Volume 24 Issue 25 19 Aug 2016 15 Av 5776

Year 6 Hebrew

Ktalav ErikaA Bedouin Experience

What is the Negev? Where is it and what is special about it? Ask the Year    6 students and they will answer all these questions in Hebrew!

This term, students learnt about the desert, and in particular, the Negev desert in southern Israel. They also learnt that the Negev is a home for a special group of people – the Bedouins. Bedouins are known for their hospitality. Traditionally Bedouins were nomads and lived in large tents or other temporary structures, although many nowadays live in more permanent housing.

As culmination of their unit about the Negev, year 6 students were treated to a Bedouin experience. They enjoyed a special pita bread with labane, a traditional white cheese spread, dates and strong sweet tea. Thank you to our hosts Morah Erika for organising the event, our ‘Bedouin’ Or Mordo and to Morah Jenny and Mora Jemma.

On Monday, the Year 6 hebrew classes got a visit form a bedouin.

Morah Erika

“We have been learning about the Negev, the Israeli desert, and about the Bedouin in class, and were excited to experience it first-hand. We were given the option to try some tasty food traditionally made by the Bedouin in their tents. We were given, pita, labne, dates and tea. We were treated like royalty and learnt a lot from the experience.”

Anna, Myles and Remy