Volume 30 Issue 12 - 07 May 2021

From the Principal

Andrew Watt – Principal

Detecting vaping on our campus

The increasing prevalence of vaping (e-cigarettes) amongst our young people has highlighted the need for a whole-school approach. Education on the dangers of vaping will continue to be covered in our public forums and through our formal curriculum and House Tutor program. Our parents have access to up-to-date information on vaping (see previous edition of Ma Nishma) and information on vaping will form part of the parent information evening, conducted annually by Paul Dillon, Director of Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA). Additionally, sensors that can detect vaping, tobacco, THC, and other chemicals, will be installed on a trial basis in High School student bathrooms and toilets across the campus. The system will not use CCTV footage, but when vaping is detected, it will send an alert to staff who will have installed the App. Parents are encouraged to discuss these planned measures with their children, as part of our partnership to eliminate vaping from our student community.

Strengthening student voice and agency

The issue of consent, with a focus on building a culture of support and respect, was raised in our High School assembly on Tuesday, through a joint presentation from myself and Margaret Lowe. In the words of Australian singer/songwriter, Paul Kelly; From little things, big things grow. The question was posed: can the small ways in which we respond disrespectfully to each other early on in High School possibly lead to the bigger things that go wrong down the track? Could it be that the derogatory language that we sometimes use, often cloaked in humour, could accumulate and lead to a culture of disrespect? Our students were asked to reflect on what these ‘little’ things could look like – for example, making sexist, misogynistic or racist comments, belittling, putting down another person… giving someone a nasty nickname that sticks? Humiliating someone for their actions, at parties or inside school? Talking about people behind their backs… sharing too much on social media?

The key messages we are promoting in relation to consent are:

  1. The default position is no – consent can never be assumed.
  2. Consent comes in the form of an ‘enthusiastic’ yes; it is important stop, ask, wait and watch to ensure the intended message is truly being heard.
  3. Education is the starting point for understanding the issues around consent and then it is the responsibility of all of us to make good choices; to listen to others, to stand up rather than stand by and to accept “no” the first time

The next step will be to hear first-hand from our students, to listen to their views on what they see as the issues that have led to the recent, much-publicised consent issues. One of the six key elements of best-practice wellbeing is to create meaningful opportunities for student voice and engagement. We want to provide an opportunity for our students to share their views on what needs to be done to maintain an inclusive, caring and respectful school culture that calls out inappropriate behaviour. Accordingly, a series of student forums will shortly be launched, facilitated by our student leaders. Both Margaret Lowe and I will attend each forum.

Resident engagement and feedback on traffic management

As mentioned previously, as a condition of our building development consent, Randwick Council has required us to set up a Community Liaison Committee (CLC), with an independent Chair.  I am pleased to announce that Professor Roberta Ryan, an experienced leader in this area, will chair the CLC. The committee will deal with resident concerns in relation to traffic and parking. In the interim, parents are encouraged to support our neighbours by driving and parking wisely and responsibly. We continue to receive a steady trickle of reports relating to double parking, children crossing the road between cars, parking all day in a restricted-time slot and using Market Street as a car line, rather than engage with our GWTF arrangements. This does not auger well for our first CLC meeting. We are committed to maintaining safe and respectful traffic flow arrangements.

Year K Pathways

Today was Year K Eilat’s first Pathways ceremony. This is always a very moving event for parents who have the opportunity to celebrate their child’s journey of Jewish learning.  Thank you to Adam Carpenter, Hagit Bar-On, Sarit Spira, Martine Nabarro and Stacey Rosenfeld for their hard work in planning and running the event.

Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all Emanuel Mums and special friends a very Happy Mother’s Day. I hope that you have a lovely weekend together. Thank you to the P&F for arranging the Mother’s Day gift stall. It is always a highlight for the students who love choosing their perfect gift for Mum.

Primary Northern Territory trip

Reading with students at Jilkminggan School

On Sunday, 20 Year 6 students and their parents travelled to the Northern Territory for our first trip since the start of COVID-19. For the past three days, the students have been in Jilkminggan, spending quality time with the students at the School and are looking forward to searching for the jumping crocodiles on Adelaide River. We look forward to hearing about their journey in next week’s Ma Nishma. 

Kol hakavod

I received a heartfelt letter from Kids Giving Back thanking a number of students who have undertaken volunteer work over the past few months, contributing to meet the needs of vulnerable people in our community. I acknowledge and commend the following students for their commitment to Tikkun Olam and for making a difference to the lives of others who are less fortunate:

Year K: Nava Luci Frankham
Year 1: Avital Levy, Abigail Romain, Alessia Rose Frankham, Lola Wine, Stevie Zurnamer
Year 2: Jacob Raiz
Year 3: Ruby Hersh
Year 4: Liam Frankham, Gem Roffe-Nassi, Idan Shalem, Joel Hersh 
Year 6: Gemma Jacobson, Samara Strugar 
Year 7: Jemma Drutman, Yael Joffe, Madison Narunsky                                                                        

Mazal tov

We had fantastic results at the AICES Football Championships on Wednesday. Mazal tov to all. 

  • Coby New, Year 10, was selected in the AICES 16 years boys football team that will go on to play at CIS.
  • The 15 years girls CDSSA football team won the AICES Championships. Well done to Mischa Spielman, Year 10, Sienna Poswell, Year 9 and Gemma Odes, Year 7
  • The 16 years boys CDSSA football team made semi-finals at AICES Championship. Congratulations to Ethan Hirst, Year 9 and Coby New, Year 10.

