Volume 31 Issue 1 04 Feb 2022 3 Adar I 5782

Tikkun Tonga

Michelle Favero – Manager of Marketing and Communications

On 14 January 2022 Tonga felt the full force of a massive volcanic eruption and resulting tsunami. For many days, Emanuel School parent, Jeff Siale, was unable to contact his mum, sister, brother and other close relatives who live in the Tongan village of Kanokupolu. When communications were finally restored it was apparent that the village had been decimated and all 380 residents were without shelter, clean water and food. The village’s fishing boats were destroyed, leaving the villagers without an income and although rain is now washing away the choking ash, there is much to do to rebuild the lives of the 350 residents. To compound the already dire situation, Tonga has now been placed into lockdown due to the first few COVID-19 cases emerging.

Whilst foreign aid has started rolling in supplying fresh water and food, village residents are living in basic tents, sleeping on the ground. Jeff’s wife and Emanuel Alumnus, Alisa Siale, has set up a gofundme page to help raise money to help rebuild the island. Yesterday the timely news arrived that a shipping container has been secured to send much needed items to the village.

The Siales have now finalised a list of what is urgently needed with the aim of providing these essential items to each of the 70 households in the village. Due to space constraints these are the only items that will be shipped at this stage.

Should you have any business contacts who could help supply any of these items, please contact Alisa at helptongarecover@gmail.com

Pots and pans (commercial size as they cook for large families)
Plates, bowls, cups (preferable nothing breakable)
Cutlery and cooking utensils
Blankets, pillows and bedding

Tinned fish
Tinned vegetables
Cooking oil
Washing powder
Dishwashing liquid
Tea towels
Toilet paper
Sanitary pads
Baby wipes
Toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The Siales have secured a warehouse in Matraville as a drop-off point. As soon as we have the address and opening times we will share these with you. 

“We are so overwhelmed by the community and how they have reached out to help. We are so touched and grateful.” Alisa Siale

Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) is one of the School’s core principles embraced and lived by our students, staff and community. In the coming weeks our students will be putting Tikkun Tonga (Repairing Tonga) into action by holding their own fundraisers to help rebuild Kanokupolu. We look forward to sharing these plans with you.

The Siale family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Villagers are living in tents, sleeping on the bare earth

Open fires are being used for cooking