Volume 24 Issue 31 - 14 Oct 2016

From the Principal

Anne Hastings

Anne Hastings – Principal

New Kindergarten classrooms

A very excited group of Kindy children began Term 4 in their beautiful new classrooms yesterday. Our old Art Block has been renovated into a colourful and welcoming space for the children (see the article under Jewish Life about the dedication of these rooms for more details). We are very grateful to Nathan Waller, a member of our Building Committee, who has overseen this project, and to our builders, Carrington, who have been fantastic to work with throughout the project, as we transformed what was a very tired space into a vibrant and imaginative classroom for the littlies. We will be featuring the space in later Ma Nishma articles, so that you all get an understanding of the children’s excitement to be in such engaging classrooms. Congratulations and thanks also go to the Kindy teachers, Emma Buzo and Carmen Yunis, as well as our maintenance team and the Kindy Hebrew teachers, who worked very hard to move the classrooms at the end of last term and to set up the new rooms so beautifully.

img_2383-copyCelebration of the commitment of our staff to the School

On Monday and Tuesday morning of this week our staff were at School for professional learning. I’ll write about the substance of these days next week. On Monday afternoon we held a celebration to show our gratitude to our staff for their great dedication to the School over their years of service. Each staff member who has been at the School for 5 or more years received a beautiful certificate of thanks, and staff with 10 or more years of service were presented with a metal ‘leaf’, engraved with their name, to be placed on our gratitude tree in the Administration building near Reception.

Amazingly, even though we are only 33 years old as a School, we have 8 staff members who have been with the School for over 20 years (Erika Katalav, Tanya Jeckeln, Garry Case, Ray Francis, Carol Lee, Margaret Lowe, Sandy Lipworth, Anna Economou) and another 9 who have been here for between 15 and 20 years (Tina Greenhill, Lara Ephron, Esti Lipson, Elena Rosin, Adam Carpenter, Natalie Lijovic, Karon Rom and Sam Bauer). We also honoured Greg Churm who was with us for 18 years and retired at the end of last year, and Lana Woolf who was also a long-serving teacher. A further 35 staff have been here for more than 10 years.

Emanuel School would not be the school it is without the dedication of our staff and we are very grateful to them for their hard work, great care of our students and focus on guiding them to grow into exemplary adults. We thank our staff sincerely and congratulate them for their outstanding contributions to Emanuel School. When you are next in the Administration building, take a moment to look at our newest installation, the gratitude tree.

 Welcome to Daniel Samowitz

On Monday we welcomed Daniel Samowitz to our staff. He is joining the Jewish Life department as an Informal Educator, taking over some of the role of our Shaliach, Or Mordo, who left us at the end of last term. Daniel is an ex-student of Emanuel School and has spent the last eight years in Israel working with youth groups and both university and school students there. He was the World Youth Leader for Habonim for a number of years. He is working with us three days per week, and is also working with the Emanuel Synagogue.

Mazal tov to:

  • Danielle Rutstein (Year 8) and Oskar Beck (Year 9), for their success at the Combined Independent Schools Athletics carnival in the last week of Term 3 (see report re HS Sport in this issue)
  • Sara Bortz and Ashne Amoils (Year 10), who volunteered to assist with with the B’nai B’rith Kids Club recently. I received an email from the organisers who said: “Both girls were a delight to have with us and are a credit to your school”.
  • Those students and staff who joined the Emanuel Mud team on the first weekend of the holidays to compete at the central coast, and especially Mr Dean Kaplan for his initiative in organising the event.

Coming up

  • School closed Monday 17 October and Tuesday 18 October for Sukkot
  • HSC Explained for parents of the class of 2016, 19 October 10:30 am, LLC
  • School closed Monday 24 October and Tuesday 25 October for Shemini Atseret and Simchat Torah

 Quote of the week

‘Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students’. [Solomon Ortiz]

Best wishes for a relaxing weekend.


Jewish Life

Kindergarten Mezuzah Ceremony


Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Studies Primary

Year K students began the new Jewish year of 5777 in style, spending their first day of Term 4 in the wonderful new Kindergarten classrooms. Over the years this beautiful heritage-listed building has served a number of purposes, first as a laundry for the Little Sisters of the Poor and then for many years as the School’s Visual Arts space. This building is now a dedicated building for our Year K students. The Lynette Sandra Phillips Kindergarten has been dedicated in her loving memory by her mother Millie, sister Sharonne, brother Robert and their children.