Quote of the week

“Every time you do a good deed you shine the light a little farther into the dark. And the thing is, when you’re gone that light is going to keep shining on, pushing the shadows back.”
– Charles de lint, Canadian author






From the Head of Jewish Life

Rabbi Daniel Siegel – Head of Jewish Life

Satisfying seven

BeHar Sinai, this week’s parashah, is the seventh Torah reading from the book of VaYikra, and focuses on the number seven- sheva/שבע.

First, we are told the land is to be granted a Sabbath:

ובשנה השביעית שבת שבתון יהיה לארץ שבת לה’

In the seventh year, the land shall have a Sabbath of Sabbaths, a Sabbath to the Lord.

We are to observe a Sabbatical-the seventh year is one of complete rest for the land.

As the seventh day (יום השביעי) is Shabbat, a day of rest for humanity, so the seventh year (שנה השביעית) is a Sabbath of Sabbaths in which the land, as well, is to experience respite and recovery.

Beyond the seventh day and seventh year is the observance of the Jubilee, following upon seven cycles of seven years.

וספרת לך שבע שבתות שנים שבע שנים שבע פעמים והיו לך ימי שבע שבתות השנים תשע וארבעים שנה והעברת שופר תרועה בחודש השביעי… ביום הכיפורים… וקראתם דרור בארץ לכל יושביה יובל היא

 And you shall count seven sabbaths of years, (that is) seven years, seven times, so that the days of the seven sabbaths of years will be 49 years. Upon the seventh month, on the day of Yom Kippur, you shall sound the shofar…proclaiming liberty throughout the land for all its inhabitants, this is the Jubilee.

Upon completion of seven cycles of seven years, being seven sabbatical years, a great restoration of wholeness occurs, slaves and prisoners are released, property seized by creditors reverts to its original owners and families and the land experiences a fullness of rest.

The biblical mandate of the counting of seven times seven, bringing us to the Jubilee year, is reminiscent of the command to count the Omer which we find in the previous parashah (Emor):

וספרתם לכם ממחרת השבת… שבע שבתות תמימות תהיינה עד ממחרת השבת השביעית

And you shall count, from the day following the sabbath, seven complete sabbaths, until the day following the seventh sabbath

After counting forty-nine days of the Omer, Shavu’ot (שבועות) being a culmination of and deriving its name from these seven (שבע) weeks, is observed by bringing an offering of new grain to the Temple.

Shabbat, Shemittah (the Sabbatical Year), Yovel (The Jubilee) and Shavu’ot all center upon the number seven, as do the festivals of Sukkot and Pesach, which we observe for seven days (in Israel).

The importance of seven (sheva/שבע), which is the most significant number within our Jewish tradition, is reflected in another word of the same letters that is also found in our parashah.

ונתתה הארץ פריה ואכלתם לשבע
And the land shall yield its fruit and you shall eat your fill (sova/שבע)

Seven (sheva/שבע) constitutes a sense of fullness (sova/שבע). Thus, Shabbat, the seventh day is holy when its observance makes for rest and a restoration of wholeness-it celebrates a fullness of being. The Sabbatical year extends this fullness of being in application and manifestation. And, as squaring a number renders its ultimate expression, so seven (sheva/שבע) times seven brings us to the fullest realisation of sova/שבע. This Jubilee year reinstates a primordial wholeness of being and spirit.

Lest we be consumed by our consumption, the Jewish observance of rest and restoration, every seven days, weeks and years, seeks fulfilment in the spirit of purposeful being and becoming rather than in preoccupation with procurement and production.

Below are some examples of the significance of seven in Jewish practice, rituals and belief.

The first verse of the Torah, beginning the description of Creation (which ends with Shabbat, on the seventh day), consists of seven words.

Jericho’s walls fall on the seventh day after seven priests with seven trumpets march around the city seven times.

We make seven circuitous processions (hakafot) with the Torah on Simchat Torah.

The bride (traditionally, revised in contemporary practices) encircles the groom seven times.

A bride and groom are feted with seven days of festive meals after their wedding, in which the Sheva Berakhot (Seven Blessings), pronounced at the wedding ceremony, are joyously repeated.

When a close relative dies, we sit Shiv’ah, 7 days of mourning.

On Sukkot, celebrated for seven days, we take-up/shake 7 plant products – 1 Lulav, 1 Etrog, 2 willows, and 3 myrtles.

On the seventh day of Sukkot, there is a procession of seven circuits, with these seven plant products, around the synagogue sanctuary.

The smallest allowable dimension of a Sukkah is 7 cubits by 7 cubits.

The number of Ushpizin/Ushpizot, guests, invited into the Sukkah during the holiday are seven males (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, and David) and seven females (Sarah, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Abigail, Huldah and Esther).

Shavu’ot, celebrated after the counting of seven weeks times seven, includes the bringing of bikkurim (first produce) from the seven species of fruit for which the land of Israel is known. (Wheat, barley, grapes, pomegranates, figs, olives, and dates).

We conclude our Yom Kippur prayers by proclaiming seven times, “The Lord is God!”




Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

Pathways ceremonies back on track (ish)

We are excited to be holding multiple Pathways ceremonies this term and to be catching up with events that were cancelled last year.

