked at Emanuel for four years and is a valued member of our team. We have begun to advertise for her replacement and will farewell her at the end of the year.


Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

The Happiest Man on Earth – Eddie Jaku ז”ל

I remember when I first met Eddie, as a young Macquarie University student in the mid 1990s. Eddie shared his story of survival and I, like the many thousands of people who have met Eddie, was profoundly moved by his resilience and courage in surviving and inspired by his generosity and positivity. 

Over the years, Eddie connected with and impacted many in our school community. Our students and staff have heard him speak during excursions to the Sydney Jewish Museum and met him when he was a Project Heritage historian. Many of us have got to know Eddie and his inspiring outlook on life through reading his book, The Happiest Man on Earth, which he published last year at the age of 100.

Eddie’s great grandchild graduated Year 6 in 2020 and each student in 2020 was presented with his book. The book included a special message to the students from Eddie, as well as being personalised and signed by him. Eddie Jaku’s message placed inside his book given to the Year 6 Graduating class of 2020

He will be loved, remembered and missed by many.

May his memory and legacy be a blessing and continue to inspire future generations.

We extend a message of condolence and long life to Eddie’s family. 

ABC Radio News Report on Eddie’s passing    

Eddie’s TED Talk 2019




Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmehl

The children arrived back for the start of the term very excited and happy to have all their friends back at Pre-school. It’s hard to believe it is already Term 4. We are looking forward to a busy and fun term ahead.

At morning meeting the children shared stories of how they had met up with friends during the holidays. We reflected upon how these interactions made them feel. The consensus was that seeing friends makes us happy. At activity time they drew pictures of friends and play scenarios that they had enjoyed during the holidays. It is clear to us that the children are craving connections with their friends and they are to be commended for their resilience during the last 14 weeks of lockdown.

Orientation visits

As we enter the last term, we begin to reflect and plan on how we can best support our children as they prepare to move into the next stage of their schooling journey. We acknowledge that this is a time of mixed feelings for the children and their families, and we work hard to support them in this transition to Year K.

The Starfish and Dolphins have been lucky enough over the past two weeks to have been given the opportunity by Mrs Milner and her team to visit the Year K classrooms, any day we wanted, until the return of Year K on Monday 18 October 2021.

We snapped up this opportunity to take the children to visit the Primary School spaces and to become familiar with the classrooms and outdoor areas for play. Both the Starfish and Dolphins have been going every day and have engaged in several different experiences, such as sitting at the tables and drawing, playing with some of the toys, reading stories together on the mat, participating in a science experiment, having Shabbat and even morning tea and lunch up at the Year K classrooms. They have also spent time challenging themselves physically on the outdoor climbing equipment and getting to know all the spaces and areas they can play in. 

This opportunity to support the children with their transition to school is extremely valuable and being on one campus has allowed us to take advantage of this time. Through these informal school visits, we hope to create a sense of belonging and familiarity to the Primary School and help to allay any fears and uncertainties the children might have.

A successful transition from early childhood learning settings to school is important for all children and has long-lasting benefits. Children who experience a positive transition into their new environment are likely to be happy at school and continue to improve their social and academic skills.

Open-ended materials

A selection of open-ended materials including marbles, pieces of cut bamboo and small wooden blocks were positioned on the floor for the children to engage with, investigate and explore.    

Initially, materials are often presented in this way with no set goal in mind. We observe how the children respond and interact with them and with each other. Children in small group experiences often take on different roles, for example one member may be the ideas person, another the problem solver, others are happy to follow what goals the group have set, whilst some are more verbal, and others are quiet.

As this group of architects, builders and engineers worked together they employed knowledge about how the physical and social world works. As they constructed, they were exercising their powers of concentration, social conscience, and muscle control. They were exploring science and maths concepts such as velocity, size, shape, length, and position.

They used expressive language to describe what they saw, and explore and verbalise ideas of what needed to be done:    

“We need to stand them there and there.”
“Not tall enough.”
“Now we need a smaller ramp.”
“This part needs to be flat. The slope is too long.”

