Volume 24 Issue 25 19 Aug 2016 15 Av 5776

Primary Sport

Ezekiel AdamMilo Cup Cricket Gala Day

On Tuesday 70 Year 5 and 6 Emanuel students represented Emanuel at the Milo Cup Cricket Gala Day against a variety of local schools. The Gala Day was run by the Sydney Sixers giving our students an opportunity to be involved in a number of modified cricket games throughout the day. The day saw many wickets taken and many six’s being hit by our students. The highlight of the day would have to be Zac Sidley winning the ‘high catching’ competition, which was against students from all the schools represented at the Gala Day.
A big thank you to all the students who attended the Gala Day for representing Emanuel so well and another thank you to our wonderful teachers; Anna Economou, Colleen Elkins, Megan Best and Sharon Fairfax for their support throughout the Gala Day.
Adam Ezekiel
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