Volume 30 Issue 15 28 May 2021 17 Sivan 5781

Solve the climate crisis

Kyra Levin

Noa Wajsman

Be the Change
Solve the climate crisis

We went to two different places to learn about climate change and climate action: the Randwick Sustainability Hub and Adamama Urban Farm. At the Randwick Sustainability Hub, we listened to a presentation and looked at a beautiful garden that had been planted by the Randwick Council. It demonstrated techniques of how to get the best out of the soil and draw down carbon dioxide out of the air. We also learnt about the benefits of hybrid or electric cars and how car sharing could help save the environment and save lots of money! We played a few games, including one where a question was asked to the class and you had to express your opinion on it by going to one side of the room or the other.

At the Adamama Urban Farm, we listened to Mitch Burnie (the founder) explain how environmental urban farms connect to Judaism. We then walked around the farm, seeing a large pile of compost and a beehive and tried some of the vegetables – even tasting leaves! Later, we went to a room next door to the farm and made sauerkraut out of cabbage and salt. First, we chopped the cabbage into thin slices, then added salt, and then squeezed the cabbage by hand until the juices came out. Lastly, we added some spices and put them in jars to take home.

Two of the most important things we learnt over this day were:

  • How important it is to introduce biodiversity while planting vegetables, so they get all the nutrients they need to flourish. Biodiversity is planting everything mixed together instead of in straight lines of crops.
  • Education is a major factor in resolving climate change. This is because more education for students is needed about climate change as, if they are not aware, they cannot do anything about it.

Fun fact: just reducing your air conditioner by one degree is 10% better for the environment!

We thought this was a very enjoyable, unique and productive day to teach us more about being changemakers and the world we live in.

It was a wonderful experience, and we hope others get to participate and enjoy this in the future as much as we did.