What was evident, was that not only was this group of engaged and enthusiastic learners exploring and investigating the many properties the materials had to offer, but also using them in new and inventive ways, as well as collaborating and co-operating during this shared experience. Whilst the process of creating structures challenges the physical and cognitive capacities of the constructors, it is often the social and emotional maturity of those engaged in such play that ensures its success. 

We observed that co-workers were dependent on other co-constructors. Ideas and suggestions were listened to, heard, and tolerated, individual strengths were appreciated, challenges were solved through joint trial and error.

At Kornmehl, we hold a strong belief that children’s relationships and connections are fundamental to their learning, where learning takes place in a social context. Through this experience, it was lovely to see the special connection that these children have for each other and the respect, genuine care and the unique and special friendships.

Educator: What’s this all about?
Arlo: Pretty much science because maybe this is level and we’re going to experiment.
Adam: No, it’s not. It’s just like building Lego.
Educator: What are you trying to do?
Arlo: I’m trying to see if this is level and obviously it’s not because the ball is rolling evenly into this. Now that it’s almost full, it’s level.
Oliver: Maybe, should we make it longer, so the marbles go a longer way? If you roll a ball down a hill, you’ll get more speed. If you have a light ball, it will go easier because smooth is much better. A heavier ball will actually still go down, but not fast.

It’s always a delight to observe the children’s thinking and to listen to their ideas as they make sense of the world around them.

Happy Birthday

We wish a very happy birthday to Daisy Salamon (5). We hope you had a very special birthday. 

Local heroes

Sonia Newell – Development Officer – Alumni & Community Relations

‘Freedom Day’ and beyond

How exciting that tonight many of our School Community households will share their Shabbat meal with family and friends sitting around the dining table at home for the first time in months. As we embrace our new-found freedom after 106 days in lockdown, we urge everyone to do so with caution and care, with the hope that as we reach 80% double vaccinations (very soon according to current statistics), we will continue to enjoy a more normal life in the real world instead of just on Zoom and Facetime. Don’t forget our weekly online Kabbalat Shabbat continues at 4.00 pm each Friday afternoon. We encourage you and your family, along with grandparents, to join us.

Check this link for the latest COVID rulings updates.

A long and wonderful life – the Happiest Man on Earth

We extend our condolences to the whole Jaku family on the passing this week of Emanuel great grandparent Eddie Jaku OAM, aged 101, and we wish them all long life. Eddie, Holocaust survivor and peace campaigner, Sydney Jewish Museum volunteer guide, author of the bestseller The Happiest Man on Earth and TED EX presenter, just to name a few of the things he is best-known for, was a true mensch. He was an amazing human being who touched the lives of many thousands of people with his positivity for life and the meaning of kindness and tolerance. Tributes to Eddie and his passing were acknowledged by media and politicians not just around Australia but also world-wide, including BBC News, The Guardian and Hawaii Public Radio. May his memory be a blessing.

Local Heroes

Many of our readers are familiar with the annual Westfield Local Heroes Awards, and perhaps you voted for some of the worthy candidates over the years. This year’s awards have just been announced and we are very excited that two of the three Bondi Junction winners are Chana Kavka, founder of Friendship Circle, an organisation for which many of our families past and present volunteer to help children and young adults with disabilities, and past parent Lisa Saunders, co-founder of Arnie’s Recon, a social enterprise that organises free pickup and recycling of electronic waste. Well done to both Chana and Lisa – their worthy causes benefit from the $10,000 prizes they receive!

Finding historic connections in our community – the Bondi Story Room

Alumnus and current parent Ari Shammay (Class of 2002) recently shared a post on his Facebook page about his maternal grandparents. Benek and Frieda Jacobs. Ari’s Mum Ros was interviewed as part of the research and recording of stories for the Bondi Story Room. Escaping the horrors of Europe in WW2, Benek and Frieda arrived in Bondi and after some hard saving, purchased the Terminus Fruiter. The Terminus was a fruit and general store at the North Bondi Tram Terminal, which operated for seven years from 1952. As new migrants, the Jacobs’ found their customers to be very patient with them while they learned the local language – even when customers would ask for onions, only to be given potatoes by mistake! Frieda and Benek would establish and sell numerous businesses across the Bondi basin but the Terminus Fruiter remains a special part of their story.

