Volume 31 Issue 26 26 Aug 2022 29 Av 5782

Slime time!

Slime time!

Last week the K-2 Play Leaders (Year 6 students who help the K-2 play together and have fun) started Play Pals with a bang!

We got to make slime with the Year 1 students. We got our hands sticky and our minds thinking. We enjoyed showing the kids how to make slime. We ran into an issue when we didn’t have enough activators. However we problem solved and managed with what we had.

It was such an adorable and cute experience, all week whenever the students saw us they were shouting “SLIME TIME” and giggling. We spent the whole week making posters and speeches.

We hope we can continue doing Play Pals throughout the year and look forward to new games and activities planned in Term 4. 

By Annaleise Rodney, Jake Vitek, Leah Sebel, Mia Berkovic, Mikah Abraham, Noa Goodstone, Olivia Byrne, Rose Greenberg, Sienna Kantor and Heidi Martin
Year 6 K-2 Play Leaders