Students and families in Years K and 1 have Pathways ceremonies to celebrate the beginning of their Jewish learning journey, with a focus on the meaning and significance of their English and Hebrew names. Towards the end of this term, families in Years 4 and 5 will be invited to join our Thursday morning Torah service and then present a Tanakh, personalised with family photos, histories and messages, to their child.

Today we celebrated our first Pathways ceremony with Year K Eilat and their parents, who were invited to join  our Friday morning Shabbat celebration. Parents were invited to decorate and inscribe a ‘hamsa’ outline of their child’s hand with a personalised message based on the Birkat Banim (Blessing of the Children) and their child’s name. The students recited the Shechiyanu prayer to celebrate the occasion and performed a pre-recorded Hebrew song.  

Our Year 11 Hospitality students prepared Aleph Bet Shortbread biscuits for the students to enjoy.

Todah Rabah Morah Martine and Morah Shirley, who prepared with the students for the K Eilat and K Haifa Pathways ceremonies and their hamsa picture frames. Thank you Morah Bar-On and Morah Spira for leading the Shabbat celebrations and to Mrs Ephron and the Year 11 Hospitality students for making the delicious Aleph Bet shortbread biscuits for our Year K and 1 Pathway ceremonies. 






Katie Brody – Director of Students K-6

NAPLAN testing (Year 3 and Year 5)

“As you sit down to your exams you owe it to yourself to work hard and do your best, but know that the results won’t be a measure of you. There is no exam, block of exams, or assessment that will even come close to showing what you are capable of, or the life that’s waiting for you.” Read the full message to students

From Tuesday 11 May 2021 – Friday 14 May 2021, our Year 3 and Year 5 students will participate in NAPLAN Online. We would appreciate it if all parents keep the emphasis on best effort and help the children to remain confident. We will be offering lots of encouragement for students to remain at ease, read carefully and check their work prior to submission. We will also emphasise the sentiments of the article referenced above.

Aside from the writing task for Year 3 being on paper this year, the rest of the assessments will be completed online. Click here for the information for parents and carers. One of the main features of the NAPLAN Online format is that it is a tailored (or adaptive) test. The tailored test provides a more precise assessment of your child’s performance in the areas of reading, language conventions (grammar, spelling and punctuation) and numeracy by adapting to responses. As your child progresses through the test, questions may be easier or more difficult, to better assess his or her ability. Your child’s NAPLAN results and scores are based on the number and complexity of questions he or she has answered correctly. 

NAPLAN schedule



Year 3

Year 5

Tuesday 11 May 2021


Wednesday 12 May 2021

Reading task and Conventions of Language 


Thursday 13 May 2021

Reading task and Conventions of Language 


Friday 14 May 2021



Please note:

  • Instrument tutors have been provided with the NAPLAN schedule and should not take your child for a lesson during a NAPLAN task
  • ‘Catch up’ sessions have been scheduled in the unfortunate case of student illness – the final date for all NAPLAN exams to be completed is Friday 21 May 2021.

If you have any questions about NAPLAN Online, please contact your child’s teacher or Katie Brody, Director of Studies K-6  

For more information click on these links:

Alwell Year 4

On 21 May 2021 Year 4 students will participate in Alwell testing. As with all tasks of this nature, students should focus on what they can do to show their best effort and should encourage their peers to take this in their stride. The invigilators from Alwell Academic Assessment Services will be administering the tasks. Starting from the morning, the students will have breaks between sessions and should finish around 12:30 pm. These are paper based tasks.

Jikminggan trip – Northern Territory

News from the travellers is that the Jilkminggan trip has been a wonderful experience and such an adventure for the students and parents. With incredible views, textures and colours in the various landscapes and exciting exploration in the natural environment, to the special interactions between Emanuel students and the local school community. This certainly sounds like a journey that won’t be forgotten. We look forward to more news and to seeing all the photos once our families are home again.


Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmel

Library visits

Each week the children visit the Primary School library and share an interactive lesson with Mrs Rogut.

Mrs Rogut starts off each lesson by allowing the children to select a book, which has been placed on a piece of square carpet in the library and to sit down and read their chosen book. This is followed by story reading time. Mrs Rogut discusses the author and illustrator with the children and invites them to look at the pictures on the front cover and make predictions about the story. As she reads the book, she asks the children open-ended questions: “What might happen next?” “What do you know about ….?”.

Rhyming words are also highlighted and brought to the children’s attention. A discussion may ensue about the characters or main idea of the story and the children often share their own experiences and relate it to the story. 

This special time in a library setting is very much valued and appreciated. We are lucky enough to be on one campus and for the children to be able to visit the library on a weekly basis and familiarise themselves with this space, the rules of the library and the teachers. This all helps to build their sense of belonging to the wider Emanuel community, as well as prepare them for the transition to Primary School.

