Volume 31 Issue 20 30 Jun 2022 1 Tammuz 5782

Write A Book In A Day

Kayla Strous

Tamar Granot

On Wednesday 15 June 2022, Year 6 participated in the Write A Book In A Day competition. We were assigned to groups of 5-10 students, to spend 12 hours writing and illustrating a book with 1500-2500 words. It was certainly a difficult challenge, but significantly improved our writing and teamwork skills.

Each group was given parameters on what their story needed to include; two human characters and one non-human character, a setting, problem, all of which were different for every team, and five random words that we needed to use throughout our stories.  




Despite Write A Book In A Day being a competition, its main purpose is to raise money for charity and write entertaining stories for children with cancer. The day itself was filled with surprises and fun experiences, including a special appearance from Alice Milner, our very own Year 10 student! 

  • “Writing a book in a day was very enjoyable and we worked as a team to make fabulous books!” – Ricky Kerlander
  • “It was really fun because you got to learn a lot and work with your friends!” – Tia Camiller
  • “It was great being able to get lots of work done while having fun with my peers” – Rafi Kuper

Overall, Write A Book In A Day was an incredible experience that we will never forget! Thank you teachers for making this outstanding day possible!