Volume 31 Issue 25 19 Aug 2022 22 Av 5782

Refugee in my neighbourhood

Denise Goldmann, HSIE Teacher & Outreach Co-ordinator

Refugee In My Neighbourhood visit

A group of Year 9 students volunteered their time on Monday of this week to participate in the experience of ‘Refugee in my Neighbourhood’ run at the Western Sydney University.

For a few hours students got to experience the journey refugees and asylum seekers undertake to arrive to safety in Australia.

Along the way they spoke to several refugees from diverse nationalities who shared their personal experiences.

Here are some reflections from students: 

“I found it very surprising how the refugees described the detention centres and refugee camps. It is shocking to me how the world treats people who have done nothing wrong worse than the worst criminals.” Raphael Harpaz

“The most surprising thing I learned would be how difficult it is to become a refugee alone. You can’t just easily claim refugee status and that’s it. It takes years of waiting in camps for approval and trying again and again for a few documents that say you are a refugee that will allow you to leave to go to another country.” Jayden Segal

“It surprised me that asylum seekers are often in refugee camps for so long. The fact that they live in these terrible circumstances for such a long period of time is so upsetting. Also, the fact that this is actually their best option for survival is quite heartbreaking.” Zara Sacks