Benefits of reading and sharing stories

  • Reading helps children get to know sounds, words and language, and develop early literacy skills and concepts such as colours, shapes, numbers and letters.
  • Children learn to value books and stories.
  • Reading sparks children’s imagination, stimulates curiosity and builds listening skills.
  • Reading helps develop children’s brain, ability to focus, concentration, social skills and communication skills.
  • It helps children learn the difference between ‘real’ and ‘make-believe’.
  • It helps children understand new or frightening events, and the strong emotions that come with them.
  • It helps your child learn about the world, their own culture and other cultures.
  • Reading together makes you bond with your child stronger and this gives your child a sense of intimacy and well-being.
  • The intimacy of reading is such a pleasurable experience that children will have a positive attitude towards reading as they grow up.
  • Reading calms children down and helps them to regulate.
  • It promotes increased communication between you and your child.
  • Pre-school children who are exposed to language by hearing words that are read to them and in conversation tend to do well in school.
  • Through starting to read early on to your child, they learn the basics of reading a book, that words represent sounds and concepts, words are read from left to write, and stories continue when you gently flip/turn the pages.
  • Reading promotes longer attention span, which is an important skill for children to acquire from a young age.
  • Reading teaches thinking and comprehension skills, understanding cause and effect, logic, as well as how to think in abstract terms.
  • Through reading children learn the consequences of actions, and the basics of what is right and wrong.
  • Books teach children about relationships, situations, personalities, and what is good and what is bad in the world they live in.
  • Reading builds brain networks that will benefit children long term when they transition from verbal /listening to stories, to actually reading them by themselves.
  • Reading activates an important part of the brain – all about multi sensory integration, integrating sound and visual stimulation.
  • If children learn early that reading is fun and not a chore, as they grow up and start formal schooling, they will not be stressed about reading, as they will already know reading is a pleasurable habit. Reading to your child early on, influences them to be lifetime readers! 
  • Sharing stories with your child doesn’t mean you have to read from the book. Just by looking at books with children and talking about them, you can be a great storyteller and a good model for using language and books. 
  • Reading stories with children has benefits for grown-ups too. The special time you spend reading together promotes bonding and helps to build your relationship with your child.

Here are two websites worth visiting for more information:

Happy Mother’s Day

We wish all our wonderful Kornmehl Mums and Grandma’s a very special and happy Mother’s Day. We hope you all get spoilt on Sunday and have a lovely time celebrating with your families. We hope you enjoy your special gifts that the children made you and the special messages from their hearts.

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning at our Family Day breakfast celebration from 8.00 am – 9.15 am.

Happy Birthday

We wish a very happy birthday this week to Joshua Phillips (5), Luke Brown (5), Daniel Sikar (5) and Matteo Freedman (4). We hope you all had a lovely day.






Primary Leadership

Anti-bullying Day

On Thursday the 22 April 2021, the Madrichim of 2021 held activities for the other children in Primary School for the annual Anti Bullying Day. We had to do seven year groups in four periods, so we divided and conquered. Every year group created paper cups through origami. With these paper cups they wrote kind messages to each other which were then topped off with a freddo. They thoroughly enjoyed it as they were cheering when they won, and polite when they lost. It was also quite funny when some of the year ones “accidentally” ate the chocolates they were meant to be giving away. The Madrichim worked for weeks to try and make the most fun activities for all of the year groups, and this was a success.

The paragraphs that follow will explain each year group in more depth and will more thoroughly explain the events that occurred on Anti – Bullying Day. By Micah Ezra and Sofia Berkovic

This picture represents all the hard work and dedication that the Madrichim of 2021 put in for this year’s Anti-Bullying Day. The overall message for Anti-Bullying Day this year was ‘Building Buddies’.

We wanted to try to educate the younger Primary School years on different ways to build buddies and give them an optimistic point of view. The station we are standing at was a LEGO based activity that was designed to teach the children teamwork and collaboration skills. When it’s completed the lego structure will end up saying “Building Buddies”. The station was a big success and the children used their skills to start the masterpiece. By Benjamin Freed and Misha Grynberg



This is a picture of the Madrichim running their activities with Year 1. They had watched a video on building buddies and then drew on paper cups to give to their classmates as a way of making friends. They then put in chocolates and gave them to other kids along with a kind little note. The year 1 students are currently playing a game of jeopardy based on building buddies and dealing with bullying.

The Year 1s collaborated with each other fantastically and it was amazing to run these activities with them. By Isaac Shammay and Becky Salamon



Teaching the Year 2 students was such an engaging experience. We did a range of activities which included a slideshow and video, playing jeopardy and making paper buckets for one another. The video and slideshow that was shown focused on friendships and being an upstander. The below picture really captured the ‘Building Buddies’ moral that we were hoping to give to the students. They really interacted together well with their team and worked together amazingly. This taught them to work as a team and compromise. It was an amazing experience for us and we hope it was for them too. By Amali Allul Orozco and Leah Joshua


Teaching the group of Kindergarten children below was such a fun but tiring experience. We had lots of fun activities that we played with them . We were focusing on how to build buddies and how to strengthen their relationships. One of the games we played with them was “Complement Bang” which focused on being able to interact and have conversations with others. By the end of this game the children were a lot more conversational with others in their grade. We think that this was a really good opportunity for them but also us. I hope this has made a difference for them. By Talia Pollak and Jonathan Igra



Primary Sport

Stuart Taylor – PDHPE Teacher

Primary CIS Boys Soccer

On Friday 23 April 2021, Eli Jocum participated at the CIS soccer trials. Held at Valentine Park, Eli played as part of a “Barbarian’s” team comprising members of all the competing associations. Eli played well and represented himself and Emanuel School admirably.

