Volume 31 Issue 21 22 Jul 2022 23 Tammuz 5782

Rashi Times

Jesse Herdan – House Madrich

Jayda Sacks – House Madricha

Reflection on last term’s Athletics carnival

The Athletics carnival this year was a great one for Rashi! Although Szenes, Meir and Rabin put up a fight, our incredible Rashians won over 1900 points for the victory – a lead by more than 300. The Rashi Athletics carnival streak continues! The day at Hensley saw many records broken and House spirit like no other. To every Rashian who competed for participation points – you made the difference.

Shout out to Asher Vexler (with permission) who participated in every race and event placing a valiant last in each. 



A special congratulations goes to our six Rashi age champions:

13 Years: Hayley Kanevsky
14 Years: Samuel Dworkin
15 Years: David Winter
16 Years: Shai Farhy
17 Years: Jonah Trope
18 Years: Jessica Rubin