Volume 30 Issue 36 26 Nov 2021 22 Kislev 5782

The year that was

Gross Motor

Gross Motor is a Student Leadership role where Year 6 students provide K-2 students some activities in the morning on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. During the remote learning period we had to overcome and adapt the program in order to change a few things to keep the program going. For example we made videos of what we wanted the K-2 students to do. We planned different activities that utilised equipment that everyone would have at home. 

Right now, back at school we can’t mix with the K-2 year levels so we have other people helping run the activities for us. We are still doing everything we can do for Gross Motor. We were proud to be able to provide 28 different videos for the K-2 to do during the lockdown period. 

It has been a great experience being a Gross Motor Leader and we are all going to miss performing this role next year.

By Pablo Magid, Max Pittorino, Remi Moses, Benjy Utian and Isaac Nurick 


What have you achieved this year (in your leadership position)?
Although this year has been a tough year we managed to achieve running Makerspace and coding clubs for Years K-2 and for Years 3-6. This was very popular with the K-2 students!

What they are proud of?
We are proud of getting to help other Year Groups learn new things and the excitement and interest we got to build in other students. 

What advice would you give to the Innovation Leader for next year?
The advice we would give to future Innovation Leaders next year is to look for opportunities to help people, or for areas of passion and interest that students would like to know more about and to be innovative.

What their hopes are for the future (linked to Leadership/ ICT/ Innovation)?
We hope that all of the Innovation Leaders next year have fun and enjoy the opportunity in sharing their knowledge. 

To finish the year, we would like to set all students an innovation challenge: 
Design a robot that would help people out around the School. It can be anything that would help with a problem you think needs solved. For example, a robot that helps with rubbish and recycling. You can draw a design or even make it out of things you can find around your house.

By Sam Carpenter, Archie Ernster, Noah Hatzyi and Tyson Latter


We are the Debating Leaders of 2021, and we have really enjoyed debating clubs, HICES debates, and Zoom debates. 

This year has been a difficult, but interesting one. In our Debating Club, which was every Friday morning, we would learn skills for debating, with Mrs Butler and two very helpful Year 10 students, Mayaan Granot and Jake Fleisher. Debating was an exciting and fun experience for us. We both loved being in Debating Club, and especially the excitement on the buses when we left Emanuel School to go to the HICES debates hosted at other schools.

During home learning, we had debating Zooms within our teams, where Mrs Butler would adjudicate our debates, and give us feedback on them. We really loved this system and thought it was helpful because, even though it was on zoom, we were still able to learn the techniques of debating while still having fun! We loved the Debating Club because it was a fun, calm and friendly learning space for us and our fellow debaters. We have learnt so much about debating and we think it is an amazing activity to do.

By Julia Manoy and Marco Meer