ASISSA Netball Gala Day

On Thursday 29 April 2021, the Emanuel girls pitted their netball skills against five other association schools in a round robin competition held at Heffron Park netball courts. The girls (Samara Strugar, Jordan Arnott, Noaa Smily, Lexi Butt, Tamar Granot, Sophia Berkovic, Layla Aronstan, Ally Rockman, Talia Pollak) played well and finished second overall. The other purpose of the day was to select an ASISSA representative team to compete at the CIS trials. Samara and Jordan were chosen as part of this team. My thanks are extended to Erin Archer and Sharon Fairfax who worked with the girls throughout the the day.



K-12 Sport

Kristy Genc – Director of Sports K-12

Football & Futsal success

Congratulations to the 14yrs futsal teams who recently competed in NSW Schools Regional Futsal Championships. The students had a fantastic day and for many it was their first time playing in a competition of this standard. The girls team did particularly well, undefeated through the pool stage and scoring an abundance of goals. The team went on to win the semi-final and had a narrow loss, following extra-time and a penalty shoot out in the grand-final. This team will now progress to the State Championships in August. 

Last week the Emanuel football teams competed at the CDSSA Football Championships at Heffron Park. The students in the football program have developed a great sporting culture and played with skill and determination. All four Emanuel teams progressed to the semi-finals and two teams went on to win the championships. Well done to both of the senior teams for making the semi-finals and a special mention to Aiden Poswell, Hannah Kim and Eden Levit. The 15yrs girls team had a solid win over Pittwater House in the grand-final, Sienna Poswell and Gemma Odes combining to score the winning goal. The 16yrs boys team won in a thrilling match over Moriah after extra time and a penalty shoot, with outstanding performances by Coby New, Ethan Hirst, Leo Latter and Reece Carr. 

Netball news

AICES Netball 2021

Well done to Alena Lewy, Mariah Lewy and Amelie Trope who were selected in the CDSSA 15yrs Netball Team. This team had a successful campaign at the AICES championships, winning the competition for the first time. 

The High School netball program has had a successful start to the term. The Emanuel Year 7-9 teams are currently playing in the weekly St Catherine’s competition and had a pleasing first week of the season. Good luck for the rest of the season. 

The new Primary School netball program commenced last week for students in Year 3-6. This program is aimed for those students looking to enhance their netball skills and teams are currently being formed for inter-school matches to be held on Tuesday afternoons later in the term. It is also a great opportunity for students in Years 4-6 to prepare for the upcoming Term 3 Thursday compulsory inter-school sport. If your child is interested in joining netball please contact Netball Co-ordinator, Erin Archer 



Year 8 Israel Expo 2021

Israel Expo 2021 – A great success!

Israel Expo was an absolutely incredible experience!

Throughout the course of Term 1, Year 8 students worked hard either in pairs, threes or even individually to research, dig deeper and discover their topic of interest – which included defence, art, medicine and music. It was a great way for us to learn about not just our own topics but everyone else’s as well because of things such as the stands, fact sheets, groups topic overviews and the class game we did together where we had to combine all our knowledge of our topics and answer some questions.

On the Expo day it was wonderful to see all of our hard work come together after so many weeks of dedicated research and commitment to the project. It was really fun seeing some of the Pre-school kids and the younger students have a turn at some of the activities such as the basketball, quizzes, hangman games and paintings. Everybody’s activities and souvenirs were more creative than the next, many being so unique and useful such as the bobby pins, tzedakah boxes, flags, syringe-like pens and even lava lamps!  After school, parents, family, friends and staff flocked to the MPH to learn from the Year 8s about their topics and everyone was so proud of what they had accomplished.

Thank you so much to Ms Levin-Kahn, Morah Becky and Morah Gaida as well as the maintenance team, Esti Lipson and all of the visiting staff and students for helping and supporting all of us.

Congratulations Year 8!

By Ashley Cohn, Sam Levi, Daliah Smagarinsky and Liberty Waldner

Here are some individual thoughts about the expo:

I was the first of Emanuel students doing this project to choose architecture, which meant I had to write my own questions, and I was able to explore more deeply into what I most wanted to learn about. I chose architecture because I love design and art, and I have always found buildings and structures fascinating and I think this project will really help me become more of an ‘expert’. Our advice for future ‘experts’ is to watch the clock! I have never had great time management skills and, for me, this project was all about breaking big chunks into smaller pieces, making it easier on myself to get the job done to the best of my abilities. This is not the type of project to sit and wait, never leave things like this to the last minute, trust me, you’ll feel much better about your work that way! By Ashley Cohn

Overall, Israel Expo has been an amazing experience where I not only got to do my research by sitting at a computer screen, but I also heard from some experts in Hebrew, including Morah Harvey and Morah Bar-On, and I also got to share my work with everyone who came to visit my stand! By Daliah Smagarinsky

Overall the Expo was a great experience to have had and a really different ‘PoU’ than any I have ever worked on.
Sam Levi 

For me personally, this night will be one that I will never forget! By Liberty Waldner

Well done on a fantastic Israel Expo! A huge amount of work by students and staff. The students were clearly very engaged and excited to display their knowledge and work. I was particularly struck by the students’ passion for Israel and how this project had engaged them in a deeper understanding of the country and its complexities.
Julian Abelson (Director of Studies)

The Happiest Man on Earth

Sonia Newell – Development Officer – Alumni & Community Relations

Private Art Gallery tour with a difference

We hope you will join us on the morning of 16 June 2021 for our Gesher private tour of Salon des Refusés 2021 (The alternative Archibald and Wynne Prize selection) at the S.H. Ervin Gallery, Observatory Hill (The Rocks). This event is open to past and current parents, grandparents and alumni as well as friends. Bookings open soon.