As part of the Bondi Pavilion Restoration & Conservation Project, Waverley Council is working with TZG Architects and Grumpy Sailor to implement a digital heritage interpretation space which will collect and share the amazing stories of Bondi. To share your story or to find out more, head to the Bondi Story Room page on the Waverley Council’s website.

Grandparents – where are you?

Ma Nishma is a great way to stay connected with our School and with our community no matter where in the world you live. Unfortunately, we are missing up-to-date email contact details for many of our grandparents, so please send through grandparent contact details so they too can read about Ma Nishma to find out what is happening at School, albeit it only online for now. They will also receive our Grandparents and Friends newsletter. You can see past issues of this newsletter along with our alumni newsletters online. Living interstate and/or overseas, means some of “our” grandparents never have an opportunity to come to School, so connecting electronically can be really meaningful and a great way for them to see what their grandchildren are doing at School in spite of the distance apart. We are excited to know that many of our grandparents will join us for our biggest and brightest event, Emanuel B’yachad – Emanuel Together this Sunday 17 October 2021 at 7.30 pm. 

Jewish Changemaker Awards 2021
nominations close Monday 25 October

There is still time to get nominations in and with so many of our current High School students and past students in the Jewish community making the world a better place through their amazing volunteering efforts, they deserve to be nominated for these awards. If your children or grandchildren fit this brief, please nominate them to win. Through the Jewish Changemaker Awards, JNF Australia, B’nai B’rith NSW and The Australian Jewish News are honouring individuals in our community who have made a difference. Seven incredible young adults aged 14 to 36 from around Australia will be recognised for their outstanding contributions to Jewish Community, Australian Society and to Israel. We would love to see more of our students and alumni recognised for their wonderful volunteering efforts, so please send through their nominations. This year there is a new award “The Joshua Levi Young Professional Award“.

The Shabbat Project 2021 – Friday 22 October 2021 – Saturday 23 October 2021
together, whoever, whatever, wherever 

In years gone by, The Shabbat Project was lit up with giant spectacles – challah bakes, Shabbat dinners and Havdalah concerts that brought together thousands of people. This year however, the pandemic has taught us that life’s better together, big or small. 

Australian Jewish Fertility Network (AJFN)
Major event 8 November 2021 at 8.00 pm

Did you know one in 20 Australian babies are born as a result of IVF – that is one child in every classroom. Most of us know a couple who has been touched by the struggles of infertility. We seem to be able to find Emanuel connections in so much of our community life and AJFN is no different, where we find the team of this amazing organisation includes current parents Gabbie Budai, Leigh Goldberg and Amy Friedlander, as well as past students Loren Finger, Leanne Kawalsky, Kate Samowitz and Sarah Robuck who is also a current parent.

Join AJFN online for their major event on Monday 8 November 2021, 8.00 pm – 8.45 pm, an inspirational evening where you’ll see what an incredible impact AJFN – fuelled by community support – has and continues to have, creating miracles together and building the next generation, in the documentary One in Six , which tells the story of AJFN couple Janine and Shimon Davidowitz.  Another Emanuel connection here is Janine’s late mother Betty Levy – she was an Emanuel staff member for around 10 years, in a variety of roles including Head of HSIE and Careers Advisor.

Book your free ticket now and you also have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for some fabulous prizes at checkout.

All funds raised from this appeal will go towards helping 29 couples in our community experiencing infertility, who need the support of the AJFN.

Head On Photo Festival 2021

Emanuel parent Moshe Rosenzveig OAM is the founder and director of Head On Photo Festival. with this year’s event starting on Friday 19 November 2021 – Sunday 28 November 2021. Head On Foundation was established in 2008, dedicated to promoting the work of photographers at all stages of their career. This year’s festival includes a jam-packed online program and spectacular outdoor locations across Sydney, all of which will be in line with COVID-safety rules.

