Volume 31 Issue 26 26 Aug 2022 29 Av 5782


PSG training session

On Sunday 22 August 2022 the Emanuel School Security Committee hosted a PSG training session and annual BBQ at Emanuel School. This was the first time in three years that we were able to run a face-to-face session like this for all our PSG volunteers.

The Community Security Group (CSG) ran a fun, engaging and interactive scenario planning session and the Community Health Support (CHS) provided basic first aid training.

Thank you to our volunteers for last week

Peter Goldberg, Josh Nassi, David Nathanson, Craig Forman, Antony Selby, Peter Nothman, Simon Revelman, Steven New, Jacob Kaplan, Avner Silberman, Judi Berman, Alexandra Hillman, Darryl Sacks, Raphael Mueller, Don Robertson, Tom Kertesz, Adam Pozniak, Guy Olian, Darren Isenberg, Melissa Kery, John Salamon, David Marishel, Daniel Novy, Ryan Melman and Deborah Zolot.

For those that would like to join PSG and help to protect our School and community, please send an email