Friendship Circle and Friendship Bakery

If you are a regular reader of this page, you will know that many in our School community – parents, alumni and students – are great supporters of Sydney Friendship Circle (FC) but there are some connections you may not be aware of. Current parent, Jeffrey Akres, is on the Board of Trustees of FC, whilst past parent, Dr Les White, is on their Advisory Board. If you or someone you know would like to join FC as a participant or volunteer, please email here.  

The Friendship Bakery is a social enterprise that aims to empower young people living with disability by challenging them to take on the responsibilities of creating and selling their own baked products. These young people work alongside owner of Jesse’s Bakery, Emanuel parent Jesse Meguideche, and his team, learning the art of Challah baking process from start to finish. They operate all the machines, including braiding and forming the challahs into the loaves we all love to eat every Shabbat as well as making babka and other yummy things. They have now had their first week at their own Friendship Bakery at Mark Moran Vaucluse, learning new skills needed in the workplace as they get ready to launch. Whilst Friendship Bakery is proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with our local community there is some equipment still needed, so if you would like to be a sponsor to help the Bakery open their doors, please click here

Sydney Jewish Museum (SJM)

The museum, which opened in 1992, was established by the generation of Holocaust survivors who came to Australia. Members of our School community are amongst its founders, supporters and volunteer guides as well as on staff. Emanuel grandparent, Rita Prager, is Community Liaison Manager whilst Charles Aronson and Paul Drexler are on the Museum Board. Alumna Dr Rebecca Kummerfeld (Class of 2003) heads their Education Unit, whilst alumnus Dr Simon Holloway also works in that unit. It has been 28 years since its inception and the SJM continues to give a voice to the victims of the Holocaust so their stories can start conversations and inspire change. Its work involves both permanent and temporary exhibitions, education programs and facilities and online events. Did you know SJM runs numerous courses throughout the year? You may be interested in the free online short course SJM is currently running in partnership with the University of Sydney and Mandelbaum House, “Education in times of crisis”. 

Mazal tov

Eddie Jaku who recently celebrated his 101st birthday, is a name familiar not only to our School community where he is one of our great grandparents, but also around Australia and beyond. Eddie received an OAM in 2013 for his extensive work to ensure the Holocaust is never forgotten. Last week at the Australian Book Industry Awards event, he was announced the winner of the ABIA 2021 Biography Book of the Year, for his book The Happiest Man on Earth. It is an amazing and powerful book. We have copies of the book in our School library, so you can also encourage your children to borrow and read it too. Our post on the Emanuel School Community Facebook page about this wonderful news of Eddie’s award is one of our most popular posts to date, with close to 150 likes and lots of comments. If you are not already a member of this Facebook page, where you can read more School news and see photos from some of our School events as well as daily life activities of our students, we encourage you to join.

ABC Community Exhibition 2021

B’nai B’rith, together with COA, have an initiative, ABC Community Exhibition 2021, an exhibition of works by Jewish Artists.  Applications close next week on  Friday 14 May 2021 so there is still time to enter. This is a great opportunity for both Emanuel parents and students to show your artistic talents. For more details contact past parent Viv Radomsky, Project Manager at B’nai B’rith or Sabina Kovadlo



If you have photos and/or news to share, please send to Sonia Newell.   

Shabbat Shalom and have a great weekend.    



Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

This is our Class of 2020 infographic displaying the fabulous breadth of choices and options that last years’ group have gone on to do. Between now and when this data was taken, even more choices will be in the mix. What I love to see is that we have students who go on to achieve great things in a range of diverse paths, some that include soccer scholarships in US universities, automotive apprenticeships, design computing, varied TAFE courses and everything in between. We celebrate all paths.

Following on from this, we hosted TAFE this week who spoke to our Year 12s. This was the first timeTAFE has come to speak to our students and they spoke about a range of paths and dispelled some myths (and misconceptions) that students had about TAFE being a secondary option. All of the vocational paths were aired and the work-ready skills that TAFE students graduate with (who now outperform University graduates) was also discussed.

Justin Wahlin and Claire Haigh (TAFE NSW) presenting to Year 12

TAFE information

  • All TAFE courses available
  • TAFE to UNIVERSITY: showing how TAFE study can progress to University degrees.
  • Credit transfer: seeing what courses give transfers to University degrees.
  • Great video here on a a University qualified architect who then went on to become a trained carpenter at TAFE. She set up the Tiny House Company. An interesting marrying of the tertiary sectors.

Links, events and dates

Music Matters

Diana Springford – Head of Music

Music Camp – last chance to sign up!

If you have decided you would like to come to Music Camp and haven’t yet signed up, please contact Joanne De Araujo immediately. 

We’ve had a wonderful response and a large group of talented students from Years 4 -12 are registered to attend Music Camp in June. Our participants list is being finalised and a detailed packing list will be sent to attendees in Week 6. If you are unsure whether you have registered or not, please check that your name is on the list on the noticeboard in the Music Department.

Music Camp is a wonderful celebration of our vibrant music culture and the talents and hard work of our young musicians. Each camp is a special experience for students as they unite in a shared love of music and work together in the pursuit of excellence. Emanuel School music staff join with a team of highly skilled professional musicians to develop and hone students’ musical skills in preparation for an exciting showcase concert.