We look forward to sharing our news and yours, so if you have photos or news you would like to share with us, please send to Sonia Newell.

Shabbat shalom, stay safe and have a great weekend.




Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

As we know this has been a challenging time for all students. Year 12s have no doubt been affected the most. From a Careers Advisor’s point of view, trying to find some silver linings amongst this turbulence, there has been the emergence of the Early Offer Schemes. These systems have always been in place, but with the uncertainty of this year, the growth of new schemes was well received. According to StudyWorkGrow these schemes have grown from 17 in existence last year across Australia to 44. This report highlights the growing number of schemes and also the importance of them for minimising pressure for Year 12s. As this is Mental Health Week, the benefits of these places, and acquiring them early, can have a very serious lift for the students mental health. Some other interesting insights into the effects of COVID on future plans can be found here.

There is a fear that early offers will mean a reduction in higher grades, and therefore worsen student performance. In my experience, it often has the opposite effect. The student now has a guaranteed place (sometimes and often not their first preference), but the comfort of a place means they are now able to work more effectively.

When I started my job at Emanuel, I would see one or two students a year acquire an early offer place before they sat their HSC. The current Class of 2021, (as of this week) has now managed to secure 83 early offer places for a cohort of 80 students, with some students receiving multiple offers. Our main winner on the leaderboard at the moment is UTS, second is Macquarie University, third is Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra and probably our furthest afield is James Cook University in Townsville, and University of Tasmania.

These early offers have been testament to the group’s strong applications (showcasing leadership, volunteering, community participation), their strong Year 11 grades, a portfolio application or all of the above. With all of this administration, a strong degree of organisation is involved and dates and deadlines need to be met. Most importantly ownership for this process is key. Only students themselves can apply and manage this process, and it is a great step in the independence needed to manage this landscape.

Notices, dates, events and webinars

Discovering hands-on careers

© www.Jobjump.com.au October, 2021

Taking Shape

Diana Springford – Head of Music

Musica Viva – Taking Shape

Following the overwhelmingly positive and appreciative response of Primary students to last term’s Musica Viva online performances, we are delighted to announce that next week we will have three ‘virtual’ visits (on separate days) by the four talented musicians from the group Topology performing online live and interactive concerts entitled Taking Shape for Years K-2, 3-4 and 5-6. This acclaimed ensemble who move effortlessly between pop, jazz, chamber music and progressive rock, will demystify how to create music.

Over the course of an hour, Topology will guide students and teachers through the process of composition, by inspiring them to listen, generate ideas, and explore the way melodies are “shaped”. Each performance will be shaped by the students’ unique contribution.

Whether they are on campus, like Years K-1, or learning remotely via e-Manuel at home, students will join via Zoom links pasted into relevant home class teachers’ Stile pages for the day at the appropriate time. 

Students will be joined on the Zoom Webinar by a music teacher panellist (either Mrs Spira, Mr Burley or Ms Springford).  While the teacher panellist will be visible for all children, the students won’t be visible to each other. 

Family members are welcome to view the concert and participate, however, please note that each concert has a different link because the content is tailored to specific age groups (it isn’t a good idea therefore for siblings to swap into another concert). Within the session, questions can be sent to the Musica Viva folks by students via the Chat function.





K-12 Sport

Kristy Genc – Director of Sports K-12

Years 3-10 Netball Competition – expressions of interest

With community sport scheduled to recommence from Monday 25 October 2021, Emanuel is planning to take part in the community High Performance Netball competition. This competition is held each Thursday afternoon at Heffron Park Netball Courts, Maroubra, and is open to students in Years 3-10. Approximate game times and competition dates can be viewed on the High Performance Netball website. If your child is interested in playing in this competition in an Emanuel team, please complete this expression of interest form by Wednesday 20 October 2021. If you have any questions, please contact our Sports Administrator, Gina Seligsohn

Years 5-11 Basketball Competition – expressions of interest

With community sport scheduled to recommence from Monday 25 October 2021, Emanuel is planning to take part in the community Easts Basketball League competition. This competition is held each Sunday, with training scheduled during the week before or after school. The competition is open to students in Years 5-11. Further competition details can be found on the East Basketball League website. If your child is interested in playing in this competition in an Emanuel team, please complete this expression of interest form by Wednesday 20 October 2021. If you have any questions, please email Head of Basketball, Indi Faithfull.

