Volume 30 Issue 31 22 Oct 2021 16 Heshvan 5782

Primary News

Samantha Rogut Head of Library and Information Services K-6

We’re back!

After a wonderful Capital Appeal evening, we rolled straight into welcoming Kindergarten and Year 1 students back on campus. It was such a fabulous feeling to see so many gorgeous, smiling faces jump out of their cars. I know we all share mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness, but I feel so lucky to have been reminded of how special it is to be together.

I look forward to welcoming the rest of our Emanuel family to school next week. It will be fantastic to have K-12 on campus and the teachers are looking so forward to seeing the children in person!

I am reminded of the words of Ben Zoma who says, “Who is wise? He who learns from every person”. (Pirkei Avot 4:1). This year has certainly provided opportunities for our children to learn from ‘every person’ as we have broadened the usual ‘teacher’ role to include parents, grandparents, siblings and a myriad of others in our community. Thank you all for your support and we can’t wait to see you all next week!

Primary School Library

It has been wonderful to see the excitement on the faces of our Kindergarten and Year 1 students as they collect their newly-borrowed library books for the first time since Term 2. Before students had even entered the Emanuel School gates, they were telling me how they had their books ready to return and asking me when they would get to borrow more.

Pleasingly, whilst books were harder to come by during lockdown, Emanuel School students continued to read. I heard stories of books dropped over fences and left in doorways by family and friends who lived within the same suburb. Stories of siblings sharing their favourite books with each other, and some who began reading at one end of their bookshelf and re-read old favourites until they reached the other end. Then there were those who embraced their public library’s ebook collections or re-discovered their Kindle. Others took advantage of the Primary Library Click & Collect service. During the last four weeks of lockdown over 150 books were loaned out to students via Click & Collect.

The reading students did during lockdown is evident in the completion rates of the Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2021. Over 61% of Emanuel Primary School students completed the Challenge unaided during lockdown. This was a fabulous result, given that all libraries were closed and had been for months when the Challenge ended.

Public libraries are reopening with COVID safe measures in place. Click on the links below to find out how these local libraries are reopening safely.

The Primary Library is open for COVID safe borrowing again this term, using the Click & Collect service. During Library lessons, students in Years 3-6 will learn how to reserve the books they wish to borrow. Library staff will then loan out the books and deliver them to the student’s classroom. Years K-2 will have a selection of books delivered to their classroom during Library lessons. Parents are invited to use the Click & Collect service for their children by emailing their requests to Primary Library  

If you have any ‘locked down library books’, please return them to school to give others a chance to borrow them. Students may leave their library book returns in the labelled tubs outside their classrooms. A lot of new books have been purchased for the Library and I look forward to sharing these with students as they return to campus.