Music Camp is a four-day camp from Monday 7 June 2021 to Thursday 10 June 2021. The first three days are held at Lake Macquarie Outdoor Recreation Centre in Balcolyn and the final day is held at School. Students return to Emanuel on the evening of Wednesday 9 June 2021, to be collected by parents in the early evening. Camp continues on Thursday 10 June 2021 with an all-day rehearsal, a BBQ dinner for students and our Music Camp Showcase Concert in the MPH on the Thursday evening.

Infants Music Assembly

Kol Hakavod to the fabulous Infants School musicians who performed so beautifully for the Infants School Music Assembly last Friday. For many children this was their first ever music performance. Everyone performed so well! 

The Infants Choir gave a rousing rendition of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious conducted by Sarit Spira and accompanied by  Antonio Fernandez. Our new Perlman Ensemble played Mr Crocodile, conducted by  Monique Mezzatesta and accompanied by  Antonio Fernandez. Thank you to Sarit and Monique for organising this performance and for their dedicated teaching and support of our young musicians. Our thanks also to Antonio for his wonderful accompaniment.

The recording of these performances is accessible via the Music button on the parent portal.

Jazz Combo performed at the High School Assembly this week

Mazal tov to the Jazz Combo for their excellent performance of The Chicken by Jaco Pastorius at assembly in Week 3: Jamie Schneider, Coby New, Jake Sharp, Daniel Langman (all Year 10) and Oren Levin-Kahn (Year 9). They were stylishly led by  Marty Farrugia playing trumpet.

The recording of this performance is accessible via the Music button on the parent portal.

Calling interested Years 5 – 12 students to help compose our School Song for Audience Choir

Imagine that you were asked to bring your phone to assembly, that you were asked to “FIND YOUR OWN ADVENTURE” through a bunch of questions about what you value about your school, which lead you to your special “SONIC IDENTITY” which, when activated played an AUDIO RECORDING that, in combination with other sonic identities, made a special “SOUNDSCAPE” over which everyone is taught a simple and memorable canon to sing. Weird, eh? 

It’s the Audience Choir song, but it isn’t composed yet.

It will be composed by a bunch of you, and you don’t need to be a musician to make this music, although you can be.

If you are interested in this opportunity to contribute to the composition of this weird, wonderful and new “SCHOOL SONG”, then maybe one of these roles would suit you? 

  • We are looking for musicians to help make the simple canon/round so it has a flavour appropriate to our school.
  • We need some writers who like asking questions, who have questions to ask about our school values and sense of community.
  • We need some audio engineers who have sounds they’d like to record – sounds that are of and show our school, whether that be the macro-sounds of basketballs bouncing out there, or the micro sounds of charcoal drawn across paper up in the LINC, or the sound of Kindies attempting some “waterplay” – think what sounds make you think of our School.

If you could conceive of yourself as a composer/writer/audio engineer/soundscape maker, or if you are curious about this odd creative project, and would like to join our project, please email Ms Springford to inform her of your interest and meet her in the Millie Phillips Theatre next Tuesday 11 May 2021 at lunchtime to meet Alice, who will lead us down the rabbit hole of our School Audience Choir Song composition.

Music Portal page

For announcements about our busy Music program, please check our Music Portal Page on a weekly basis.

You can also find fun news and updates from us on Instagram.

Music Camp Showcase

Bookings open soon


Welcome back to Term 2 Meirians!

I hope that everyone had a restful and fun holiday. We’ve got an exciting and busy term coming up, so keep an eye out for announcements. 

House Music

The first exciting event of the term is House Music! Meir has been practising each week, with the smaller performances working tirelessly this term. We are very excited to show the rest of the school what we’ve been working on.

Charlotte and Georgia (our amazing House Captains) and the rest of the Year 12 Meir cohort have created 3 amazing performances:

Big House Dance

This will feature everyone! Choreography led by Charlotte Lyons, Dean Reuveny, Elia Gil-Munoz, Becky Nebanzhal, Noam Meretz and many others!

Small House Performance

Our Small House is being run by several of the amazing Year 12 leaders.
Hint: It contains a powerful message… This performance will feature:

  • Aaron Berkowitz (Year 8)
  • Benjamin Fram (Year 8)
  • Alice Milner (Year 9)
  • Oren Levin-Kahn (Year 9)
  • Zoe Nebanzhal (Year 10)
  • Coby New (Year 10)
  • Jamie Schneider (Year 10)
  • Clio Stockley (Year 10)
  • Brooke Rosen (Year 10)
  • Maya Sher (Year 11)
  • Lori Allen (Year 11)
  • Tammy Kurlansky (Year 11)
  • Bella Filipczyk (Year 11)
  • Eden Grynberg (Year 11)
  • Dean Reuveny (Year 12)
  • Ethan Moliver (Year 12)
  • Zac Boswell (Year 12)
  • Ruby Hurwitz (Year 12)
  • Charlotte Lyons (Year 12)
  • Shane Doust (Year 12)

X Factor

Our X Factor is being performed by the very talented Coby New, Jamie Schneider, Zoe Nebenzahl (Year 10) and Alice Milner (Year 9), who are performing a mash-up of three wonderful songs that are bound to blow you away. 

House Music is on 10 May 2021, after school, so watch out for any green alerts coming before then!! 

So Meirians, make sure you have lots of green and silver ready for next week Monday and let’s win!

Who is Mrs Thomas?