K-6 Inter-House Step Challenge

Congratulations to all students in Years K-6 for a great first two weeks of the Inter-House Step Challenge.

The current House standings are: 

1st place: Wynn 
2nd place: Cowen 
3rd place: Monash 

With one week remaining in the challenge, any House can still win the competition, and all students are encouraged to get involved. Students can upload their completed Inter-House Daily Challenge Chart to the K-2 Gross Motor or Years 3-6 Sport pages on Stile form Friday 22 October 2021 – Monday 25 October 2021.

A special mention to the following students on their amazing efforts so far: Jacob Davis, Alicia Randall, Claudia Hochroth, Nava Weiss, Elise Goldberg, Daniel Millner, Lara Goldberg, Jake Shilbury and Asher Levin.

Term 4 sport updates

With frequent changes to the NSW Government COVID guidelines, planning for Term 4 sport is continuing and registrations for the revised program will be available next week. Further information, will be published on the Parent Portal Sport Page early next week. 


Hebrew Week

Jacqui Cohen – Hebrew Teacher

SHAVU’A IVRIT — שבוע עברית — Hebrew Week 2021

When life gives us LIMONIM לימונים  — we turn them into LIMONADA לימונדה! This was certainly the case for Hebrew Week 2021, where COVID-19 and home-based study meant that the High School Hebrew department had to find new and exciting ways to celebrate Hebrew with the students.

The week was launched with an announcement of our song competition winners. Ashley Cohn and Daliah Smagarinsky made an impressive cover version of the Hebrew Song Katan Aleinu קטן עלינו, “We Got This” (watch the original here with English subtitles). The song features famous Israeli singers, encouraging the public to stay strong because they have struggled through many challenges before and remember that they (and we) will get through this pandemic. The girls performed an impressive rendition, including a fast-paced rap section and even recruited their family members to join in the performance. KOL HAKAVOD!

Every year, Morah Harvey sends illuminating Word of the Day emails, promoting deeper understanding of Hebrew words. Thankfully that tradition could continue with no interruption. A beautiful addition to these emails was a selection of videos that Morah Gaida made to demonstrate the words, showing their Hebrew sign language gestures. The morning emails were further accompanied by a second daily message from me presenting a favourite Hebrew song with a little background and the reason for its choosing. (You can access a Spotify playlist of the seven songs here).

OOH MA OD?  ומה עוד And what else? During tutor periods, the students were challenged with a “Know your Hebrew” Kahoot competition created by Morah Erika. Morah Jemma and I were interviewed by the Year 9 Hebrew Radio Kol Ha-Ivrit students about our connection to Hebrew and our paths to becoming Hebrew teachers. The Year 9 students also hosted a Zoom session offering a few Emanuel teachers a Hebrew challenge : what do you think of Mr Majsay’s and Mr Messiah’s Hebrew pronounciation? Finally, our wonderful High School Madrichim planned a special Hebrew Week – themed Kabbalat Shabbat.

The TSEVET IVRIT צוות עברית  Hebrew team at Emanuel relishes the opportunity each year to show our passion for Hebrew and love of Israeli culture. This year was no different. We hope you enjoyed the journey with us this week!

Closing the COVID gap

Denise Goldmann – HSIE Teacher & Outreach Co-ordinator

Closing the COVID gap

As this week we celebrate ‘Freedom Day’ in NSW and double vaccinated people return to enjoy pre-lockdown freedoms we should consider that this may look different across communities in NSW.

According to ABC news, Indigenous people’s vaccination rates are about 15 per cent behind the rest of Western NSW region’s population. Moreover, nine First Nations people have died due to the virus since the Delta outbreak.

