Volume 30 Issue 25 20 Aug 2021 12 Elul 5781

Thank you

Colleen Elkins – Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator – K-6

I thought I would use my last Ma Nishma article to thank you, the Emanuel Community, for the time we had together.

I have had 10 ½ very special years at Emanuel School. The students I taught in my first year, when they were in Year 2 are now in Year 12! They still have the same personalities; they are just taller! I wish them all the best this year!

To all the students I have taught and worked with in any capacity: I learned from every one of you, and you were the sparkle in my day. You were the inspiration for me to think of that extra special way to present activities, to jump out of bed in the morning and to get to school so that I could share in your excitement about learning.

It is such a privilege to teach, and a teacher never forgets anyone (or what they did!) There remains within my heart a special place for each one of you, a special memory, a special wish. I thank you for sharing part of your journey with me and I wish you happiness and success in whichever area you choose to pursue.

To all our da Vinci, Future Problem Solving and Junior Ethics Groups, you were an inspiration. To the Chess students – what a journey we went on, with heart-stopping, nail-biting matches every Friday afternoon for three gruelling terms each time we qualified as the NSW champions and played inter-state; in Canberra, Perth and Melbourne! I am so proud of you and the utter dedication that you put forth! I wish you success in the future and will be keeping a close eye on you.

To the staff and teaching team – my colleagues who carry each other so beautifully. Thank you for the shared professionalism, the irreverent laughs, camaraderie, and support during many, many long hours of collaborative work on one project or another, during camps, during athletics carnivals in the rain, during Covid etc! Emanuel is lucky to have such committed teachers.

To the parents – thank you for the opportunity to share in the development of your most precious assets – your children. Thank you for your support offered in so many ways.

I am blessed to have spent this time with the Emanuel community. I know that the school will go from strength to strength due to the commitment of its members.

Go forward into your bright future.