Carrie-Anne Thomas, Innovation Leader, K-2 Co-ordinator

Each month, we find out more about a nominated staff member. 


What is your role at Emanuel School?
I am so excited to have recently started in the role of Innovation Leader (K-6), whilst also carrying on with the position of K-2 Coordinator. I feel extremely privileged to be working in both of these positions.  

How long have you been at Emanuel School?
I joined Emanuel in January 2017. I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone.  

What do you enjoy about working here?
The school community of Emanuel is like no school I have worked at before. I know that I am incredibly lucky to be part of a community of such welcoming students, parents and colleagues. 

What have you learnt about yourself at Emanuel?
It does not matter if you can’t understand what is being said, it is impossible not to get swept up in the ruach of a Jewish festival or a Shabbat celebration.

What is your favourite memory?
Experiencing the joy of students returning to campus after online learning. We were all so glad to be seeing each other in 3D again! 

What do you do to unwind/ what do you enjoy doing outside school hours?
I have recently taken up ceramics and love it! I’m still trying to master the basics of throwing on the wheel, but I look forward to any opportunity I get to give it a go. At home, we now have cupboards filled with wonky mugs and bowls that all have their own charm. 

What song do you know all the lyrics to?
I usually make lyrics up as I go, however I do remember the words to all the songs that I sang in my high school inter-house singing competition. 

What do you wish you could tell your 12 year old self?
To keep a diary. I have so many fond memories of my time at school but I know there were so many more moments of absolute joy and laughter that I wish I could remember now. 

If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?
Be yourself and remember to celebrate who you are. 

Carrie on her wedding day

Community Notices




Parents and Friends

Ruby Berkovic and Jennifer Opit

Hi Everyone,

We hope you have had a wonderful week.

Mother’s Day Get Together

Meditation Session and Get Together

This year, to celebrate Mother’s Day, the Parents and Friends would like to invite you to a relaxing morning meditation session. On Thursday 13 May 2021 please join us in Centennial Park outside the Homestead Café after drop-off for a catchup and relaxing meditation session led by Jodie Gien @ Mindful Future Project.

Where: Meet by the Homestead Café in Centennial Park (you can grab a coffee before we begin)
When: Come after drop-off for an 8.30 am start. The meditation will run for approximately 30 minutes and you can hang around and chat before and after if you choose.
What: A chance to catch up, bond and relax. Bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit on, warm clothes and a gold coin to donate to the Women’s Community Shelters. The Parents and Friends will provide a morning snack.

We hope to see you there!

Emanuel Parents and Friends Family Event – Scavenger Hunt! 

It has been too long since we have been able to come together, so the Parents and Friends is organising an afternoon of excitement with a Scavenger Hunt. Save the afternoon of Sunday 30 May 2021 at a time that suits you between 12.00 pm and 5.00 pm (it will take approximately two hours to complete), for some Family Fun! The cost is $50.00 per family/team (between 2-6 team members) and all you need is enthusiastic participants and a mobile phone on which to download and access the free App that will allow us to play and interact with one another. You will race around Randwick answering questions and completing tasks (by car, bike or on foot – whatever you choose). You will be able to watch the progress of other teams as you race to checkpoints and complete challenges! It is sure to be heaps of fun!

When: Sunday 30 May 2021 anytime between 12.00 pm – 5.00 pm. It will take approximately two hours but you can complete as little/much as you like.
Where: Locations around Randwick (you can start and finish anywhere)
How: By following instructions on a free App
Cost: $50.00 per team/family (2-6 members)

Book now              

Entertainment Books

If you are looking for great offers while out and about, there are plenty to be found in the Entertainment Book. Order here

Weekend brain teaser

Question: If you are to keep it, you must first give it to me. What is it?

Wishing all the Mothers, Grandmothers and Special Friends a very special Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Jen & Ruby


Recipe of the Week

Each week we’ll bring you a tasty recipe passed down by Emanuel families, from the Emanuel School Community Cookbook, The Family Meal. 

From the Kitchen of From the Kitchen of Leigh Cutler (Mahi, Jude, Kirra Olian’s Aunty)

Brussel Sprout, Leek and Pear Salad 


600g brussel sprouts, trimmed and halved lengthways  
1 leek, sliced ½ cm rounds 
2-3 firm bosc pears, quartered, trimmed and cored 
Olive oil 
1 cup walnut halves 
½ cup sugar 
Seeds of ½ pomegranate or more to taste 
Vegan or regular marinated feta, cubed 
Balsamic to taste 


Pre-heat Oven to 1800C
Salt and liberally pepper brussel sprouts, leek rounds and pears, toss in extra virgin olive oil. 
Roast on a sheet pan for 25-30 minutes, turning once during cooking, until burnished/browned and leeks are just tender when pierced with a skewer.
Remove from oven and cool.
Meanwhile, prepare walnut brittle.
Line a sheet pan with foil and lightly grease. Set aside
In a small saucepan over medium heat, melt sugar and water then simmer until caramelised and golden in colour.
Remove from heat and quickly add in walnut halves and mix carefully.
Spread mixture out onto prepared sheet and leave to cool.
Break brittle into pieces and set aside.
Toss brussel sprouts/pear mixture with walnuts and balsamic.
Taste and adjust for salt and pepper.

Garnish with pomegranate and feta 

You can order the Emanuel School Community Cookbook, The Family Meal by contacting rubykb@gmail.com