The students have spent the first days of term familiarising themselves with their new learning space and its beautiful nature-themed interiors of rivers, grass, leaves, trees and clouds. Year K Teachers, Emma Buzo and Carmen Yunis are loving their new space and looking forward to lots of fun, creativity and learning with their students. The Year K students dedicated their new rooms by putting up beautiful student-made mezuzot and learning about the meaning and symbolism of the mezuzah.

Chloe Opit shared: “We put a mezuzah on an angle on our door because a long time ago people were disagreeing about how to put up a mezuzah. Some said it should be standing up straight, others said it should be lying down flat. A rabbi said: “You are both right. Let’s find a win-win and put the mezuzah on an angle”.

Nate Weinberger said: “We put the Shema inside a mezuzah to remind us of the Torah and to help us behave.”

Rafa Kuper shared: “We put the Shema in the mezuzah so God blesses us and our family.”

Saskia Esra said the mezuzah has the letter Shin on it because it reminds us of the Shema and of one of God’s names, Shaddai.”

Adam Carpenter


img_2342 img_2337


Year 10 Wellbeing Sessions


Margaret Lowe – Deputy Principal

Matt Friedman, Class of 2015, presented to our Year 10 cohort this week. His description of the session is below. Matt’s presentation was well received and provided an opportunity for some difficult subjects to be covered from the perspective of research in the area.

LGBTQIA? – Gender and Sexuality Diversity

What is gender? Why are some people attracted to people of the same sex? Why should we care about labels?

This workshop asks questions about many of the fundamental ways in which we view the world, particularly in the areas of gender, sex and sexuality diversity. By first exploring the theory behind such complex and unchallenged notions, it aims to inspire empathy and understanding amongst all students for the 11% of Australians who are queer, as well as breaking down broader barriers of sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

2 Birds 1 Bee is a youth-run educational project that engages with young people in areas of sexuality and relationships. It brings often taboo conversations to the table and provides the skills and awareness to challenge the taboos and inspire empathy. Please feel free to get in touch at 2birds1bee@outlook.com.au with any queries.

Margaret Lowe


High School Sport

Reed Kristy

Kristy Reed Sports Co-ordinator and PDHPE Teacher

Athletics Achievements

Congratulations to Oskar Beck and Danielle Rutstein who represented the Association of Independent Co-educational Schools (AICES), competing at the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) Athletics Championships in the last week of Term 3. This carnival is the highest progression level of competition for independent schools in New South Wales and the standard is always very high. This year was no exception and both Oskar and Danielle competed as part of an elite group.

Oskar competed in the javelin event, which he has now competed in for several years in a row. He placed sixth in the event, throwing a very impressive 35.16m. Danielle competed in the high jump event for which she has been training and competing in at a high level on a regular basis over the last few years. She placed fourth in the event, jumping 1.50m. Mazal tov to both of these athletes for their successes. I also wish Danielle and Greg Allen the best of luck for the All Schools Championships in which they are competing this weekend.


Danielle Rutstein Year 8


Oskar Beck Year 9

High School EActive Program Term 4

Term 4 EActive

The Term 4 EActive program will include many of the popular sports and activities as well as new fitness opportunities. It will run from Wednesday 19 October through to Friday 9 December. A letter was emailed to all parents and students this week with a detailed outline of each of the EActive options. An outline of each activity is also provided on the Trybooking website. The first people to purchase their tickets will be accepted into the activity.

Tickets for all High School activities can be purchased using the link below. Registrations close on Sunday 16 October. www.trybooking.com/FNNJ

Activities offered in Term 4 include:

  • Years 7/8 basketball skills program
  • 14 boys basketball competition
  • 16 boys basketball competition
  • Open boys basketball competition
  • Years 8 and 9 girls netball competition
  • Years 10 and 11 girls netball competition
  • Girls touch football competition
  • Boys touch football competition
  • Girls fitness
  • Boys fitness
  • Surfing
  • Year 8-12 boxing fitness/kickboxing
  • Pilates
  • Rock climbing
  • Beach volleyball
  • Running club
  • Cricket development squad

If you have any questions please email Kristy Reed (High School Sports Co-ordinator) on: kreed@emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au


High School Sport for Week 2



16 boys basketball training


Beach volleyball

Kickboxing/boxing fitness



Boys fitness

Years 10 and 11 boys touch football training


Open boys basketball training



Years 8 and 9 girls netball


All Day

CDSSA Netball Gala Day


Swimming squad

16 boys basketball training


Years 10 and 11 girls touch football training


14 boys basketball competition

16 boys basketball competition

Open boys basketball competition