In communities such as Wilcannia, in the far-east of NSW close to Broken Hill, the number of cases in the remote far western NSW has surpassed 100. There are only 745 people living in the community in total, and more than 60 per cent of them are Indigenous. The community of Wilcannia has basic health facilities that are not suited for a suitable COVID response, including staffing problems and a disproportionate high chronic disease rate and a low vaccine uptake. Although there has been a government response and funds have been sent to the area it has felt more of a reactive than proactive approach to Indigenous people’s health.

The way COVID-19 is affecting Indigenous communities is not surprising. Aboriginal health services predicted last year that if the virus entered Aboriginal communities, it would be disastrous. The outbreak has brought to centre stage the existing gap in NSW between remote and urban communities as well as Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities.

For more information of remote Indigenous communities affected by COVID-19 you can watch COVID crisis in Wilcannia – SBS on demand





Kim’s Book of Memories and Wisdom

As we gear up for Kim Slender’s departure after 18 years, a reminder for all parents to contribute to the farewell gift we are creating – “Kim’s Book of Memories and Wisdom”.

We are hoping to collect as many messages as possible to send her on her way.

Click here for instructions and further details.

Belinda Gold

Bus passes

2022 school travel applications are now open

Students who need a School Opal card or travel pass for 2020 can apply now. 

Further information: School Travel for 2022



Ruby Berkovic and Jennifer Opit

Hello Community,

We hope everyone has settled back into the term, and online learning, nicely and that the kids are getting excited to get back onto campus in the immediate future.

P&F Meeting

P&F Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.00 pm on Zoom. Everyone is welcome so please join us as your support and input is valued.

Email Ruby Berkovic if you would like to attend the next meeting which will be on Wednesday 3 November 2021.

Term 4

As we mentioned last week, unfortunately, although restrictions are lifting, there is still too much uncertainty to proceed with things like our challah distribution and the camping trip, but we look forward to next year when we can resume all of these and connect in person once again.

Weekend Brain Teaser (from last week) and Answer

Question: What coat is best put on wet?
Answer: A coat of paint

We hope to “see” you all on Sunday night at Emanuel B’yachad for the Capital Appeal.

Jen and Ruby





Community events







Recipe of the Week

Each week we’ll bring you a tasty recipe passed down by Emanuel families, from the Emanuel School Community Cookbook, The Family Meal. 

From the Kitchen of Donna Manoy

Fish Pie


1 cup white wine
1 tbsp dill, finely chopped and stalks reserved
1 tbsp tarragon, finely chopped and stalks reserved
1 leek, thinly sliced
3 eschalots, thinly sliced
250g white fish eg ling or blue-eyed cod, skinless, cut into 4cm pieces
25g plain flour
150g unsalted butter, softened
150ml milk (1st quantity), 100ml milk (2nd quantity)
1kg King Edward Potatoes, peeled, chopped
2 egg yolks


Preheat oven to 1800C.
Place the wine and 1 cup water in a large frying pan over medium heat.
Add the herb stalks, leek, eschalots and 1 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper. Bring to a simmer and cook for 2 minutes.
Add the fish and poach, turning, for 2-3 minutes. Remove the fish and set aside.
In a small bowl, mix together flour and 25g butter. Remove stalks from the pan and return stock to medium/low heat.
Bring to a gentle simmer, then add the butter mixture, 1 tablespoon at a time, whisking to combine after each addition. Season and cook, stirring for three minutes or until thick. Add 150 ml milk and cook for a further two minutes. Allow to cool. Place the potatoes in a large saucepan of cold, salted water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 12-15 minutes until the potatoes are tender.
Drain and Mash. While the potato is still hot, beat in the remaining butter.
Add the 100ml milk and egg yolks, season and set aside.
Fold the fish and chopped herbs into the cooled sauce and divide amongst four 350ml ovenproof dishes.
Pipe over the potato and cook for 15-20 minutes until bubbling and golden. 

Remove from oven and serve with salad leaves.

Serves 4