Volume 30 Issue 34 12 Nov 2021 8 Kislev 5782

Primary News

Natanya Milner – Head of Primary School

It’s great to be back

I feel so happy to be back at school and I have loved the highlights of being on campus together. I wondered how the kids were feeling so I thought it would be nice to do a little check in. Here are some of their thoughts.

The best thing about being back at school is:

Elke KH: Playing in the playground and getting Winbins. 
Zara KH: Reading and Golden Time. 
Samara 1B: Seeing all my friends and all my favourite teachers and learning. 
Tom 1B: Playing with my friends and seeing all the teachers. 
Class 4M: Learning with my friends and having my teachers help.
Hana 5N: Being a part of the school environment with all my friends. 
Noaa 5N: Connecting with everyone and learning together again. 
Hannah 6H: Talking without having to organise a structured conversation. 
Leah 6H: Interacting with teachers and friends in real life.  
Aaron 6YM: Getting to talk to my teachers in person. 
Summer 6YM: Being able to socialise with friends during class! 

There is definitely a common theme about seeing friends and teachers in person!

I thought I would share the highlight of my week too. We had Kindy Orientation this week where we were able to meet our new friends who will be joining us next year.

One child said to me, “You look like my Mum’s friend.”
I replied, “What’s your mum’s friend’s name?”
The answer wasn’t what I expected…it was Luke!

Market Street

I am so grateful to the families who are no longer using Market Street and the bus zones for drop off and pick up! There has been a huge difference. I wanted to clarify the School’s position on the use of Market Street. I have seen many parents using Market Street legally by parking and meeting their children in this area. Whilst this isn’t a legal problem, it is certainly still causing issues with our relationship with our neighbours. As you can imagine, if all families decided to do this, there would be a bottleneck in the area (especially as people are required to u-turn to get back out). We therefore are requesting that you do not use Market Street at all. There are also many people turning into Market Street to u-turn and join GWTF by turning right onto Avoca Street. Please do not do this as it heavily blocks the streets. We ask you to come around the block behind the School and onto Stanley Street. Whilst it may take a few minutes longer, we are asking all families who are collecting their children from school to use the GWTF system in the suggested way.

Providing work for absent students

Please note that the teachers are providing work for the students who haven’t been able to return to school this term. Students who are absent/sick for a day or two are not provided with work of this nature. Some parents are emailing teachers in the morning to say their children won’t be coming in that day and they would like work. Unfortunately, this is not something that we are able to manage/turn around within those time frames. Thank you for your understanding.


Years 3-6 are wearing masks indoors on campus and Years K-2 can wear masks if they choose to do so. The children are doing a great job with this. Please make sure that your children have spares available so that we are able to limit the number of disposable masks that we are handing out. Our Emanuel masks have arrived and one has been issued to each child in the Primary School. We have some spares available for sale via Trybooking. Please note that there are two sizes available. We have issued Years K-4 with the small size and Years 5-6 with the larger size. Feel free to follow the link and order some more!