Volume 30 Issue 34 12 Nov 2021 8 Kislev 5782


The return to school has provoked a lot of excitement for all of Year 6. We have had a blast seeing our friends and teachers again, and finally being able to interact with other people. 

Throughout online learning, Year 6 students have been working on Project Heritage, a collaborative project about living historians in our community. We started off on Zoom but now have been able to continue working on it in person, which has been a very enjoyable experience. We have been frantically finishing and uploading our work in time for the final showcase within Year 6, which is rapidly approaching. 

Over Home Learning, our amazing teachers were able to continue with the Physical Education program, however, doing it via Zoom was just not the same. Now, being back at school, we are able to fully get back into our usual sport in person, which has included the opportunity to go to Queens Park every Thursday afternoon. Year 6 students have not only been enjoying physical activity in sport classes, but we have also absolutely loved running around in the playground with our friends again.

While there have been some challenges getting back into our normal school routine, most of it has felt natural, as if we have been here the whole time. If we were to name everything we loved about learning in person, the list would be never-ending, so we will wrap it up here.

However much we have enjoyed getting comfortable in our pyjamas, it could never compare to the joy of being back here at school. 

By the 2021 Madrichim